The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XII. The Romantic Revival.

V. Lesser Poets, 1790–1837


The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century. Ed. Miles, A. H. 10 vols. 1891–7. 10 vols. 1898. New edn., enlarged. 12 vols. 1905–7.

A. Works

Poetical Works. 1856. Ed. with a memoir by Bell, E. (Aldine edn.) 1875.

An Ode to Superstition, with some other Poems. 1786.

The Pleasures of Memory, with other Poems. 1792. 9th edn. 1796. 15th edn. 1806.

Transl. into French by Montemont, A., Paris, 1825.

An Epistle to a Friend, with other Poems. 1798.

The Voyage of Columbus. Privately ptd. 1808. Published 1810.

Poems. 1812, 1814. New edn. 1820. With steel engravings by Turner, J. M. W. and Stothard, T. 1834. Ed. with a memoir by Sharpe, S. (Routledge’s Pocket Library.) 1860, 1890.

Reviewed in Quarterly Review, March, 1813; and in Edinburgh Review, Oct., 1813.

Jacqueline. A Poem. 1814. [Published with Byron’s Lara.]

Human Life. A Poem. 1819.

Transl. into Italian by Paciotti, N., Turin, 1820.

Italy. A Poem. 1822. Part II. 1828. With steel engravings by Turner, J. M. W. and Stothard, T. (Routledge’s Pocket Library.) 1830, 1890.

Recollections of the Table-Talk of Samuel Rogers, with Memoir of his Life. [Ed. Dyce, A.] To which is added Porsoniana. [By Maltby, W.] 1856. 3rd edn. 1856. Rptd. 1887.

Recollections by Samuel Rogers. [Ed. Sharpe, W.] 1859. 2nd edn. 1859.

Reminiscences and Table-talk of Samuel Rogers. Collected by Powell, G. H. 1903.

B. Biography and Criticism

Clayden, P. W. The early life of Samuel Rogers. 1887.

—— Rogers and his contemporaries. 2 vols. 1889.

Eastlake, Lady. On Samuel Rogers. Quarterly Review. October, 1888.

Hayward, A. Samuel Rogers. Edinburgh Review. July, 1856. Rptd. in Biographical and Critical Essays, vol. 1, 1858.

Roberts, R. E. Samuel Rogers and his Circle. 1910.

Roscoe, W. C. The Conversation and Poetry of Rogers. National Review. April, 1856. Rptd. in Poems and Essays, vol. II, 1860.

A. Poetical Works

Poems. 1805. [Issued by subscription.]

Poetical Works. With biographical sketch by Irving, Washington. 2 vols. Albany, 1810. Another edn. Philadelphia, 1815.

Miscellaneous Poems. 1824.

Poetical Works, now first collected. 2 vols. 1828. New edn. 2 vols. 1833.

Poetical Works. Illustrated by Turner, J. M. W. 1837.

Poetical Works. New and improved edn. Edinburgh, 1837.

Poetical Works, with notes and a biographical sketch by Hill, W. A. Illustrated by Turner, J. M. W. 1851.

Complete Poetical Works. With an original biography and notes. Ed. Sargent, E. Boston, Mass., 1854.

Poems, with a memoir by Rogers, C. 1871.

Poetical Works. Ed. Rossetti, W. M. 1871. Rptd. 1880.

Poetical Works. Ed. Hill, W. A. With a sketch of Campbell’s life by Allingham, W. (Aldine edn.) 1875.

Selected Poems. With prefatory notice by Hogben, J. (Canterbury poets.) 1885.

Poems. Selected by Campbell, L. (Golden Treasury series.) 1904.

Complete Poetical Works. Ed. with notes by Robertson, J. L. Oxford, 1907.

The Pleasures of Hope, with other Poems. Edinburgh, 1799. 6th edn. Edinburgh, 1802. 9th edn. Edinburgh, 1807.

Transl. into German by Lachmann, K., Hamburg, 1838.

Gertrude of Wyoming: A Pennsylvanian Tale, and other Poems. 1809. 2nd. edn. 2 vols. 1810. 7th edn. 1819. Ed. Fitzgibbon, H. M. Oxford, 1889.

