The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XV. Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; Early National Literature, Part I.

I. Travellers and Explorers, 1583–1763


Compiled by George Parker Winship and Maude E. C. Covell of the John Carter Brown Library, Providence.

The anonymous titles are entered first, in chronological order; the others alphabetically by the author’s name. Separate editions and reprints are listed so far as found. Excerpts and condensed reprints are not included. See. also, Bibliography to Book I, Chapter II.

A True and Sincere declaration of the purpose and ends of the Plantation begun in Virginia. London, 1610.

A True declaration of the estate of the Colonie in Virginia, with a confutation of such scandalous reports as haue tended to the disgrace of so worthy an enterprise. London, 1610.

A Relation of the Successfull Beginnings of the Lord Baltemore’s Plantation in Mary-land. Being an extract of certaine Letters written from thence, by some of the Adventurers to their friends in England. London, 1634. Albany, 1865, Mayer, Brantz, ed. [Sometimes attributed to Cornelius Calvert. Substantially the same as A briefe relation of the voyage unto Maryland by Andrew White.]

A Relation of Maryland; Together, With a Map of the Countrey, The Conditions of Plantation, His Majesties Charter to the Lord Baltemore, translated into English. London, 1635. New York, 1865, Hawks, F.L., ed. 1910, Hall, C. C., ed. In Narratives of Early Maryland, 1633–1684. [Apparently a revision and enlargement of A Relation of the successfull beginnings of the Lord Baltemore’s plantation in Mary-land. London, 1634. See, also, White, Andrew.]

A Brief Description of the Province of Carolina on the Coasts of Floreda. And more perticularly of a New-Plantation begun by the English at Cape Feare … the 29th of May, 1664. London, 1666. New York, 1836. In Carroll, B. R., Historical Collections. Vol. 2.

A further account of New Jersey, in an Abstract of Letters lately writ from thence, by several inhabitants there resident [Signed by Richard Hartshorne and others]. Printed in the year 1676. Reprinted by Brinton Cox. London, 1878. Facsimile by Burt, A. A.

An Abstract or Abbreviation of some few of the many (Later and Former) Testimonys from the inhabitants of New Jersey, and other eminent persons, who have wrote particularly concerning that Place. London, 1681.

A Journal of the Proceedings in the Late Expedition to Port-Royal, on Board their Majesties Ship, the Six Friends, The Honourable Sir William Phipps Knight, Commander in Chief, etc. Boston, 1690.

A Description of the Golden Islands, With an account of the Undertaking now on foot for making a settlement there. London, 1720.

A Description of the famous New Colony of Georgia in South Carolina. Dublin, 1734.

A New Voyage to Georgia. By a Young Gentleman. Giving an Account of his Travels to South Carolina, and Part of North Carolina. [1733–34.] London, 1735, 1737. Savannah, 1842. Georgia Historical Society Collections. Vol. 2.

A Description of Georgia, by a Gentleman who has resided there upwards of seven years, and was one of the first settlers. London, 1741. Washington, 1837. Force Tracts. Vol. 2. No. 12.

Inconveniencies that have happened to some persons which have transported themselves from England to Virginia. London, 1622.

Alexander, William. An Encouragement to Colonies. London, 1624, 1625. With title: The Mapp and Description of New England. London, 1630.

Edinburgh, 1867, Laing, D., ed. Royal Letters. (Bannatyne Club.

Alsop, George. A Character of the Province of Maryland … Together with a collection of Historical Letters. London, 1666. New York, 1869, Shea, J.G., ed. Baltimore, 1880, Maryland Historical Society Fund Publications, No. 15. Cleveland, 1902. New York, 1910. Hall, C. C., ed. In Narratives of Early Maryland, 1633–1684.

Archdale, John. A New Description of that Fertile and Pleasant Province of Carolina: with a brief account of its Discovery, Settling, and the Government thereof to this time. London, 1707. Charleston, S.C., 1822. New York, 1836, Carroll, B.R., ed. In Historical Collections of South Carolina, Vol. 2.

Archer, Gabriel. The Relation of Captaine Gosnols Voyage to the North part of Virginia, begunne the sixe and twentieth of March, Anno 42. Elizabethæ Reginæ 1602, and deliuered by Gabriel Archer, a Gentleman in the said Voyage. London, 1625. In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4; Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 18.

Travellers and Explorer

—— A Letter of M. Gabriel Archar, touching the Voyage of the Fleet of Ships, which arriued at Virginia, without Sir Tho. Gates, and Sir George Svmmers, 1609. London, 1625. In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4; Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 19.

Argall, Samuel. The Voyage of Captaine Samvel Argal, from Iames Towne in Virginia, to seeke the Ile of Bermuda, and missing the same, his putting ouer toward Sagadahoc and Cape Cod, and so backe againe to Iames Towne, begun the nineteenth of Iune, 1610. London, 1625. In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4. Boston, 1905, Winship, G. P., ed. In Sailors’ Narratives [in part.] Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 19.

