The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XII. The Romantic Revival.

XV. Scholars, Antiquaries and Bibliographers



The classical scholars and archaeologists mentioned in this chapter are noticed by Sir John Edwin Sandys, in his History of Classical Scholarship. vol. II (Cambridge, 1908) C. XXIV, pp. 421–439, and vol. III (1908) C. XL, pp. 393–449; also in his Short History of Classical Scholarship (Cambridge, 1915), C. XXXV, pp. 273–7, and C. XLVIII, pp. 394–419.

Evelyn Abbott (1843–1901)

Ed. Hellenica, A collection of Essays, ed. by E. A., 1880. Herodotus, V, VI, Oxford, 1893. Pericles and the Golden Age of Athens, 1891. History of Greece, 3 vols., 1888–1900. Life of Jowett (with Campbell, Lewis), 1897.

James Adam

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Francis Adams (1796–1861)

Transl. Hero and Leander, Aberdeen, 1820; and, for Sydenham society, Paulus Aegineta, 3 vols., 1844–7; Hippocrates, 2 vols., 1849; Aretaeus, 1856; etc.

Henry Ellis Allen

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Richard Dacre Archer-Hind

Plato, Phaedo, 1883; and Timaeus, 1888. Translations into Greek Verse and Prose, 1905.

Thomas Arnold
See bibliography to Chap. XIV, ante.

Churchill Babington

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An introductory lecture on Archaeology. Cambridge, 1865.

Ed., in Rolls Series, Bishop Pecock’s Repressor, 1860, and Higden’s Polychronicon, 2 vols., 1865–9.

The Birds of Suffolk. 1884–6.

Charles Badham

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John Stuart Blackie

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Translation of Goethe’s Faust. 1834. Lyrical Poems. 1859. War-songs from the German. 1870. Lays of the Highlands and Islands. 1872. Language and Literature of the Highlands. 1876. The Wisdom of Goethe. 1883. Messis Vitae, or Gleanings of Song from a Happy Life. 1886. Life of Burns. 1888. Essays on Subjects of Moral and Social Interest 1890; etc.

Life (with portrait) by Stodart, A. M. 1895. New edn. 1906.

Joseph William Blakesley

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Frederick Henry Marvell Blaydes (1818–1908)

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Charles James Blomfield

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Memoir by Luard, H. R., in Journal of Classical and Sacred Philology, IV (1858), 196–200; and by Blomfield, Alfred, 2 vols., 1864, especially chaps. 1 and II.

Edward Valentine Blomfield (1788–1816)

Translation of Matthiae’s Greek Grammar, ed. Blomfield, C. J., 2 vols. 1818, 5th edn., revised by Kenrick, J. 1837. Memoir in Museum Criticum. II, 520–8.

Thomas Burgess (1756–1837)

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Samuel Henry Butcher

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Samuel Butler

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Sketch of Modern and Ancient Geography. 1813, etc. Atlas of Ancient Geography. 1822, etc. Praxis on the Latin prepositions. 1823, etc.

Life and Letters, by his grandson, 2 vols., 1896; also notice in Mayor’s edn. of Baker’s History of St. John’s College, vol. II, pp. 908–921.

Ingram Bywater

Fragments of Heraclitus. 1877.

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The Erasmian pronunciation of Greek, and its Precursors. Oxford, 1908.

Articles in The Journal of Philology, vols. 1, on the Fragments attributed to Philolaus the Pythagorean (1868); II, A Lost Dialogue of Aristotle; IV, Critical Notes on Clement of Alexandria; A Passage in Aristotle’s Ethics (VII c. 8); VII, Aristotle’s Dialogue on Philosophy; XII, The Cleophons in Aristotle; XIII, On Diogenes Laert. IX, 1, 7; XVII, Aristotelia III; Miscellanea; XXVII, Milton and the Aristotelian Definition of Tragedy; XXVIII, Aristotelia IV; XXXI, ATAKTA II; XXXII, Palaeographica; XXXIII, the Latinizations of the modern surname (1913).

