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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume VIII. The Age of Dryden.

XVI. The Essay and the Beginning of Modern English Prose


Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon

Miscellaneous Works. 1751. Essays rptd. as Essays Moral and Entertaining. 2 vols. 1815.

See, also, ante, bibl. to Vol. VII, Chaps. VIII and IX, pp. 499–500.

Abraham Cowley

A Proposition For the Advancement Of Experimental Philosophy. 1661.

A Vision, concerning his late pretended Highness, Cromwell the Wicked. 1661. Rptd. in Harleian Miscellany.

Several Discourses by way of Essays, in Verse and Prose. In Works. 1668.

Prose Works. 1826.

The complete works, vol. II. Ed. Grosart, A. B. 2 vols. (Chertsey Worthies Library.) 1881.

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Miscellanea Aulica, pp. 130–60. Ed. Brown, T. 1702. [Letters from Cowley to Henry Bennet afterwards earl of Arlington.] Rptd. in Grosart’s ed. of Works, vol. II, with an additional letter from the British Museum.

For plays, see ante, bibl. to Chap. V, A.

Thomas Forde

The Times anatomizd in several characters. 1647.

Lusus Fortunae. 1649.

A Theatre of Wits. 1660.

Faenestra in pectore; or familiar letters. 1660.

Virtus rediviva. 1661.

George Savile, Marquis of Halifax

The Character of King Charles II. [Written 1685?.] First ptd. 1750.

A Letter to a Dissenter upon Occasion of His Majesties late Gracious Declaration of Indulgence. By T. W. 1686. Rptd. in Fourteen Papers, 1689. Rptd. Cambridge, 1909.

An Answer to a Letter to a Dissenter. [By L’Estrange, Sir Roger.] 1687.

The Character of a Trimmer. By the Honourable Sir W[illiam] C[oventry]. [Written 1685.] April, 1688.

The Character of a Tory. [By lord Mulgrave, afterwards duke of Buckinghamshire.] 1688.

The Anatomy of an Equivalent. 1688. Rptd. in Fourteen Papers, 1689.

Essay upon Taxes. 1693. Rptd. in Somers’ Tracts, vol. iv.

Political, Moral and Miscellaneous Thoughts and Reflexions. 1750.

Miscellanies. 1700, 1704, 1717. [Includes A Lady’s Gift, or Advice to a Daughter, Maxims found among the Papers of the Great Almanzor, Cautions for Choice of Parliament Men, New Model at Sea, etc.]

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Francis Osborne

Advice to a son. Oxford, 1656. 6th ed. Ib. 1658. The second part. Ib. 1658. Ed. Parry, E. A. 1896.

A miscellany of Sundry Essayes, Paradoxes, and Problematical Discourses, Letters and Characters. 1659.

See, also, bibl. to Vol. VII, chaps. VIII and IX.

Charles de Marguetel de Saint-Denis de Saint Évremond

Œuvres meslées. Paris, 1668. [A pirated edition.]

Œuvres. [Edd. Silvestre, P. and Des Maizeaux, Pierre.] 2 vols. 1705. 5 vols. 1706. 3 vols. 1709. Ed. Giraud, C. 3 vols. 1865.

Mixed Essays. 1685.

Miscellanea. Trans. Spence, F. 1686.

Miscellaneous Essays. 2 vols. 1692, 1694. Under title of Works. 2 vols. 1713.

Works. With life by Des Maizeaux. Eng. trans. 3 vols. 1714.

[Les Opéra is an amusing farce on the opera mania; the comparison of English and French comedy has some critical point; the observations on Opera give a short history of the species.]

Biography and Criticism

Bourgoin, A. Les maîtres de la critique au XVIIe siècle. 1889.

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Sir William Temple

An Essay upon the Advancement of Trade in Ireland. Dublin, 1673. Rptd. in Miscellanea 1.

Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands. 1673. Rptd. 1676, 1680, 1690, 1693, 1705.

Miscellanea. The First Part. 1680. Collected and augmented by the author. 1681, 1692, 1693. [Contains Essay on the Origin and Nature of Government, and Survey of the Constitution and Interests of the Empire, etc., and their Relations to England in 1671.]

Miscellanea. The Second Part. 1690, 1691. Corrected and augmented by the author. 1692. [A copy of this edition, presented by Sir W. Temple, with his autograph, is in the library of Emmanuel college.] 1696, 1697.

Memoirs of what past in Christendom from 1672 to 1679. 1692. Rptd. 1692, 1700, 1709.

An Essay upon Taxes. 1693.

Introduction to the History of England. 1695. Rptd. 1699, 1708.

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Letters written by Sir W. T. during his being Ambassador at the Hague to the Earl of Arlington and Sir John Trevor, etc. 1699.

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Select Letters to the Prince of Orange, King Charles the IId and the Earl of Arlington. To which is added an Essay upon the State and Settlement of Ireland. 1701.

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Essays on Ancient and Modern Learning and on Poetry. Ed. Spingarn, J. E. Oxford, 1909.

Upon the Gardens of Epicurus with other Seventeenth century Garden Essays. Ed. Sieveking, A. F. 1908.

French Translations

uvres mêlées. 2 parts. Utrecht, 1693.

Introduction à l’histoire d’Angleterre. 1695.

uvres posthumes. Miscellanea, Part III. Utrecht, 1704.

uvres diverses. Amsterdam, 1708.

Lettres. 2 vols. The Hague, 1711.

Biography and Criticism

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Dorothy Osborne (Lady Temple)

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