The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIII. The Victorian Age, Part One.

XI. The Political and Social Novel


It would not be possible to give here a bibliography of the political and social background of the period from the passing of the first Reform bill to the middle of queen Victoria’s reign, over and beyond which the ground partially covered in this chapter extends. An attempt in this direction has been made in the bibliography appended to Cazamian, L., Le Roman Social en Angleterre (1830–1850), I. Le Milieu Social. To this, the reader may be referred, as well as, in a more general way, to the bibliographies to the following chapters in vol. X of The Cambridge Modern History (1907): chap. XX; Great Britain and Ireland (by Gooch, G. P.); chap. XXIII: Economic Change (by Clapham, J. H.); chap. XXIV: The British Economists (by Nicholson, J. S.); and, for later years, to part of the bibliography to chapters I, XI and XII of vol. XI of the same work (1909). See, also, for a comprehensive account of this period of English social and economic history, Schulze-Gävernitz, G. von, Zum socialen Frieden, 2 vols., Leipzig, 1890. Tr. into English under title Social Peace, by Wicksteed, C. M., and Wallis, G., 1893. Gooch, G. P., Annals of Politics and Culture, Cambridge, 1901, pp. 346–384 may also with advantage be compared. A few books specially illustrative of the works of particular writers will be mentioned under the headings of the writers in question.

In the lists of works following, of the large majority of which there were in each case many editions, first editions only are mentioned, unless in special instances.

A. Collected Works

Collected edn. of Novels and Tales. 10 vols. 1870–1.

Novels and Tales. (Hughenden edn.) II vols. 1881.

B. Separate Works
1. Novels and Tales

Vivian Grey. 2 vols. 1826. Part II. 3 vols. 1827. Ed. with a preface by D. 1853. Centenary edn., with biogr. introd. by Wolf, L. 2 vols. 1904.

The Voyage of Captain Popanilla. 1828.

The Young Duke. 3 vols. 1831.

Contarini Fleming. A Psychological Autobiography. 4 vols. 1832.

The Wondrous Tale of Alroy. 3 vols. 1833.

The Rise of Iskander. 1833. [Published with Alroy.]

Ixion in Heaven. In Colburn’s New Monthly Magazine. 1833.

The Infernal Marriage. In Colburn’s New Monthly Magazine. 1834.

Henrietta Temple. A Love Story. 3 vols. 1837. Greek tr. Constantinople, 1862.

Venetia. 1837. Greek tr. by Pappa, I. G. Larnaka, 1889.

Coningsby, or The New Generation. 3 vols. 1844. French tr. by Sobry, Mlle. A. 2 vols. Paris, 1846. With notes by Hitchman, F. 1889.

Sybil, or The Two Nations. 3 vols. 1845. With introd. by Traill, H. D. 1895. French tr. by Lorain, P. Paris, 1859.

Tancred, or The New Crusade. 3 vols. 1847.

Lothair. 3 vols. 1870. French tr. by Derosne, C. B. 2 vols. Paris, 1872. German tr. by Wünn, A. 4 vols. Leipzig, 1874.

Endymion. 3 vols. 1880. German tr. by Böttger, C. 3 vols. Leipzig, 1881.

Tales and Sketches. Ed. Robertson, J. L. 1891.

2. Dramatic and other Verse

The Modern Dunciad. In The Star Chamber. 1826.

The Revolutionary Epick. 1834. New edn. 1864. Rptd., with Alarcos and other verse, in The Revolutionary Epick and other Poems by Benjamin Disraeli, edited by Adams, W. Davenport, 1904.

The Tragedy of Count Alarcos. 1839.

3. Other Writings

An Enquiry into Plans of American Mining Companies. 1825.

Lawyers and Legislators; or Notes on the American Mining Companies. 1825. [An attack on lord Eldon.]

The Present State of Mexico. 1825.

The Life of Paul Jones. [Ed. by Disraeli.] 1825.

For the lengthy, though flippant, pamphlet, England and France, or a Cure for the Ministerial Gallomania, 1832, Disraeli made himself responsible; but it was the production of several hands, including that of baron d’Haussez, a legitimist exile.

What is He? 1833. [A reply to lord Grey.]

The Crisis Examined. 1834.

Vindication of the English Constitution. 1835. [Letter to lord Lyndhurst.]

