The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIV. The Victorian Age, Part Two.

IV. The Growth of Journalism


(1) Established before 1801 and continued into the nineteenth century
(a) London. (All dailies, unless marked otherwise.)

Country Sport and Messenger of Agriculture, established as Bell’s Weekly Messenger, 1796 (weekly); London Gazette, The, 1665 (irregular); Mail, The, 1789 (thrice weekly); Morning Advertiser, The, 1794; Morning Chronicle, The, 1769; Morning Herald, The, 1780; Morning Post, The, 1772; Observer, The, 1791 (Sundays only); Public Ledger, The, 1759; Sun, The, 1792; Times, The, 1788.

(b) Other parts of England. (All weeklies, with occasional bi-weekly issues, if not marked otherwise.)

Bath Chronicle, The, 1757; Bath Herald, The, 1792; Bath Journal, The (Keene’s), 1742; Birmingham Gazette, The (Aris’s), 1741; Bristol Mercury, The, 1790; Bristol Mirror, The, 1774; Bury Post, The, 1782; Cambridge Chronicle, The, 1744; Carlisle Journal, The, 1798 (twice weekly); Chelmsford (now Essex County) Chronicle, The, 1764; Chester Chronicle, The, 1775; Chester Courant, The, 1730; Coventry Standard, The, 1741; Cumberland Pacquet and Ware’s Whitehaven Advertiser, The, 1774; Derby Mercury, The, 1732; Doncaster Gazette, The, 1786; Essex County Chronicle, The, 1764; Essex Herald, The, 1800; Exeter Flying Post, The, 1763; Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, The, 1772; Gloucester Journal, The, 1722; Hampshire Chronicle, The, 1772 (Winchester); Hampshire Telegraph, The, 1799 (Portsmouth); Hereford Journal, The, 1713; Hertford County Herald, The, 1792; Hull Packet, The, 1787; Ipswich Journal, The, 1735; Kendal Mercury, The, 1735; Kentish and Canterbury Chronicle, The, 1768; Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press, The, 1717; Kent Herald, The, 1792; Leeds Intelligencer, The, afterwards The Yorkshire Post, 1754 (now daily); Leeds Mercury, The, 1718 (now daily); Leicester Journal, The, 1753; Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury, The, 1695 (Stamford); Maidstone and Kentish Journal, The, 1786; Manchester Chronicle, The, 1781–1842; Manchester Mercury, The (Harrop’s), 1752–1830; Newcastle Courant, The, 1711 (Newcastle-on-Tyne); Newcastle (now Daily) Chronicle, The, 1764; Northampton Mercury, The, 1720; Norfolk Chronicle, The, 1761 (Norwich); Norwich Mercury, The, 1714; Nottingham Journal, The, 1710 (now Weekly Express); Oxford Journal, The, 1753; Reading Mercury and Berks County Paper, The, 1723; Salisbury and Winchester Journal, The, 1729; Sheffield Iris, The, 1787; Shrewsbury Chronicle, The, 1772; Staffordshire Advertiser, The, 1795; Sussex Advertiser, The, 1745 (Lewes); Western Gazette and Flying Post, The, 1737 (Yeovil); Wolverhampton Chronicle, The, 1789; Worcester Herald, The, 1794; Worcester Journal (Berrow’s), The, 1690; York Courant, The, 1700; afterwards The York Herald, 1790 (now Yorkshire Herald, daily since 1874); Yorkshire Chronicle, The (1772); Yorkshire Gazette, The (1772).

(c) Scotland.

Aberdeen Journal, The, 1748; Edinburgh Gazette, The, 1690 (twice weekly); Glasgow Herald, The, 1783; Glasgow Journal, The, 1713.

(d) Ireland.

Belfast News-Letter, The, 1737; Derry Journal, The, 1772 (Londonderry); Dublin Gazette, The, 1711; Freeman’s Journal, The, 1763 (Dublin); Leinster Journal (now Kilkenny Journal), The, 1767; Limerick Chronicle, The, 1766; Waterford Chronicle and New Ross Reporter, The, 1766.

(2) First issued since 1801. (All dailies, unless marked otherwise.)
(a) London.