Transl. into German by Finck, J. Baden-Baden, 1882.

Reviewed in Quarterly Review, May, 1809; and in Edinburgh Review, April, 1809.

Theodric: A Dramatic Tale, and other Poems. 1824.

Reviewed in Blackwood’s Magazine, Jan., 1825; and in Edinburgh Review, Jan., 1825.

The Pilgrim of Glencoe, and other Poems. 1842.

B. Other Works

Annals of Great Britain from the ascension of George iii to the Peace of Amiens. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1807.

Specimens of the British Poets, with biographical and critical notices, and an Essay on English poetry. 7 vols. 1819. 2nd edn. Ed. Cunningham, P. 1841.

An Essay on English Poetry, with notices of the British Poets. 3rd edn. Ed. Cunningham, P. 1848.

Addresses in the University of Glasgow in 1827–8. Included in Hay, J. B.

Inaugural Addresses by Lords Rectors of the University of Glasgow. Glasgow, 1839.

Life of Mrs. Siddons. 2 vols. 1834.

Letters from the South. 2 vols. 1837.

The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare. With remarks on his life and writings by Campbell, T. 1838.

The Scenic Annual for 1838. Ed. Campbell, T. 1838.

Life of Petrarch. 2 vols. 1841. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 1843.

Frederick the Great and his Times. 4 vols. 1842–3.

History of our own Times. Vols. 1, II. 1843–5.

C. Biography and Criticism

Beattie, W. Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell. 3 vols. 1849.

Gilfillan, G. Thomas Campbell. Galleries of literary portraits. Vol. 1. 1856.

Hadden, J. C. Thomas Campbell. (Famous Scots series.) Edinburgh, 1899.

Hall, S. C. Retrospect of a long life. Vol. 1. 1883.

Hazlitt, W. The Spirit of the Age. Works. Edd. Waller, A. R. and Glover, A. Vol. IV. 1902.

Redding, C. Literary reminiscences and memoirs of Thomas Campbell. 2 vols. 1860.

Saintsbury, G. English War Songs—Campbell. Essays in English Literature, 1780–1860. 2nd series. 1895.

A. Poetical Works
1. Collections

Poetical Works. Ed., with life, by Lake, J. W. 6 vols. Paris, 1827.

Poetical Works, collected by himself. 10 vols. 1840–1.

Poetical Works. Ed. Rossetti, W. M. 1872, 1880.

Poetical Works. Ed. with memoir by Kent, C. 1879, 1883.

Poems. Selected by Falkiner, C. L. (Golden Treasury series.) 1903.

Poetical Works. Ed. Godley, A. D. Oxford, 1910.

Poetische Werke. Deutsch von Oelckers, T. 2te Ausg. 5 vols. Leipzig, 1843.

2. Separate Poetical Works

Odes of Anacreon translated into English verse, with notes, by Thomas Moore. 1800. 4th edn. 2 vols. 1804. 9th edn. 2 vols. 1815.

Reviewed in Edinburgh Review, July, 1803.

The Poetical Works of the late Thomas Little, Esq. (Preface signed T. M.[oore].) 1801. 11th edn. 1813. 15th edn. 1822.

Epistles, Odes, and other Poems. 1806. 4th edn. 2 vols. 1814. 6th edn. 2 vols. 1822.

A Selection of Irish Melodies, with symphonies and accompaniments by Sir John Stevenson. Ten parts. 1807–34. Irish Melodies, and a Melologue upon National Music. Dublin, 1820. [First edn. of the words only.] London, 1821. 2nd edn. 1822. Illustrated by Maclise, D. 1846. With introduction by Gwynn, S. (The Muses Library.) 1908.

Transl. into French by Jousselin, H., ed. Janin, J., Paris, 1869; into German by Hinrichsen, A., Güstrow, 1884; into Irish, Dublin, 1842; into Italian by Supino, I., Pisa, 1880; into Latin by Torre, N. Lee, 1835, and Leamington, 1857–9; into Swedish, Stockholm, 1825.

Reviewed in Blackwood’s Magazine, Jan., 1822; and in Quarterly Review, June, 1812 and Oct., 1822.

Corruption and Intolerance. Two Poems, with notes, addressed to an Englishman by an Irishman. 1808. 2nd edn. 1809.