—— A Letter of Sir Samuell Argoll touching his Voyage to Virginia, and Actions there; Written to Master Nicholas Hawes. Iune, 1613. London, 1625.

In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4; Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 19.

Ash, Thomas. Carolina; or, A Description of the Present State of that Country, and The Natural Excellencies thereof. By T.A. Gent. Clerk on Board His Majesties Ship the Richmond, which was sent out in the Year 1680. With particular Instructions to enquire into the State of that Country, and Return’d this Present Year, 1682. London, 1682. New York, 1836, Carroll, B.R., ed. Historical Collections of South Carolina, Vol. 2.

Ayer, E. E. [Collector.] Narratives of Captivity among the Indians of North America. A List of Books and Manuscripts on this Subject in the Edward E. Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library. Chicago, 1912.

Bailey, Joseph. God’s Wonders in the Great Deep: or, a Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Brigantine Alida and Catharine, Joseph Bailey, Master, on the 27th of December, 1749, bound from New York for Antigua. Wherein, the Wonderful Mercy of the Divine Providence is display’d, in the Preservation of the said Master, with all his men, from the time of the said vessel’s oversetting, to the time of their being taken up by a Vessel bound from Boston for Surranam, on the 3d of January following; all which Time, being seven Nights, they were in the most imminent Danger and Distress. New York, 1750. Boston, 1750.

Barnard, John. Ashton’s Memorial: Or, An Authentick Account of The Strange Adventures and Signal Deliverances of Mr. Philip Ashton; who, After he had made his Escape from the Pirates, liv’d alone on a desolate Island for about 16 Months, etc. Boston, 1725. London, 1726.

Bartram, John. Observations on the Inhabitants, Climate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other matters worthy of Notice. Made.… In his Travels from Pensilvania to Onondago, Oswego and the Lake Ontario, in Canada. To which is annex’d, a curious account of the Cataracts at Niagara. By Peter Kalm, a Swedish Gentleman who travelled there. London, 1751.

[Berkeley, Sir William.] A Discourse and View of Virginia. London, 1663. Norwalk, Conn., 1914. Smith, W.H., Jr., ed.

—— A Perfect Description of Virginia:.… Being sent from Virginia, at the request of a Gentleman of worthy note, who desired to know the true State of Virginia as it now stands. London, 1649. Washington, 1838. Force Tracts. Vol. 2. No. 8.

Beyard, Nicholas, and Lodowick, Charles. A Narrative of an Attempt made by the French of Canada upon the Mohaques Country.… To which is added, An Account of the present State and Strength of Canada, given by two Dutch-men, who have been Prisoners there, and now made their escape.… A Journal kept by Coll. Nicholas Beyard and Lieut. Coll. Charles Lodwick, who attended his Excellency in this Expedition. New York, 1693. [Variant title: A Journal of the Late Actions of the French. London, 1693.] New York, 1868, 1903 (Facsimile, Hasse, A. R., ed.)

Bland, Edward. The Discovery of Nevv Brittaine. Began August 27. Anno Dom. 1650. By Edward Bland, Merchant. Abraham Woode, Captaine. Sackford Brewster, Elias Pennant, Gentlemen. From Fort Henry, at the head of Appamattuck River in Virginia, to the Fals of Blandina, first River in New Brittaine, which runneth West; being 120 Mile South-west, between 35 and 37 degrees, (a pleasant Country,) of temperate Ayre, and fertile Soyle. London, 1651. New York, 1873.

Bownas, Samuel. God’s Mercy surmounting Man’s Cruelty; Exemplified in the Captivity and Redemption of Elizabeth Hanson, wife of John Hanson, of Knoxmarsh at Keacheachy, in Dover Township, who was taken Captive with her Children and Maid-Servant, by the Indians in New England, in the year 1724. In which are inserted, Sundry remarkable Preservations, De-liverances, and Marks of the Care and Kindness of Providence over her and her Children, worthy to be remembered. The Substance of which was taken from her own Mouth, and now published for a general Service. Philadelphia 1728, 1754. London, 1760. Danvers, 1780. London, 1782, 1787. Stam-ford, N. Y., 1803. London, [c.1820?]. Dover, N.H., 1824.

Brereton, John. A Briefe and true Relation of the Discoverie of the North part of Virginia;.… Made this present yeare 1602, by Captaine Bartholomew Gosnold, Captaine Bartholomew Gilbert, and divers other gentlemen by permission of Sir Walter Raleigh. London, 1602. 2d imp. 1602. London, 1625. (Purchas, Vol. 4). Boston, 1843. Mass. Hist. Soc. Collections. 3d 1902. In The Bibliographer, Vol. I. New York, 1903, facsimile. Boston, 1905, Winship, G. P., ed. In Sailors’ Narratives. Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 18.

Brown, Alexander. The Genesis of the United States. A Narrative of the Movement in England, 1605–1616, which resulted in the plantation of North America by Englishmen, disclosing the contest between England and Spain for the possession of the soil now occupied by the United States of America; set forth through a series of Historical Manuscripts now first printed. 2 vols. Boston and New York, 1891.