Letters of Runnymede. Published in The Times, January-May, 1836. Rptd. 1836. With notes by Hitchman, F. 1885.

The Spirit of Whiggism. 1836.

The five previous works together with other contributions to The Times (1837–41); The Morning Post (1835); The Press (1853); and Fraser’s Magazine (1835–6) are rptd., by Hutcheon, W., in Whigs and Whiggism, 1913; the Morning Post articles (Aug.-Sep., 1835), discovered by Hutcheon, bear the title Peers and People.

Lord George Bentinck. A Political Biography. 1852. Ed. Whibley, C. 1905.

4. Letters and Speeches

Home Letters written in 1830–1. 1885. New edn. of Home Letters and Correspondence [by Disraeli, Ralph]. 1887.

Correspondence with his Sister, 1832–52. [Ed. Disraeli, Ralph.] 1886.

Parliamentary Reform. Speeches in the House of Commons, 1848–1866. Ed. Corry, M. [lord Rowton]. 1867.

Selected Speeches. With notes, etc., by Kebbel, T. E. 2 vols. 1882.

C. Biography and Criticism

Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield. A Biography. 2 vols. 1878–81. [Vol. I by O’Connor, T. P.; vol. II by Foggo, A.]

Brandes, G. Beaconsfield, ein Charakterbild. Berlin, 1879. Eng. tr. by Mrs. Sturge. 1880.

Cazamian, L. Disraeli: Le Torysme Social. Chap. VI of Le Roman Social en Angleterre. Paris, 1904.

Cromer, E. B., earl of. Disraeli. 1912.

Froude, J. A. Lord Beaconsfield. 1890.

Geffcken, F. H. The British Empire (with essay on Beaconsfield). Eng. tr. by Macmillan, J. 1889.

Hitchman, F. The Public Life of Lord Beaconsfield. 1879.

Hutcheon, W. Whigs and Whiggism. 1913.

Kebbel, T. E. The Life of Lord Beaconsfield. 1888.

Macknight, T. The Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli. 1854.

Monypenny, W. Flavelle. The Life of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield. Vol. I, 1804–1837. 1910. Vol. II, 1837–1846. 1912. Vol. III, 1846–1855, by Buckle, G. E. 1914. Vol. IV, 1855–1868. 1916. [This standard biography is in course of continuation by Buckle, G. E.]

O’Connor, T. P. Lord Beaconsfield. 1884.

Traill, H. D. The New Fiction. 1897.

Whibley, C. Disraeli the younger. The Pageantry of Life. 1900.

A. Collected Works

The Works of Charles Kingsley. 28 vols. 1880–5.

The Life and Works of Charles Kingsley. 19 vols. 1901–3.

B. Separate Works
1. Novels and Tales

Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet. 1850. With a Prefatory Memoir by Hughes, Thomas. 2 vols. 1881.

Yeast, a Problem. 1851. (First published in Fraser’s Magazine, July-Dec., 1848.)

Hypatia, or New Foes with an Old Face. 2 vols. 1853. (First published in Fraser’s Magazine, Jan.-Dec., 1852; Jan.-April, 1853.)

Westward Ho! or, The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Rendered into modern English by Charles Kingsley. 3 vols. 1855.

The Heroes. 1856.

Two Years Ago. 3 vols. 1857.

The Water-Babies. A Fairy-Tale for a Land-Baby. 1863.

Hereward the Wake. 2 vols. 1866.

The Hermits. [1868.]

Madam How and Lady Why? or first lessons in earth-lore for children. 1869. (First published in Good Words for Children.)

At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies. 2 vols. 1871.

Prose Idyls, new and old. 1873.

The Tutor’s Story. By the late Charles Kingsley, revised and completed by his daughter, Lucas Malet. The Cornhill Magazine. January, 1916, and following numbers. [This story, of which c. 150 foolscap pages were left in MS. by Kingsley, seems to have been written by him about the same time as The Water-Babies (1863).]

2. Dramatic and other Poems

The Saint’s Tragedy. With a Preface by Maurice, F. D. 1848.

Andromeda, and other Poems. 1858.

Poems. Collected Edition. 1872. New edn. 1889.

3. Sermons, Lectures, Essays and Pamphlets

Twenty-five Village Sermons. 1849. New edn. with Town Sermons, under the title Town and Country Sermons. 1861.