The Sceptic. A philosophical satire. 1809.

M. P., or the Blue Stocking. A Comic Opera. 1811.

Intercepted Letters, or the Two-penny Post-Bag. By Thomas Brown, jun. 1813. 8th edn. 1813. 11th edn. 1813.

A Selection of Popular National Airs, with symphonies and accompaniments by Sir John Stevenson, Mus.Doc. The Words by Thomas Moore. Six parts. [1815, etc.]

Sacred Songs, Duetts, and Trios. The Words by Thomas Moore. The Music composed and selected by Sir John Stevenson and Mr. Moore. Two parts. 1816.

Lines on the death of——[R. B. Sheridan]. 1816.

Lalla Rookh. An Oriental Romance. 1817. 6th edn. 1817. 15th edn. 1829.

Illustrated by Tenniel, John. 1861.

Transl. into Danish by Lemboke, E., Copenhagen, 1878; into Dutch by Lennep, J. van, 1834; into French by Wilder, V., Paris, 1888; into German by La Motte Fouqué, F. de, Vienna, 1825, and by Pechlin, F. von, Frankfort, 1830; into Italian by Camisani, G., Milan, 1872, and by Maffei, A., Milan, 1886; also into Icelandic and Polish.

Reviewed in Blackwood’s Magazine, June, 1817; in Edinburgh Review, by Jeffrey, 1817.

The Fudge Family in Paris. Ed. by Thomas Brown, the younger. 1818. 8th edn. 1818.

Reviewed in Blackwood’s Magazine, May, 1818.

Tom Crib’s Memorial to Congress. With a preface, notes, and an appendix. By One of the Fancy. 1819. 3rd edn. 1819.

Fables for the Holy Alliance; Rhymes on the Road, etc. By Thomas Brown, the younger. 1823.

The Loves of the Angels. A Poem. 1823. 5th edn. 1823.

Transl. into French by Ostrowski, J. K., 1837: into Italian, Milan, 1882; and into several other European languages.

Evenings in Greece. [1825.]

Odes upon Cash, Corn, Catholics, and other matters. Selected from the columns of The Times. 1828.

Legendary Ballads. [1830.]

The Summer Fête. A Poem, with Songs. [1831.]

The Fudges in England, being a sequel to the Fudge Family in Paris. By Thomas Brown, the younger. 1835. 2nd edn. 1835.

Alciphron. A Poem. 1839. [Also issued with The Epicurean. 1839.]

B. Prose Works

A Candid Appeal to Public Confidence, or Considerations on the actual and imaginary dangers of the present Crisis. 1803.

A Letter to the Roman Catholics of Dublin. Dublin, 1810.

The World at Westminster. A Periodical Publication. By Thomas Brown, the younger. 2 vols. 1816.

Memoirs of Captain Rock, with some account of his ancestors. 1824. 4th edn. 1824.

Memoirs of the Life of the Rt. Hon. R. B. Sheridan. 1825. 3rd edn. 2 vols. 1825.

The Epicurean. A Tale. 1827. Illustrated by Turner, J. M. W. 1839. Ed. Hannaford, J. 1900.

Transl. into French by Renouard, A. A., Paris, 1827, and Butat, H., Paris, 1865; into German, Innsbruck, 1828; into Italian, Milan, 1836; into Dutch, Deventer, 1829; into Spanish, Barcelona, 1832.

Reviewed by Peacock, T. L., in Westminster Review, 1827.

Letters and Journals of Lord Byron, with notices of his life. 2 vols. 1830. Transl. into French and German.

The Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. 2 vols. 1831. Ed. MacDermott, M. 1897.

The Works of Lord Byron, with his Letters and Journals, and his Life by Thomas Moore. 17 vols. 1832–5.

See, also, ante, Chap. II, bibliography.

Travels of an Irish Gentleman in search of a Religion. 2 vols. 1833. With a biographical and literary introduction by Burke, J. 1853.

The Works of R. B. Sheridan, collected by Thomas Moore. 1833.

History of Ireland from the earliest Kings of that realm down to the last Chief. 4 vols. (Lardner’s Cabinet Cyclopedia.) 1835–46.

