The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XII. The Romantic Revival.

XIV. Historians



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See, also, bibliography to Chap. XIII, ante.


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See, also, ante, Arnold, Thomas.


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See bibliography to Chap. XV, sect. II


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See, also, bibliography to chapter on Historians in Vol. XIV.


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Keightley also produced an edn. of Shakespeare (6 vols., 1864) and two semi-historical works.

See bibliography to Chap. XV, sect. II.

See bibliography to Chap. XV, sect. 1.


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Also numerous articles in The Saturday Review in 1858 and subsequent years. For a list of Dean Merivale’s sermons and pamphlets see art. by Rigg, J. M., in D. of N. B.

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See bibliography to Chap. XV, sect. 1.


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See also, Arnold, Thomas, and bibliography to Chap. XIII, ante.


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For chronological list of writings see art. by Clark, J. W. in D. of N. B. vol. LVI, 1898.