The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIV. The Victorian Age, Part Two.

X. Anglo-Indian Literature



No bibliography of the subject as a whole exists. Two useful lists of books are the bibliography on pp. 471–494 of the Dictionary of Indian Biography by Buckland, C. E., 1906, and that on pp. xxvii–xlvii of Hobson-Jobson, by Yule and Burnett, 1886.

The India Office Library Catalogue is not as useful as it might be. The library’s collection of Anglo-Indian writings, especially early editions, leaves much to be desired.

The Calcutta Review, especially in its earlier years, contains valuable notices of many Anglo-Indian writers, but it does not begin before 1844. A Sketch of Anglo-Indian Literature by Oaten, E. F., 1908, contains a brief account of Anglo-Indian fiction, poetry and belles lettres, with a list of books. Chapter XV of A Literary History of India (The Fusing Point of Old and New), by Frazer, R. W., 1898, contains an account of the progress of English as a language for Indian writers. Sketches of Some Distinguished Anglo-Indians by Laurie, W. F. B., 1877, contains an account of Anglo-Indian periodical literature. Separate lives have been written of many of the writers of the above list.


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