Transl. into German by Ackers, C., 2 vols., Baden, 1846.

Prose and Verse; humorous, satirical, and sentimental. With suppressed passages from the Memoirs of Lord Byron. All hitherto inedited and uncollected. With notes and introduction by Shepherd, R. H. 1878.

C. Letters and Journals

Memoirs, Journals, and Correspondence of Thomas Moore. Ed. by the Rt. Hon. Lord John Russell. 8 vols. 1853–6.

Correspondence between the Rt. Hon. J. W. Croker and the Rt. Hon. Lord John Russell on some passages of Moore’s Diary. 1854.

Notes from the Letters of Thomas Moore to his Music Publisher, James Power. With an introductory letter from T. Crofton Croker, Esq. New York, [1854].

“Thomas Moore” anecdotes. Ed., with notes, by Harrison, W. With introduction by Garnett, R. 1899.

D. Biography and Criticism

Baldensperger, F. Thomas Moore et Alfred de Vigny. Modern Language Review. Vol. 1. Cambridge, 1906.

Burke, James. The Life of Thomas Moore. 1852.

Dawson. Byron and Moore. Leipzig, 1902.

Gilfillan, G. Thomas Moore. Galleries of literary portraits. Vol. 1. 1856

Gunning, J. P. Moore: Poet and Patriot. Dublin, 1900.

Gwynn, S. Thomas Moore. (English Men of Letters series.) 1905.

Hazlitt, W. The Plain Speaker. Essay xxxii. Works. Edd. Waller, A. R. and Glover, A. Vol. VII. 1903.

Kühnel. Thomas Moore’s Irish Melodies. Gumbinnen, 1876.

Montgomery, H. R. Thomas Moore: his life, writings, and contemporaries. 1860.

Pierson. The Epic Poems of Walter Scott compared with the like poetry of Thomas Moore. Berlin, 1863.

Rinck. A Comparison of the Lyrical Poems of Thomas Moore and Lord Byron. Cologne, 1871.

Saintsbury, G. Moore. Essays in English Literature, 1780–1860. 1890.

Schemmel. Thomas Moore und seine Rhymes on the Road. Meerane, 1892.

Schorkopf. Über Thomas Moore’s Leben und Schriften. Ilfeld, 1862.

Symington, A. J. Thomas Moore, his life and works. 1880.

Thiergen. Byron und Moore’s Orientalische Gedichte. Leipzig, 1880.

Thomas, A. B. Moore en France. Contribution à l’historie de la fortune de ses œuvres dans la littérature française, 1819–30. Paris, 1911.

Vallet, G. Étude sur la vie et les œuvres de Thomas Moore. Paris, 1886.

—— Thomas Moore et son œuvre immortelle. Tours, 1895.

Zemlin, J. Thomas Moore’s Dichtungen. Berlin, 1894.

Sarah Adams (born Flower) (1805–1848)

Vivia Perpetua. A Dramatic Poem. 1841.

Robert Anderson (1770–1833)

Poetical Works. 2 vols. Carlisle, 1820.

Ballads in the Cumbrian dialect. Carlisle, 1805. Wigton, 1808.

Edwin Atherstone

Poetical Works. Ed. Atherstone, M. E. 1888.

The Last days of Herculaneum, etc. 1821.

The Fall of Nineveh. 1828, 1847, 1868.

The Handwriting on the Wall. 3 vols. 1858.

Joanna Baillie
See ante, Vol. XI, Chaps. X and XII, bibliography.

John Codrington Bampfylde
See ante, Vol. X, Chap. VII, bibliography.

Richard Harris Barham

The Ingoldsby Legends. 1840. Second and Third Series. 1847. (First appeared in Bentley’s Miscellany and The New Monthly Magazine.) Ed. Bond, Mrs. E. A. 3 vols. 1894.

The Life and Letters of Richard Harris Barham. By his Son. 2 vols. 1870. 3rd edn. 1880.

Saintsbury, G. Essays in English Literature, 1780–1860. Second series. 1895.

William Barnes

Select Poems. Ed. Hardy, T. 1908.