Athenaeum, The, 1828 (weekly, monthly since 1915); Agricultural Gazette, The, 1844 (weekly); Architect, The, 1868 (weekly); Army and Navy Gazette, The, 1860 (weekly); Baptist Times and Freeman, The, 1853 (weekly); British Congregationalist, The, 1901 (weekly); British Medical Journal, The, 1857 (weekly); British Weekly, The, 1886 (weekly); Builder, The, 1842 (weekly); Building News, The, 1854 (weekly); Chemical News, The, 1859 (weekly); Christian World, The, 1857 (weekly); Church Times, The, 1863 (weekly); Colliery Guardian, The, 1860 (weekly); Contract Journal, The, 1879 (weekly); Country Life, 1897 (weekly); Daily Chronicle, The, 1855; Daily Express, The, 1900; Daily Graphic, The, 1890; Daily Mail, The, 1896; Daily News, The, 1846; Daily Telegraph, The, 1855; Echo, The, 1868–1905 (first halfpenny paper in London); Economist, The, 1843 (weekly); Electrician, The, 1861 (weekly); Engineer, The, 1856 (weekly); Engineering, 1866 (weekly); Era, The, 1837 (weekly); Evening News, The, 1881; Examiner, The, 1808 (weekly); Field, The, 1853 (weekly); Gardeners’ Chronicle, The, 1841 (weekly); Gas Journal, The, 1849 (weekly); Gentlewoman, The, 1890 (weekly); Globe, The, 1803; Graphic, The, 1869 (weekly); Grocer, The, 1861 (weekly); Guardian, The, 1846 (weekly); Illustrated London News, The, 1842 (weekly); Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, The, 1874 (weekly); Inquirer, The, 1842 (weekly); Investors’ Guardian, The, 1863 (weekly); Jewish Chronicle, The, 1841 (weekly); Lady, The, 1885 (weekly); Lancet, The, 1823 (weekly); Law Times, The, 1843 (weekly); Literary Gazette, The, 1817–62 (weekly); Lloyd’s Weekly News, 1842 (weekly); Local Government Chronicle, The, 1855 (weekly); London Review, The, 1860–9 (weekly); Methodist Recorder, The, 1861 (weekly); Mining Journal, The, 1835 (weekly); Money Market Review, The, 1860 (weekly); Nation, The (called, at first, The Speaker), 1890 (weekly); Nature, 1869 (weekly); Notes and Queries, 1849 (weekly); Outlook, The, 1898 (weekly); Pall Mall Gazette, The, 1865; Pharmaceutical Journal, The, 1841 (weekly); Pilot, The, 1900–4 (weekly); Primitive Methodist Leader, The, 1868 (weekly); Publishers’ Circular, The, 1837 (weekly); Punch, 1841 (weekly); Queen, The, 1861 (weekly); Record, The, 1828 (weekly); Reynolds’s Weekly Newspaper, 1850 (weekly); St. James’s Gazette, 1880–1905; Saturday Review, The, 1855 (weekly); Schoolmaster, The, 1872 (weekly); Solicitors’ Journal, The, 1857 (weekly); Spectator, The, 1828 (weekly); Sporting Life, 1859; Sporting Times, The, 1865; Sportsman, The, 1865; Stage, The, 1880 (weekly); Standard, The, 1857–1916; Standard, The Evening, 1827; Star, The, 1888; Statist, The, 1878 (weekly); Sunday Times, 1822 (weekly); Tablet, The, 1840 (weekly); Tribune, The, 1906–8; Truth, 1877 (weekly); Weekly Dispatch, 1801 (weekly); Westminster Gazette, The, 1893; World, The, 1874 (weekly).

(b) Other parts of England.

Birmingham Post, The, 1857; Bolton Evening News, The, 1867; Bradford (now Yorkshire) Observer, The, 1834; Bradford Daily Argus, The, 1892; Bradford Daily Telegraph, The, 1868; Brighton Argus, The, 1880; Bristol Times and Mirror, The, 1865; Dundee Advertiser, The, 1801; Journal of Commerce, The, 1826 (Liverpool); Lancashire Daily Post, The, 1886; Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, The, 1855; Liverpool Echo, The, 1879; Manchester Courier, The, 1825–1915; Manchester Evening News, 1868; Manchester Examiner and Times, The, 1846–94; Manchester Guardian, The, 1821; Newcastle Daily Journal, The, 1832; Northern Echo, The, 1869 (Darlington); Nottingham Daily Express, The, 1860; Nottingham Guardian, 1861; Preston Guardian, The, 1844; Royal Cornwall Gazette, The, 1801 (Truro); Scarborough Daily Post, The, 1876; Scarborough Evening News, The, 1882; Scarborough Mercury, The, 1855 (weekly); Sheffield (now Daily) Independent, The, 1819; Sheffield Daily Telegraph, The, 1855; Shields Daily Gazette and Shipping Telegraph, The, 1849; Sunderland Daily Echo, 1873; Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser, The, 1806 (weekly); Western Daily Mercury, The, 1860 (Plymouth); Western Daily Press, The, 1858; Western Morning News, The, 1860 (Plymouth); Yorkshire Evening News, The, 1872 (Leeds); Yorkshire Evening Post, The, 1890 (Leeds).

(c) Scotland.

Aberdeen Free Press, The, 1853; Dundee Advertiser, The, 1801; Inverness Courier, The, 1817 (twice weekly); Scotsman, The, 1817 (Edinburgh).

(d) Ireland.

Cork Examiner, The, 1840; Irish Times, The, 1859 (Dublin); Northern Whig, The, 1824 (Belfast).


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W. R. C.

[This bibliography is the work of the late W. R. Credland, for many years deputy chief librarian of Manchester.]