Catalogue of his Collection of rare Greek works, privately printed. 1911.

Lewis Campbell (1830–1908)

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John Conington

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The Satires of Persius, with translation and commentary. Oxford, 1872.

Horace, (a) the Odes and Carmen Saeculare, 1863; (b) the Satires, Epistles, and Art of Poetry, translated into English Verse, 1870.

Homer’s Iliad, i–xii translated into Spenserian stanzas by Worsley, P. S. [the translator of the Odyssey] and xiii–xxiv by Conington. 1868.

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Edward Meredith Cope

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Memoir by Munro, H. A. J., prefixed to Cope’s Commentary on the Rhetoric.

Peter Paul Dobree

Ed. Porson’s Aristophanica, with his own commentary on the Plutus, Cambridge, 1820; also Porson’s transcript of the lexicon of Photius, Cambridge, 1822.

Scholefield, J., edited D.’s Adversaria on the Greek Poets, Historians, and Orators, in 4 vols., 1831–3; his Lexicon rhetoricum Cantabrigiense, 1834; and his Miscellaneous Notes on Inscriptions, 1835.

John William Donaldson

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William Bodham Donne
See bibliography to Chap. XIV, ante.

Robinson Ellis

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Peter Elmsley

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Thomas Saunders Evans (1816–1889)

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William Henry Forbes (1851–1914)

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Henry Furneaux (1829–1900)

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Thomas Gaisford

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William Ewart Gladstone

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Sir Alexander Grant

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Benjamin Hall Kennedy

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Mark Pattison
See bibliography in Vol. XIV.

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Richard Porson
A. Works and Editions

Papers in Maty’s Review: On Schütz’s Aeschylus, and on Brunck’s Aristophanes, 1783; on Stephen Weston’s Fragments of Hermesianax, and on G. I. Huntingford’s Apology for the Monostrophics, 1784.

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Articles in The Monthly Review: (1) defending the genuineness of the Parian Chronicle, 1789; and (2) reviewing T. Edwards’s edition of the Plutarchic tract on education, 1793, and (3) R. Payne Knight’s essay on the Greek alphabet, 1794.

Notes and preface (1787) to new edition of Toup’s Emendationes in Suidam. Oxford, 1790.

Preface to the London edition of Heyne’s Virgil, 4 vols., 1793.

Aeschylus; corrections of the text in an edition printed at the Foulis Press, Glasgow, in two vols. 8vo in 1794, and published in London in 1806; also in the folio edition published by Foulis without Porson’s knowledge in 1795. [Porson’s name is not mentioned in either edition.]

Contributions to the Morning Chronicle: Letter signed S. England, [parodying S. Ireland’s publication of his son’s Shakespeare forgeries by stating that a learned friend had lately found some of the lost tragedies of Sophocles and enclosing as a specimen twelve iambic lines (a translation of Three children sliding on the ice)]. Included in Luard’s Correspondence of Richard Porson, pp. 60 ff., 1796. Imitations of Horace, 1797 [partly quoted in J. S. Watson’s life of Porson.

Euripides, Hecuba, 1797; Orestes, 1798; Phoenissae, 1799; all three published anonymously in London; Medea, published under P.’s own name, at the Cambridge Press, 1801; Hecuba, 2nd edn., with supplement to preface, 1802.

Euripidis tragoediae priores quatuor, ed. Ricardus Porson, rec. suasque notulas subiecit Jacobus Scholefield. Cambridge, 1826.

Collation of the Harleian MS. of the Odyssey (Harl. MS. 5674 in the British Museum) appended to the Grenville Homer. Oxford, 1801.

Restorations of the last twenty-six lines of the Rosetta stone, Society of Antiquaries, 13 Jan., 1803; restorations in Kidd’s Tracts, 1815, p. 182; transl. of the inscription in Clarke, E. D., Greek Marbles, 1809, pp. 56–65.