Poems of rural life in the Dorset dialect. 1844. Hwomely Rhymes: a second collection of poems of rural life in the Dorset dialect. 1859. Third collection. 1862. Collected edns. 1879, 1893.

A Philological Grammar. 1854.

A Grammar and Glossary of the Dorset dialect. 1863.

Baxter, L. Life of William Barnes. 1887.

Bernard Barton

Poems and Letters of Bernard Barton, selected by Lucy Barton. With a biographical notice by Edward FitzGerald. 1849.

Metrical Effusions. 1812.

The Convict’s Appeal. 1818.

Poems by an Amateur. 1818.

Poems. 1820. 4th edn. 1825.

The Widow’s Tale, and other Poems. 1827.

Household Verses. 1845.

Lucas, E. V. Bernard Barton and his friends. 1893.

Thomas Haynes Bayly

Songs, Ballads, and other Poems. Ed. by his Widow. With a memoir of the author. 2 vols. 1844.

The Aylmers. 3 vols. 1827.

Perfection. A Farce. 1836.

Weeds of Witchery. 1837

She wore a wreath of roses. [1840?.]

I’d be a butterfly. [1840?.]

Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Poems. With a memoir by Kelsall, T. F. 2 vols. 1851.

Poetical Works. Ed. Gosse, E. 2 vols. 1890.

Poems. Ed. Colles, R. 1907.

Letters. Ed. Gosse, E. 1894.

The Improvisatore, with other Poems. Oxford, 1821.

The Bride’s Tragedy. 1822.

Death’s Jest Book, or The Fool’s Tragedy. 1850.

Henry Glassford Bell (1803–1874)

Poems. Edinburgh, 1824.

My Old Portfolio. 1832.

Romances and other Poems. 1866.

Alexander Bethune (1804–1843)

Tales and Sketches of the Scottish Peasantry. Edinburgh, 1838.

The Scottish Peasant’s Fireside. Edinburgh, 1843.

Samuel Laman Blanchard

Poetical Works. Ed. with a memoir, by Jerrold, B. 1876.

Sketch from Life. (Essays.) Ed., with a memoir, by Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E. 3 vols. 1846.

Lyric Offerings. 1828.

Corporation Characters. 1855.

Robert Bloomfield

Remains in poetry and prose. Ed. Weston, J. 2 vols. 1824.

The Farmer’s Boy. 1800.

Rural Tales, Ballads, and Songs. 1802.

Wild Flowers. 1806.

Miscellaneous Poems. 1806.

The Banks of the Wye. 1811.

May Day with the Muses. 1822.

Caroline Anne Bowles (Mrs. Southey)

Poetical Works. 1867.

Ellen Fitzarthur. A metrical Tale. 1820.

The Widow’s Tale. 1822.

Solitary Hours. 1826.

Chapters on Church-yards. 1829.

The Birthday. 1836.

The Correspondence of Robert Southey with Caroline Bowles. Ed. Dowden, E. Dublin, 1881.

Henry Francis Cary

Sonnets and Odes. 1788.

The Inferno of Dante Alighieri. With translation, etc., by H. F. Cary. 1805.

The Vision; or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise of Dante Alighieri. 3 vols. 1814. 2nd edn. 1819.

The early French Poets. A series of notices and translations. 1846.

Memoir of the Rev. H. F. Cary by his Son, Henry Cary. 2 vols. 1847.

Toynbee, P. The Centenary of the completion of Cary’s Dante. Modern Lang. Review. Vol. VII. Cambridge, 1912.

John Castillo (1792–1845)

The Bard of the Dales, or Poems … partly in the Yorkshire dialect. 1850.

Poems in the North Yorkshire dialect. Ed. Tweddell, G. M. 1878.

John Clare

Poems. Ed. Symons, A. 1908.

Poems descriptive of rural life and scenery. 1820.

The Village Minstrel, and other Poems. 2 vols. 1821.

The Shepherd’s Calendar. 1827.

The Rural Muse. 1835.

Cherry, J. L. Life and Remains of John Clare. 1873.

Martin, F. Life of John Clare. 1865.

Hartley Coleridge

Poems, with a memoir of his life by Coleridge, D. 2 vols. 1851.

Essays and Marginalia. Ed. Coleridge, D. 2 vols. 1851.