Sermons on National Subjects. 1852. 2nd edn., under the title The King of the Earth, and other sermons preached in a village church. 1872.

Phaethon: loose thoughts for loose thinkers. Cambridge, 1852.

Sermons on National Subjects. 1854. 2 vols. 1872.

Alexandria and her Schools. 1854.

Sermons for the Times. 1855.

Glaucus, or the Wonders of the Sea Shore. Cambridge, 1855. (First published in The North British Review.)

The Good News of God: Sermons. 1859.

Miscellanies. Rptd. chiefly from Fraser’s Magazine and The North British Review. 2 vols. 1859.

The Limits of Exact Science as applied to History. Inaugural Lecture. Cambridge, 1860.

Why should we pray for fine weather? 1860.

Town and Country Sermons. 1861.

The Roman and the Teuton. A Series of Lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge. 1864. New edn., with a preface by Müller, F. Max. 1875.

David: four Sermons delivered before the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, 1865.

The Ancien Régime before the French Revolution. 1867.

What, then, does Dr. Newman mean? A Reply to a Pamphlet lately published by Dr. Newman. 1867.

Newman’s Apologia pro vita sua. The two versions, with Newman’s and Kingsley’s pamphlets. With an introduction by Ward, Wilfrid. Oxford, 1913.

Rome and Politics. 1869.

Discipline, and other Sermons. 1872.

Town Geology. 1872.

Plays and Puritans, and other Historical Essays. 1873.

Westminster Sermons. 1874.

Lectures delivered in America in 1874. 1875.

All Saint’s Day and other Sermons. Ed. Harrison, W. 1878.

Historical Lectures and Essays. 1880.

Scientific Lectures and Essays. 1880.

C. Biography and Criticism

Charles Kingsley. His Letters and Memories of his Life. Ed. by his Wife. 1877. Rptd. as vols. I-IV of Life and Works. 1901–2. Abridged edn. 2 vols. 1879.

Cazamian, M. Le Roman Social en Angleterre. Pp. 436–531. Kingsley: Le Socialisme Chrétien. Paris, 1904.

Greg, W. R. Literary and Social Judgments. 1869.

Harrison, Frederic. Kingsley’s Place in Literature. 1895.

Kaufmann, M. Charles Kingsley, Christian Socialist and Social Reformer. 1892.

Marriott, J. A. R. Charles Kingsley, Novelist. 1892.

Rigg, J. H. Modern Anglican Theology. 3rd edn. (Memoir of Kingsley.) 1880.

Stubbs, C. W. Charles Kingsley and the Christian Social Movement. 1899.


For a bibliography of Mrs. Gaskell’s writings, see The Gaskell Bibliography, compiled by Axon, W. E. A. and E., Manchester, 1895; and A bibliographical guide to the Gaskell collection in the Moss Side Library, Manchester, by Green, J. A., Manchester, 1911.

A. Collected Writings

The Works of Mrs. Gaskell. With introduction by Ward, A. W. (Knutsford Edition.) 8 vols. 1906. Vol. I: Mary Barton, etc. Vol. II: Cranford, etc. Vol. III: Ruth, etc. Vol. IV: North and South. Vol. V: My Lady Ludlow, etc. Vol. VI: Sylvia’s Lovers, etc. Vol. VII: Cousin Phillis, etc. Vol. VIII: Wives and Daughters.

Novels and Tales. By Mrs. Gaskell. 7 vols. 1895.

B. Separate Writings

Sketches among the Poor, No. I. [Poem, by Mr. and Mrs. Gaskell.] Blackwood’s Magazine. Vol. XLI, no. cclv. January, 1837. Rptd. in Biographical Introduction to vol. I of Knutsford edn.

Chapter Houses. In Visits to Remarkable Places, by Howitt, William. 1838. Rptd. in vol. I of Knutsford edn.

The Sexton’s Hero. In Howitt’s Journal. 1847. Rptd. 1850 with Christmas Storms and Sunshine; in 1855 in Lizzie Leigh and other stories; and in Knutsford edn., vol. I.

French tr. By Forgues, F. D. With Cousine Phillis. Paris, 1867.

Libbie Marsh’s Three Eras. In Howitt’s Journal. 1847. Rptd. as A Lancashire Tale, in 1850, and in Knutsford edn., vol. I.

