The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIV. The Victorian Age, Part Two.

VIII. The Literature of Science



This bibliography is intended only to indicate the sources of information on the general history of mathematics and physics during the period and to refer to the more important works, without attempting a list of references suitable to special or technical histories. And, in accordance with the plan of the work, books by living writers are, as a rule, omitted.

(a). Books and Articles dealing generally with Scientific Work and Discovery

On scientific writers in the last half of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century: Brougham, Henry, lord, Lives of Men of … Science of the time of George III, 1845.

On the history of the steam-engine: see the article in The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edn. vol. XV.

On the history of optical discoveries from the time of Sir Isaac Newton to about 1850; Brewster, Sir D., Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton, 2 vols., 1855.

On the history of astronomy during this period: Herschel, Sir John, Outlines of Astronomy, 7th edn., 1864; Berry, A., History of Astronomy, 1898; Ball, Sir R. S., The Story of the Heavens, 1892; Clerke, A. M., History of Astronomy during the nineteenth century, 2nd edn., 1887, and Modern Cosmogonies, 1905.

On the general progress in physical science during the first half of the nineteenth century to about 1875: Nichol, John Pringle (1804–1859). A Cyclopaedia of the Physical Sciences, 1857; see, also, Gilfillan, G., Galleries of Literary Portraits, 2 vols., Edinburgh, 1857; Herschel, Sir John F. W., Familiar Lectures on Scientific Subjects, 1867, and Tait, P. G., Recent Advances in Physical Science, 1876; and, on the progress in later times, Whetham, W. C. D., Recent Developments of Physical Science, 1904.

On theories of the ether with special reference to optics and electricity: Whittaker, E. T., History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity, Dublin, 1910.

As indicating the normal instruction given in elementary pure mathematics, reference may be made, for the early Victorian years, to the textbooks by Peacock, G., for the middle of the period, to those by Todhunter, I., and, for later years, to those by Smith, C. and to Casey’s Sequel to Euclid’s Elements.

(b). Works dealing with the Discoveries of some of the more prominent Mathematicians and Physicists of this Period

Adams, J. C. Scientific Papers. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1896–1900.

Airy, Sir G. B. Autobiography. Cambridge, 1896.

Babbage, Charles (1792–1871). Passages from the Life of a Philosopher. 1864.

Ball, Sir R. S. The Theory of Screws. Cambridge, 1900.

Boole, G. Mathematical Analysis of Logic. Cambridge, 1847.

—— An Investigation of the Laws of Thought. 1854.

—— Differential Equations. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1859–65.

—— Calculus of Finite Differences. Cambridge, 1860.

Booth, James (1806–1878). A Treatise on Some New Geometrical Methods. 1873–7.

Bradley, J. Miscellaneous Works and Correspondence. 2 vols. Oxford, 1832, 1833.

Brewster, Sir David (1781–1868). Treatise on Optics. 1831.

Cavendish, H. Electrical Researches. Cambridge, 1879. [A supplementary volume of papers is in preparation.]

Cayley, A. Collected Papers. 14 vols. Cambridge, 1889–98.

Clifford, William Kingdon (1845–1879). Lectures and Essays. Ed. Pollock, F., and Stephen, L. 1879.

—— Mathematical Papers. Ed. Tucker, R. and Smith, H. J. S. 1882.

—— The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences. Ed. Pearson, K. 1885.

Dalton, J. Memoirs, etc. 1856.

Darwin, Sir G. H. Scientific Papers. 5 vols. Cambridge, 1907–16.

De Morgan, A. Memoir by his Wife. 1882.

Faraday, M. Life and Letters. 2 vols. 1870.

—— Experimental Researches in Electricity. 3 vols. 1839–55.

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—— Systems of Rays. Dublin, 1828–33.

—— Elements of Quaternions. 2 vols. 1866.

Herschel, Sir W. Scientific Papers. 2 vols. 1912.

Huggins, Sir William (1824–1910). Scientific Papers. 1909.

Hutton, Charles (1737–1823). For works see D. of N. B.

Joly, C. J. (1864–1906). A Manual of Quaternions. 1905.

Joule, J. P. Scientific Papers. 2 vols. 1884–7.

Kelvin, Lord. Mathematical and Physical Papers. 6 vols. Cambridge, 1882–1911.

—— Baltimore Lectures. 1904.

Lardner, Dionysius (1793–1859). Lectures on the Steam Engine. 1828.

—— ed. The Cabinet Cyclopedia, 133 vols. 1829–46.

MacCullagh, J. Collected Works. Dublin, 1880.

Maclaurin, C. Geometria Organica. 1720.

—— Algebra, 4th edn. 1796.

—— Treatise on Fluxions. 2nd edn. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1801.

Maxwell, J. Clerk, Life of. 1882.