Poems. Ed. Bailey-Kempling, W. Ulverston, 1903.

Poems. Leeds, 1833.

Biographia Borealis, or Lives of Northern Worthies. 1833. New edn. by Coleridge, D. 3 vols. 1852.

The Dramatic Works of Massinger and Ford. With introductions by Coleridge, Hartley. 1840.

See, also, ante, Vol. XI, Chap. VI, bibliography.

Sara Coleridge

Phantasmion. 1837. Ed. Coleridge, Lord. 1874.

Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge, ed. by her daughter. 2 vols. 1873.

See, also, ante, vol. XI, Chap. VI, bibliography.

Josiah Conder (1789–1855)

The Associate Minstrels. 1810.

The Star in the East, and other Poems. 1824.

The Modern Traveller. 30 vols. 1825–9.

Hymns of Prayer and Praise. Ed. Conder, E. R. 1856.

Conder, E. R. Josiah Conder. 1857.

George Croly (1780–1860)

Paris in 1815. 1817.

The Angel of the World, etc. 1820.

May Fair. 1827.

Salathiel. 1829. New edn. New York. 1901.

Poetical Works. 2 vols. 1830.

The Book of Job. With memoir of George Croly by Croly, F. W. 1863.

Herring, R. Personal Recollections of George Croly. 1861.

William Crowe (1745–1829)

Lewesdon Hill. Oxford, 1788, 1804, 1827.

George Darley

Selections from the Poems of George Darley. Ed. Streatfeild, R. A. 1904.

Complete Poetical Works. Ed. Colles, R. 1908.

The Errors of Ecstacie. 1822.

The Labours of Idleness. 1826.

Sylvia, or the May Queen. 1827. Ed. Ingram, J. H. 1892.

Nepenthe. A Poem. [1836.] Ed. Streatfeild, R. A. 1897.

Thomas à Becket. 1840.

Ethelstan. 1841.

Sir Aubrey De Vere (1788–1846)

Julian the Apostate. A dramatic poem. 1822.

The Duke of Mercia: An historical drama, and other Poems. 1823.

A Song of Faith, Devout Exercises, and Sonnets. 1842.

Mary Tudor: An historical drama. 1847, 1884.

Charlotte Elliott (1789–1871)

The Invalid’s Hymn Book. 1834.

Hours of Sorrow. 1840.

Selections from Poems, with memoir by Babington, Mrs. [1873.]

Leaves from unpublished Journals, Correspondence and Note-books. [1874.]

Ebenezer Elliott

Works, ed. by his son Elliott, E. 2 vols. 1876.

The Village Patriarch. 1829.

Corn-Law Rhymes. 1831.

Love. A Poem. 1831.

The Splendid Village; Corn-Law Rhymes; and other Poems. 3 vols. 1833–5.

More Verse and Prose by the Corn-Law Rhymer. 2 vols. 1850.

“Searle, J.” Memoirs of Ebenezer Elliott. 1850.

Watkins, J. Life, Poetry, and Letters of Ebenezer Elliott. 1850.

Catherine Maria Fanshawe (1765–1834)

Literary Remains. With notes by Harness, W. 1876.

William Gilbert (1760?–1825?)

The Hurricane. A Theosophical and Western Eclogue. Bristol, 1796.

William Glen (1789–1826)

Poetical Remains. With memoir. 1874.

Poems, chiefly lyrical. 1815.

Sir Robert Grant (1779–1838)

Sacred Poems. Ed. Charles, Lord Glenelg. 1839. Other edns.: 1844, 1868.

William Hall (1748–1825)

A Sketch of Local History, being a chain of incidents relating to the state of the Fens. 3 pts. Lynn, 1812–18.

Sketches of obscure poets, with specimens of their writings. 1833.

Janet Hamilton (1795–1873)

Poems and Prose Works, collected by her Son. Glasgow, 1880, 1885.

Poems and Essays. 1863.

Poems and Sketches. 1865.

Robert Stephen Hawker

Poetical Works. Ed. Godwin, J. G. 1879.

Poetical Works. Ed. Wallis, A. 1899.

Pompeii. Oxford, 1827.

