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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume X. The Age of Johnson.

VI. Gray


For an account of the extant manuscripts of Gray, see notes at end of Gray’s Poems, ed. Bradshaw, J. (Aldine edn.), 1891.


Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College. Dodsley. 1747. (Published anonymously.)

Dodsley’s collection (vol. II, 1748) contains the Eton Ode (anon.), the Ode on the Spring, and the Ode on the death of a favourite Cat, the last two for the first time.

An Elegy Wrote in a Country Church Yard. Dodsley. 1751. 2nd edn. 1751; 4th edn. 1751. (With an Advertisement by Horace Walpole.)

Printed also in The Magazine of Magazines, Feb. 28, 1751; in The London Magazine, Feb. 28; in The Scots Magazine, Mar. 31; in The Grand Magazine of Magazines, April 30. 8th edn. 1753; 9th edn. 1754. Facsimile of the original manuscript of the Elegy in Pembroke College, Cambridge. 1897.

Designs by Mr. R. Bentley for Six Poems by Mr. T. Gray. 1753, 1765. (The Ode on the Spring; On the death of a favourite cat; On a Distant Prospect of Eton; Hymn to Adversity; Long Story; Elegy.)

Odes by Mr. Gray. Strawberry Hill, 1757.

Poems by Mr. Gray. 1768. Glasgow, 1768. New edn. 1770.

Ode performed in the Senate-House at Cambridge, July 1, 1769, at the Installation of His Grace Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, Chancellor of the University. Cambridge, 1769.


Gray’s Poems are contained in the principal collections of British Poets (Bell, Johnson, Anderson, Chalmers, etc.).

The Poems of Mr. Gray. To which are prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Writings. By Mason, W. York, 1775. Another edn. 4 vols. 1778.

Poems. 1776, 1778, 1786, 1799 (ed. Jones, S.).

Matthisson, F. von. Letters written from … the Continent.… With an Appendix in which are included three Letters of Gray’s. 1799.

Gray’s Works. Ed. Mason, W., with extracts from Gray’s MSS. by Mathias, T. J. 2 vols. 1814.

Mason, W. Poems. 1764. 5th edn. York, 1779. New edn. 3 vols. York, 1796–7.

Poems, with Life, Notes, and an Essay on his Poetry by Mitford, J. 1814.

Works, with a Life of the Author and an Essay on his Poetry, by Mitford, J. 2 vols. 1816.

Poetical Works, with Life etc. by Mitford, J. (Aldine Poets.) 1830.

Works, etc. Ed. Mitford, J. 4 vols. 1836. Vol. V, containing Gray’s correspondence with Nicholls, etc. 1843.

Poetical Works. Ed. Moultrie, J. Eton, 1845.

—— with a new life by Mitford, J. 1847.

—— with the new life, and a Lecture on the writings of Gray by the Earl of Carlisle. 4th edn. Eton, 1852. 5th edn. 1854. Other edns. 1863, 1866.

The Correspondence of Gray and Mason, etc. Ed. Mitford, J. 1853. 2nd edn. 1855.

Poems of Gray, Parnell, Collins, Green, and Warton. 1853. Ed. Willmott, R. A. [The account of Gray is brief, but excellent.]

Works. Ed. Gosse, E. 4 vols. 1884.

Gray and his friends. Letters and relics. Ed. Tovey, D. C. Cambridge, 1890.

Poetical Works. New Aldine Edition, with Life, Notes, and Bibliography by Bradshaw, J. 1891.

English Poems of Gray. Ed. Tovey, D. C. Cambridge, 1898.

Gray’s Letters. Ed. Tovey, D. C. 3 vols. 1900–12.

[Gives evidence of Sir Walter Scott’s interest in Norse literature.]

For translations and parodies see Bradshaw’s bibliography, supra.

See, also, sec. B.

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