French tr.: Trois Époques de la Vie de Libbie Marsh. In Bibliothèque Universelle. Paris, 1854.

Christmas Storms and Sunshine. In Howitt’s Journal. 1847. Rptd. 1850 with The Sexton’s Hero and in Knutsford edn., vol. II.

These three tales were rptd. under the title Life in Manchester, by Cotter Mather Mills, Esq., 1847.

Mary Barton, a Tale of Manchester Life. 2 vols. 1848.

The Moorland Cottage. With illustrations by Foster, Birket. 1850. Rptd. in vol. II of the Knutsford edn.

Contributions to Household Words: Cumberland Sheep-shearers, 22 January, 1853; Modern Greek Songs, 25 February, 1854; Company Manners, 20 May, 1854 (these three are rptd. in vol. III of the Knutsford edn.); Disappearances, 7 June, 1851; The Old Nurse’s Story, which formed part of the Christmas number in 1852; Traits and Stories of the Huguenots, 10 December, 1853; My French Master, 17 and 24 December, 1854, and The Squire’s Story, which formed part of the Christmas number in 1853, were all rptd. with Lizzie Leigh in 1855 and in vol. II of the Knutsford edn. The Shah’s English Gardener, 19 June, 1852, is rptd. in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

Mr. Harrison’s Confessions. First published in The Ladies’ Companion, February to April, 1851. Rptd. with Lizzie Leigh, etc., in 1855, and in vol. v of the Knutsford edn.

Cranford. 1853. With preface by lady Ritchie. 1891. With introd. by Herford, Brooke. 1898. With illustrations by Thomson, Hugh. 1891. First published in Household Words from 13 December, 1851, to 21 May, 1853. Green, Henry. Knutsford: its Traditions and History. 2nd edn. 1887. Letters of Mary Sibylla Holland. Ed. B. Holland. 1898.

Ruth. 3 vols. 1853. French tr. 1856.

Lizzie Leigh, with other Tales, by Mrs. G. 1855. Lizzie Leigh was first published in Household Words, from No. I, 30 March, 1850.

The following five tales and sketches were included in the 1855 edn. of Lizzie Leigh, and rptd. with it in vols. II, III of the Knutsford edn.:

The Well of Pen-Morfa. First published in Household Words, 16 and 23 November, 1850. Knutsford edn., vol. II.

The Heart of John Middleton. First published in Household Words, 28 December, 1850. Knutsford edn., vol. II.

Morton Hall. First published in Household Words, 19 and 26 November, 1853. Knutsford edn., vol. II.

Bessy’s Troubles at Home. Knutsford edn., vol. III.

Hand and Heart. Knutsford edn., vol. III.

North and South. 2 vols. 1855. First published in Household Words, from 2 September, 1854, to 27 January, 1855. Illustrated edn. 1867. Knutsford edn., vol. IV.

The Life of Charlotte Brontë. 2 vols. 1857. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 1857. Also, as vol. VII of Life and Works of Charlotte Brontë and her Sisters. 1900. With introd. and notes by Scott, T., and Willett, B. W. 1906.

My Lady Ludlow. Published with five other tales under the title Round the Sofa in 1859, with an Introduction and links. A French tr. of Round the Sofa, under the title, Autour du Sofa, by Loreau, Mme. H., appeared in the following year. (My Lady Ludlow had first appeared in Household Words from 19 June to 25 September, 1858. The five other tales are those of which the titles follow here. Round the Sofa is rptd. in vol. v of the Knutsford edn.)

An Accursed Race. First published in Household Words, 25 August, 1855.

Half a Lifetime ago. First published in Household Words, 6, 13 and 20 October, 1855.

The Poor Clare. First published in Household Words, 13 to 27 December, 1855.

The Doom of the Griffiths. First published in Harper’s Magazine, 1858.

The Half-Brothers. First published in The Dublin University Magazine, November, 1858.

Right at Last, and other Tales. 1860. Right at Last was first published in Household Words, 27 November, 1858, under the title The Sin of a Father. Rptd. in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

Lois the Witch. First appeared in All the Year Round, from 8 to 22 October, 1859, and was rptd. in Right at Last, etc., 1860, and in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

The Crooked Branch. First appeared in the Christmas number 1859 of All the Year Round, as part of the series called The Haunted House, under the title The Ghost in the Garden Room, and rptd. in Right at Last, etc., 1860, and in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

The Manchester Marriage. First published in Littell’s Living Age, Boston, 1859. Rptd. in Right at Last, etc., 1860, and in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

The Grey Woman, and other Tales. 1865. The Grey Woman first appeared in All the Year Round, on 5, 12 and 19 January, 1861, and is rptd. in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

Curious if True. First appeared in The Cornhill Magazine of February, 1860. Reprinted in The Grey Woman, etc., and in vol. VII of the Knutsofrd edn.