B. Literary Remains

Adversaria, being notes and emendations on Athenaeus and various Greek poets, edited by Monk, J. H., and Blomfield, C. J. Cambridge, 1812.

Tracts and Miscellaneous Criticisms, collected by Kidd, T. Ib. 1815.

Aristophanica, edited by Dobree, P. P. Ib. 1820.

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Porson’s Correspondence (a collection of 68 letters), ed. for the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, by Luard, H. R. Cambridge, 1867.

Papers in the Library of Trinity College, arranged by Luard, H. R., in 1859 and bound in four volumes, containing: (1) the originals of many of the letters printed in the Correspondence; (2) Transcript of Photius; (3) Transcripts of the Medea and the Phoenissae; (4) notes on ancient authors, including a collation of the Aldine Aeschylus.

Adversaria in most of the 274 books formerly belonging to Porson, and now in the library of Trinity college.

C. Biography and Criticism

Memoirs in The Gentleman’s Magazine, September and October, 1808.

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Edward Poste (1823–1902)

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George Rawlinson
See bibliography to Chap. XIV, ante.

James Riddell (1823–1866)

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Homer, Odyssey, begun by R., continued by Merry, W. W. (1876), and completed by Monro, D. B. (1901).

Henry John Roby

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Report of the Schools Inquiry Commission, chapters II (On the present state of Schools for Secondary Education) and IV (The law of Charities as affecting Endowed Schools), 1868–9.

An Introduction to the Study of Justinian’s Digest, 2 vols., 1884; Italian transl., Florence, 1886. Roman Private Law in the times of Cicero and the Antonines, 2 vols., 1902. Essays on the Law in Cicero’s Private Orations, 1902. Roman Law, chapter III, in vol. II of The Cambridge Medieval History, 1913.

Martin Joseph Routh
See bibliography to Chap. XII, ante.

William Gunion Rutherford

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John Young Sargent (1829–1915)

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Sir John Robert Seeley (1834–1895)

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William Young Sellar

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Richard Shilleto

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Sir William Smith (1813–1893)

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William Hepworth Thompson

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Robert Yelverton Tyrrell

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Thomas Tyrwhitt (1730–1786)

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William Veitch (1794–1885)

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Arthur Woollgar Verrall

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William Vincent (1739–1815)

The Voyage of Nearchus from the Indus to the Euphrates, 1797. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, 2 vols., 1800–5. The Commerce and Navigation of the Ancients in the Indian Ocean, 2 vols., 1807; 3 vols., 1809.

Gilbert Wakefield

Sylva Critica, 5 vols. Cambridge, 1789–95.

Horatii q.s. rec. et notis instr. 2 vols. 1794.

Trag. delectus (Eur., Herc., Alc.; Soph., Trach., Phil.; Aesch., Eum.). 1794.

Bionis et Moschi em. et ill. 1795.

Virgilii opera em. et ill. 2 vols. 1796.

Lucretii de rerum natura … rec. ill. 3 vols. 1796. (Glasgow, 1813; London, 1821.)

In Euripidis Hecubam Londini nuper editam diatriba extemporalis. 1797.

Animadversiones ad Aeschyli tres priores tragoedias. Jena, 1794–9.

Dio Chrysostomus, select essays translated. 1800.

Noctes Carcerariae. 1801. Memoirs. 2 vols. 1792 (1804). Correspondence with C. J. Fox. 1813.

George Charles Winter Warr (1845–1901)

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William Wayte (1829–1898)

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Edward Charles Wickham (1834–1910)

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Augustus Samuel Wilkins

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Christopher Wordsworth, bishop of Lincoln

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(Including Travellers)

James Theodore Bent (1852–1897)

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Richard Chandler

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Henry Fynes Clinton

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Autobiography in Literary Remains. 1854.

John Anthony Cramer (1793–1848)

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