Records of the Western Shore. Oxford, 1832–6.

The Quest of the Sangraal. Chant the First. Exeter, 1864.

Cornish Ballads, and other Poems. 1869. Ed. Byles, C. E. 1904.

Footprints of Former Men in Far Cornwall. 1870. Ed. Byles, C. E. 1903.

Baring-Gould, S. Memoir of R. S. Hawker. 1875.

Byles, C. E. Life and Letters of R. S. Hawker. 1905.

Lee, F. G. Memorials of the late R. S. Hawker. 1876.

Reginald Heber

Poetical Works. 1841.

Palestine. 1807.

Poems and Translations. 1812.

Hymns. 1827. 10th edn. 1834.

Life of Reginald Heber, by his Widow. 2 vols. 1830.

Smith, G. Bishop Heber. 1895.

Felicia Dorothea Hemans (born Browne)

Collected Works. Ed. with memoir by her Sister. 7 vols. 1839.

Poems. Liverpool, 1808.

The Domestic Affections, and other Poems. 1812.

Modern Greece. 1817.

The Forest Sanctuary. 1826. 2nd edn. 1829.

Records of Women, and other Poems. 1828.

Chorley, H. F. Memorials of Mrs. Hemans. 2 vols. 1836.

John Abraham Heraud

Tottenham. 1820.

The Descent into Hell. 2nd edn. 1835.

The Judgment of the Flood. 1834.

Videna, or the Mother’s Tragedy. 1854.

The War of Ideas. 1871.

Heraud, E. Memoirs of J. A. Heraud. 1898.

Thomas Hood

Poems. 2 vols. 1846.

Poems of Wit and Humour. 1847. 7th edn. 1856.

Works. Ed. with notes by his Son. 7 vols. 1862–3.

Works. Ed. with notes by his Son and Daughter. 10 vols. 1869–73.

Poetical Works. Ed. Rossetti, W. M. 1880.

Works. II vols. 1882–4.

Poems. Ed. Ainger, A. 2 vols. 1897.

Complete Poetical Works. Ed. Jerrold, W. Oxford, 1906.

Odes and Addresses to Great People. [Written in collaboration with Reynolds, J. H.] 1825.

Whims and Oddities in prose and verse. 2 series. 2 vols. 1826–7.

The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, and other Poems. 1827.

National Tales. 2 vols. 1827.

Lamia. Written about 1827. Ptd. in Jerdan, W. Autobiography. Vol. 1. 1852.

The Epping Hunt. 1829.

The Gem. Ed. Hood, T. 1829.

The Comic Annual. 1830–9, 1842.

Tylney Hall. A Novel. 3 vols. 1834.

Hood’s Own, or Laughter from Year to Year. 1839. A further collection, with preface by his son. 1861.

Up the Rhine. 1840.

Whimsicalities. A periodical gathering. 2 vols. 1844.

Hood’s Magazine and Comic Miscellany. 10 vols. 1844–8.

Ashton, J. The true story of Eugene Aram. Eighteenth Century Waifs. 1887.

Broderip, Mrs. F. F. Memorials of Hood, by his Daughter. 2 vols. 1860.

Elliott, A. Hood in Scotland. Dundee, 1885.

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Saintsbury, G. Thomas Hood. Essays in English Literature, 1780–1860. 2nd series. 1895.

Richard Henry (or Hengist) Horne

Cosmo de’ Medici. 1837.

The Death of Marlowe. 1837.

Orion. 1843. 6th edn. 1843.

Gregory vii. A Tragedy. 1840.

A New Spirit of the Age. 2 vols. 1844. Ed. Jerrold, W. 1907.

Ballad Romances. 1846.

The Poor Artist. 1850.

Australian Facts and Prospects. 1859.

Laura Dibalzo. 1880.

Nicoll, W. R. and Wise, T. J. Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century. Vol. 1. 1895.

George Huddesford (1749–1809)

Salmagundi. 1791.

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James Hyslop (1798–1827)

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See ante, Vol. XI, Chap. X, bibliography.

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See, also, ante, Vol. XI, Chap. VI, bibliography, sect. c.

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Reviewed by Macaulay in the Edinburgh Review, April, 1830.

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A. T. B.