Six Weeks at Heppenheim. First appeared in The Cornhill Magazine of May, 1862. Rptd. in The Grey Woman, etc., and in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

A Dark Night’s Work. First appeared in All the Year Round from 24 January, 1863, to 21 March, 1863. With illustrations by Du Maurier, 1863. Rptd. in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

French tr.: L’œuvre d’une nuit. With Cousine Phillis. By Forgues, F. D. Paris, 1879.

Sylvia’s Lovers. With illustrations by Du Maurier. 3 vols. 1863.

French tr.: Les Amoureux de Sylvia. By Forgues, F. D. Paris, 1865.

Crowley Castle. First appeared in the 1863 Christmas number of All the Year Round (Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings) under the title How the First Floor went to Crowley Castle. Rptd. in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

Cousin Phillis. First appeared in The Cornhill Magazine from November, 1863, to February, 1864. Rptd. with other Tales, with illustrations by Du Maurier, 1864.

French tr.: Cousine Phillis. By Forgues, F. D. Paris, 1867.

Contribution to Fraser’s Magazine: French Life, April, May, June, 1864. Rptd. in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

Wives and Daughters. An Everyday Story. First appeared in The Cornhill Magazine from August, 1864, to January, 1866, the last number being completed by Greenwood, Frederick. Published in 2 vols. 1866.

Two Fragments of Ghost Stories. First printed in vol. VII of the Knutsford edn.

C. Biography and Criticism

Belloc, L. Sw. Elisabeth Gaskell et ses Ouvrages. With the tr. of Cousin Phillis by Forgues, F. D. Paris, 1879.

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Ward, Sir A. W. Biographical Introduction to the Knutsford edn. of the works of Mrs. Gaskell. Vol. I. 1906.

—— Art. Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, in vol. XXI of the D. of N. B.

As to W. R. Greg’s criticisms of Mary Barton, Ruth and North and South see text.

A. Collected Works

Works. (Cabinet edn.) 21 vols. Edinburgh and London, 1878–86.

Works. (Warwick edn.) 12 vols. Edinburgh and London, 1901–3.

Wise, Witty and Tender Sayings from the works of George Eliot. Collected by Main, Alexander. Edinburgh, 1872.

B. Separate Works
1. Novels and Tales

Scenes of Clerical Life. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1858. (These first appeared in Blackwood’s Magazine, as follows: The Sad Fortunes of the Rev. Amos Barton, January-February, 1857; Mr. Gilfil’s Love Story, March-June, 1857; Janet’s Repentance, July-November, 1857.)

Newdigate-Newdegate, lady. The Cheverels of Cheverel Manor. 1898.

Adam Bede. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1859.

Mottram, W. The story of George Eliot in relation to Adam Bede. 1905.

Roslyn, G. George Eliot in Derbyshire. 1876.

The Lifted Veil. Blackwood’s Magazine. July, 1859.

The Mill on the Floss. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1860.

Brother Jacob. See Cabinet edn., vol. XIX.

Silas Marner. Edinburgh, 1861.

Romola. 3 vols. 1863. First appeared in The Cornhill Magazine, with illustations by Leighton, Sir F. July, 1862–Aug., 1863. Edition de luxe. 1880. Ed. with introduction and notes by Biagi, G. With 160 engravings of scenes and characters. 2 vols. 1907.

Felix Holt the Radical. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1866.

Middlemarch. A Study of Provincial Life. 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1871–2.

Daniel Deronda. 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1876.

2. Dramatic and other Poems

The Spanish Gypsy. Edinburgh, 1868.

The Legend of Jubal and other Poems. Edinburgh, 1874. (Includes Agatha (signed 1868); Legend of Jubal (s. 1869); How Lisa loved the King (s. 1869); Stradivarius (s. 1873); A Minor Prophet; Brother and Sister.)