—— The Theory of Heat. 1871.

—— Matter and Motion. 1876.

—— Electricity and Magnetism. 2 vols. 3rd edn. Cambridge, 1904.

—— Scientific Papers. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1890.

Priestley, J. For full bibliography, see D. of N. B.

Routh, E. J. Analytical Statics. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1891–2.

—— Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies. 8th edn. 1892.

Rumford, Count. Works. 6 vols. Boston, 1870–5.

Salmon, G. Conic Sections. 6th edn. Dublin, 1879.

—— Higher Plane Curves. 3rd edn. Dublin, 1879.

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—— Higher Algebra. 4th edn. Dublin, 1885.

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Sylvester, J. J. Collected Papers. 4 vols. Cambridge, 1904–12.

Tait, P. G. Scientific Papers. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1898–1900.

—— Life and Works. Cambridge, 1911.

Thompson, B., see Rumford, Count.

Thomson, Sir W., see Kelvin, Lord.

Thomson, W. and Tait, P. G. Natural Philosophy. Oxford, 1873.

Tyndall, J. Heat as a Mode of Motion. 3rd edn. 1868.

—— Sound. 1867.

Wheatstone, Sir C. Scientific Papers. 1879.

Whewell, W. Writings and Correspondence. 1876.

—— Life and Letters. 1881.

Young, T. Lectures on Natural Philosophy and the Mechanical Arts. 2 vols. 1807.

—— Miscellaneous Works and Life. 3 vols. 1855.



Black, Joseph. Experiments upon Magnesia Alba, Quick-Lime, and other Alcaline Substances. 1755. Republished in 1893 as no. 1 of Alembic Club Reprints. Edinburgh, Clay, Wm. F.

—— Lectures on the Elements of Chemistry. Edinburgh, 1803.

Cavendish, Henry. Experiments on Air. Philos. Transactions. 1784–5.

Republished as no. 3 of Alembic Club Reprints. Edinburgh, 1893.

Couper, A. S. On a new chemical theory. Philosophical Magazine. 1858.

Dalton, John. A New System of Chemical Philosophy. Pts. I and II. Manchester, 1808–10.

—— Meteorological Observations and Essays. Manchester, 1834 (2nd edn). Extracts from the New System, together with memoirs by Avogadro, Gay-Lussac, Thomson and Wollaston form nos. 2 and 4 of Alembic Club Reprints, Edinburgh, 1893.

Memoirs of the Life and Scientific Researches of John Dalton, by Henry, W. C. 1854.

Daniell, J. F. An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy, being a preparatory view of the forces which concur in the production of chemical phenomena. 1839.

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Fragmentary Remains. Ed. Davy, J. 1858.

—— Outlines of a course of lectures on chemical philosophy. 1804.

Davy’s memoirs, “The decomposition of the fixed alkalis and alkaline earths,” and “The elementary nature of chlorine,” are rptd. as nos. 6 and 9 of Alembic Club Reprints, Edinburgh, 1894.

Humphry Davy, poet and philosopher, by Thorpe, T. E. 1896.

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Frankland, Sir Edward. Lecture notes for Chemical Students. 1866.

—— Experimental researches in pure, applied, and physical Chemistry. 1877.

Graham, Thomas. Elements of Chemistry. 1842.

—— Chemical and physical researches (collected edn.). Edinburgh, 1876.

Mansfield, C. B. (1819–1855). The Theory of Salts. 1865.

Newlands, J. A. R. Relations between the equivalents of the Elements. Chemical News, 1863, 1864, 1865.

—— On the discovery of the periodic law, and on relations among the atomic weights. 1884.

Perkin, Sir William Henry. The history of alizarin and allied colouring matters, and their production from coal-tar. 1879.

—— Rotatory polarisation by chemical substances under magnetic influence. Chem. Soc. Journal. 1882, 1884.

Priestley, Joseph. Experiments and Observations on different kinds of air. 3 vols. 1775–7.

—— Continuation of above. 2 vols. 1779–81.

—— Memoirs to the year 1795; written by himself; with a continuance to the time of his decease by his son Joseph Priestley. 1809.

Prout, William. On the relations between the specific gravities of bodies in their gaseous state and the weights of their atoms. Thomson’s Annals of Philosophy. 1815, 1816.

—— An attempt to establish the principles of chemistry by experiment. 1825.

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—— Etherification. Philosophical Magazine. 1850.

—— Constitution of Salts. Chem. Soc. Journal. 1851.

Wollaston, William Hyde. On super-acid and sub-acid salts. Philosophical Transactions. 1808.

Rptd. in no. 2 of Alembic Club Reprints, Edinburgh, 1899.


(a.) Particular Writers

For earlier writers on science see, ante, bibliography to Chap. XV, Vol. VIII.

