The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIV. The Victorian Age, Part Two.

XIII. South African Poetry


Mendelssohn, Sidney. South African Bibliography. 2 vols. 1910.

Includes books relating to South Africa. In the classified lists in vol. II (pp. 295 ff.) sections are devoted to Fiction, Plays, Poetry, etc.

A large proportion of the South African contributions to English literature made their first appearance in journals and newspapers such as The Cape Monthly Magazine, 1857–1881, The South African Magazine, 1867–9, and The Cape Argus, 1857 to date. Many of these pieces have not been republished in book form, but representative selections are contained in the following anthologies:

Klaas Gezwint en zijn Paert. 1884.

The Poetry of South Africa, collected and arranged by A. Wilmot. 1887.

A Treasury of South African Poetry and Verse, collected and arranged by Edward Heath Crouch. 1907. 2nd edn. 1908.

Alfred Henry Haynes Bell

Lochow, and other offerings in verse. Cape Town, 1884.

Hymn of the Redemption, and other poems. Cape Town, 1897.

John Centlivres Chase

The Cape of Good Hope and the Eastern Province of Algoa Bay. With statistics of the colony. 1843.

Fydell Edmund Garrett (1865–1907)

The Story of an African Crisis (the Jameson Raid). By Garrett, F. E. and Edwards, E. J. 1897.

Arthur Vine Hall

Poems. (1889).

“Table Mountain”: pictures with pen and camera. Cape Town (1896). 3rd edn. Cape Town (1902).

My Boer Host, and other songs of south Africa. Cape Town, 1900.

George Longmore

Byzantium: a poem. Cape Town, 1855.

The Pilgrims of Faith, in three cantos: with minor poems. Cape Town, 1860.

Donald Moodie (d. 1861)

The Record, or a series of official papers relating to the condition and treatment of the Native Tribes of South Africa. Cape Town, 1838–41.

South African Annals, 1652–1795. Chaps. I and II. Pietermaritzburg, 1855.

Duncan Campbell Francis Moodie

Southern Songs. 3rd edn. Cape Town, 1887.

The history of the Battles and Adventures of the British, the Boers, and the Zulus, etc., in Southern Africa, from the time of Pharaoh Necho to 1880. 2 vols. Cape Town, 1888.

Thomas Pringle

The Autumnal Excursion, or Sketches in Teviotdale; with other poems. Edinburgh, 1819.

Some account of the present state of the English settlers in Albany, South Africa. 1824.

Ephemerides; or occasional pieces. 1828.

African Sketches. 1834.

Narrative of a residence in South Africa. With a biographical sketch by J. Conder. 1835.

Poetical works; with a sketch of his life by Leitch Ritchie. 1838.

Afar in the Desert: and other South African poems. With a memoir and notes by J. Noble. 1881.

William Charles Scully

The Wreck of the Grosvenor, and other South African poems. South Africa, 1886. (Anon.)

Poems. 1892.

Kafir Stories. 1895.

The White Hecatomb, and other stories. 1897.

A Vendetta of the Desert. 1898.

Between Sun and Sand: a tale of an African Desert. 1898.

By Veldt and Kopje. 1907.

William Selwyn

Cape Carols and Miscellaneous Verses. Cape Town, 1891.

William Rodger Thomson (d. 1867)

Poems, Essays, and Sketches. With a memoir. Cape Town, 1867.

Egidius Benedictus Watermeyer

Three lectures on the Cape of Good Hope under the government of the Dutch East India Company. Cape Town, 1857.

Selections from the writings of E. B. Watermeyer, with a brief sketch of his life. Cape Town, 1877.