3. Essays

Contributions to The Westminster Review:

Mackay’s Progress of the Intellect. January, 1851.

Carlyle’s Life of Sterling. January, 1852.

Women in France: Mme. de Sablé. October, 1854.

Prussia and Prussian Policy (Adolf Stahr). January, 1855.

Vehse’s Court of Austria. April, 1855.

Dryden. July, 1855.

Evangelical Teaching: Dr. Cumming. October, 1855.

German Wit: Heine. January, 1856.

The Natural History of German Life. July, 1856.

Silly Novels by Lady Novelists. October, 1856.

Worldliness and Other-Worldliness: the poet Young. January, 1857.

The last four were included, by Lewis, Charles Lee, in Essays and Leaves from a Note-book, 1884. This also includes:

Three Months in Weimar. First published in Fraser’s Magazine, 1855.

The Influence of Rationalism: Lecky’s History. First published in The Fortnightly Review, 1865.

Address to Working Men by Felix Holt. First published in Blackwood’s Magazine, 1866.

The Impressions of Theophrastus Such. Edinburgh, 1879.

4. Translations

Strauss, D. F. The Life of Jesus critically examined. 3 vols. 1846. [Anon.]

Feuerbach, L. The Essence of Christianity. Tr. by Marion Evans. 1854.

5. Letters

George Eliot’s Life as related in her Letters and Journals. Arranged and ed. by her Husband, J. W. Cross. 3 vols. Edinburgh and London, 1885. Rptd. uniform with the Cabinet edn. of her Works, 3 vols., 1886; and with the Warwick edn. of her Works, 2 vols., 1902. I vol. [n.d.]

Letters to Elena Stuart, 1872–80. Ed. Stuart, R. 1909.

C. Biography and Criticism

See above, under (5).

Axon, W. E. A. George Eliot’s use of dialect. Miscellanies by various writers. (English Dialect society.) 1876–87.

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Thomson, Clara Linklater. George Eliot. [1901.]


Thomas Hughes

Tom Brown’s School Davs. 1857.

The Scouring of the White Horse. 1859.

Tom Brown at Oxford. 3 vols. 1861.

Memoir of a Brother. 1873.

The Manliness of Christ. 1879.

Memoir of Daniel Macmillan. 1882.

James Fraser, 2nd Bp. of Manchester. 1887.

David Livingstone. (English Men of Action.) 1889.

Vacation Rambles. A series of letters addressed to The Spectator. Ed. Cornish, Mrs. 1895.

Harriet Martineau

Traditions of Palestine. 1830.

Five Years of Youth, or Sense and Sentiment. A Story for the Young. 1831.

Illustrations of Political Economy. 9 vols. 1832–4.

[Contains, inter alia: Life in the Wilds; Ellin of Gavreloch; A Manchester Strike; Cousin Marshall; The Loom and the Lugger; Sowers not Reapers.]

Illustrations of Taxation. 1834.

[Contains, inter alia: The Park and the Paddock; The Scholars of Arneside.]

Deerbrook. A novel. 3 vols. 1839.

The Hour and The Man. An historical romance. 3 vols. 1841.

The Playfellow. A series of tales. [The Settlers at Home; The Produce and the Peasant; Feats on the Fiord; The Crofton Boys.] 4 vols. 1841.

Dawn Island. A Tale. 1845. (Published for the Anti-Corn Law League.)

Forest and Game-law Tales. 3 vols. 1845–6.

The Billow and the Rock. (Knight’s Weekly Volumes.) 1846.

Eastern Life, Past and Present. 1848.

Merdhen; the Manor and the Eyrie; and Old Landmarks and Old Laws. 1852.

Harriet Martineau’s Autobiography. With Memorials by Maria Weston Chapman. 3 vols. 1877.

[See, also, post, bibliography to Chap. II, Vol. XIV.]

Robert Plumer Ward

Enquiry into the foundation and history of the law of nations in Europe. 2 vols 1795.

Tremaine, or The Man of Refinement. 3 vols. 1825.

De Vere, or The Man of Independence. 3 vols. 1827.

Historical Essay on the real character of the Revolution of 1688. 2 vols. 1838.

De Clifford, or The Constant Man. 4 vols. 1841.

Phipps, E. Memoirs of the political and literary life of R. Plumer Ward, with selections from his correspondence, diaries and unpublished remains. 1850.