Ashmole, Elias. Memoirs … drawn up by himself by way of diary; with an appendix of original letters. 1717.

Babington, William. A systematic arrangement of minerals … reduced to the form of tables. 1795.

—— A new System of Mineralogy in the form of a Catalogue, after the manner of Baron Born’s systematic catalogue of the collection of fossils of Eléonore de Raab. 1799.

—— A catalogue … of the genuine and valuable collection of minerals of a gentleman deceased. 1805.

Balfour, Francis Maitland. A treatise on Comparative Embryology. 2 vols. 1880, 81.

Banks, Sir Joseph. A collection of plants engraved under the direction of Sir J. B.: with the name of the plant supplied in MS. at foot of every plate. 3 vols. L. P. [1800?]. [B. M. press mark 10. Tab. 42.]

—— A short account of the cause of the disease in corn called by farmers the blight, the mildew and the rust. 1805. Re-edited with marginal annotations pointing out a remedy … by an Agriculturist F. R. S. and F. S. A. [Hammer, Sir Thomas]. 1807.

Catalogue of Books brought from Iceland and given to the British Museum by Joseph Banks, Esq. [1778]. [In MS. throughout; B. M. press mark 980. h. 32.]

Maiden, J. H. Sir Joseph Banks: the Father of Australia. 1909.

Smith, E. The Life of Sir Joseph Banks. 1911.

Bell, Sir Charles (1774–1842). A proposal submitted to the consideration of the managers of the Royal Infirmary, for the establishment of a Museum, etc. Edinburgh, 1804.

—— The Hand; its mechanism and vital endowments as evincing design. (Bridgewater treatise IV.) 1833.

Bentham, Jeremy. See, ante, bibliography to Chap. III, Vol. XI.

Berkeley, Miles Joseph. Phytophthora infestans. 1846.

—— Outlines of British Fungology; containing characters of above a thousand species of Fungi, and a complete list of all that have been described as natives of the British Isles. 1860.

—— Handbook of British Mosses. 1863.

Binney, Edward William. Observations on the Structure of Fossil Plants found in the carboniferous strata. [With twenty-four plates.] (Palaeontographical Society.) 1848.

Bradley, Richard. For works see D. of N. B.

Brown, Robert. The Miscellaneous Botanical Works of R. B. 2 vols. 1846, 7.

Buckland, Francis Trevelyan (1826–1880). Notes on Seal Fisheries. (Sketches in Natural History with reference to the Fur Trade.) [1874?]

—— Natural History papers, etc. 1877.

Buckland, William. Reliquiae Diluvianae; or, observations on the organic remains contained in caves, fissures and diluvial gravel. 1823.

Carpenter, William Benjamin. Principles of general and comparative Physiology. 1839.

—— Principles of Human Physiology. Second edn. 1844.

—— Zoology. New edn. revised by Dallas, W. S. (Bohn’s Scientific library.) 1847.

Chambers, Robert. See, ante, bibliography to Chap. III, Vol. XIV.

Curtis, William. Practical observations on the British grasses best adapted to the laying down, or improving of meadows and pastures. To which is added an enumeration of the British grasses. Second edn. with additions. 1790.

—— Lectures on Botany. 1805.

Darwin, Charles Robert. Journal of Researches into the Geology and Natural History of the various countries visited by H.M.S. Beagle. 1839.

—— The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. Being the first part of the Geology of the Voyage of the Beagle … 1832 to 1836. 1842.

—— On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. 1859.

The Foundations of the Origin of Species. Two essays written in 1842 and 1844 by C. D. Ed. by his son Darwin, Sir Francis. Cambridge, 1909.

—— The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication.… 2 vols. 1868.

—— The Descent of Man, and selection in relation to sex.… 2 vols. 1871.

—— The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.… 1872.

—— Formation of Vegetable Mould through the action of Worms. 1881.

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Order of the Proceedings at the Darwin Celebration held at Cambridge, June 22–24, 1909. Cambridge, 1909.

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—— Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species: addresses, etc., in America and England in the year of the two anniversaries. 1909.

Darwin, Erasmus. See, ante, bibliography to Chap. VIII, Vol. XI.

De la Beche, Sir Henry Thomas. A Geological Manual. 1831.

—— Researches in theoretical Geology. 1834.

—— Report on the Geology of Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset. 1839.

Dillenius, Joannes Jacobus. Catalogus plantarum circa Gissam sponte nascentium. 1718.

—— Hortus Elthamensis. 1732.

—— Historia Muscorum … cum appendice et indice synonymorum. Oxford, 1741.

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—— Some considerations on the causes of Earthquakes. 1750.

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A Catalogue of British flowering plants and ferns, included in Dr. Hooker’s British Flora. [1835.]

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See, also, under Willughby, Francis.

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Also translations of many of the works of Linnaeus.

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