Budd, Thomas, Good order established in Pennsilvama & New-Jersey in America, Being a true Account of the Country; With its Produce and Commodities there made. Philadelphia, 1685. New York, 1865, Armstrong, Edward G., ed. Cleveland, 1902. Shepard, Frederick J., ed.

[Byrd, William]. Neu-gefundenes Eden. Oder Aussfuhrlicher Bericht von Sudund Nord-Carolina, Pensilphania, Mary Land & Virginia. Befelch der Helvetischen Societat, 1737.

—— Westover Manuscripts: containing the History of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina: A Journey to the land of Eden, A. D. 1733. Written from 1728 to 1736. Petersburg [Va.], 1841. Richmond, 1866, Wynne, T.H., ed. 2 vols. Title: The History of the Dividing Line

—— The Writings of “Colonel William Byrd of Westover in Virginia Esqr.” Edited by Bassett, J. S. 1901.

Calvert, Cornelius. See A Relation of the Successfull Beginnings of the Lord Baltemore’s Plantation in Mary-land.

Canner, Thomas. A Relation of the Voyage made to Virginia, in the Elizabeth of London, a Barke fiftie tunnes by Captaine Bartholomew Gilbert, in the yeere 1603. Written by Master Thomas Canner a Gentleman of Bernards Inne his companion in the same Voyage. London, 1625. In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4; Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publication. Pur-chas. Vol. 18.

Clayton, John. A Letter from Mr. John Clayton … May 12, 1688, giving an account of several Observables in Virginia, and in his voyage thither. In Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1694–5. Vols. 17 and 18. London, 1707, 1708, 1727. Washington, 1844. Force Tracts, Vol. 3. No. 12.

Coxe, Daniel. A Description of the English Province of Carolana. By the Spaniards call’d Florida, and by the French La Louisiane. As also of the Great and Famous River Meschacebe or Mississipi, The Five vast Navigable Lakes of Fresh Water, and the Parts Adjacent. London, 1722, 1726, 1727, 1741. St. Louis, 1840. Philadelphia, 1850. French, B.F., ed. Historical Collections of Louisiana. Pt. II.

[Crafford, John.] A New and Most Exact Account of the fertile and famous Colony of Carolina.… The whole being a compendious account of a voyage made by an ingenious person, begun Oct. 1682, and finished 1683. Dublin, 1683.

Curwen, Alice. A Relation of the Labour, Travail and Suffering of that faithful Servant of the Lord Alice Curwen. Who departed this Life the 7th Day of the 6th Moneth, 1679. Printed, 1680.

Cushman, Robert. A Sermon preached at Plimmouth in Nevv-England December 9, 1621. Together with a Preface, Shewing the state of the Country, and Condition of the Savages. London, 1622. With new title: The Sin and Danger of Self-Love described. 2d ed. Boston, 1724. Plymouth, 1785. [Some copies M DCC LXXXVIII. The true date of issue is 1785.] For nineteenth century reprints see Sabin, Vol. v, Nos. 18134 and 18135.

Dankers, Jasper, and Sluyter, Peter. Journal of a Voyage to New York and a Tour in several of the American colonies, 1679–8o. Brooklyn, 1867, Murphy, H. C., tr. In Memoirs of Long Island Hist. Soc. Vol. I. New York, 1913. James, B.B., and Jameson, J. F., ed.

[Davies, James.] A Relation of a Voyage to Sagadahoe now first printed from the Original Manuscript in the Lambeth Palace Library. Edited with Preface Notes … by the Rev. B.F. DeCosta. Cambridge, 188o. Boston, 1881, In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. for May, 188o. Portland, Me., 1892, Thayer, H.O., ed. The Sagadahoc Colony. (Gorges Soc. Pub. No. 4.) [This edition has a new title: The Relation of a Voyage unto New England began from the Lizard, ye first of June, 1607.] Boston, 1905. Winship, G. P., ed. In Sailors’ Narratives.

Dean, Jaspar. A Narrative of the Sufferings, Preservation, and Deliverance of Capt. John Dean and Company; In the Nottingham-Galley of London, cast away on Boon-Island, near New England, December, [II, 1710. London, cast [1711.] With new title; A sad … account of the … sufferings of Capt. John Dean. London, 1711. With orginial title, Boston, 1711. London, 1722. With new title: A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Notting-ham-Galley. London, 1726, 1727, 1730, 1738, 1762 (5th ed.) Boston, 1762(5th ed.).

Delaware, Lord. The Relation of the Right Honourable the Lord De-La-Warre, Lord Gouernour and Captaine Generall of the Colonie, planted in Virginia. London, 1611, 1625. [In Purchas His Pilgrimes, Vol. 4], 1858. New York, 1867. In Facsimile for Griswold, A. W. Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications, Purchas, Vol. 19.

Denton, Daniel. A Brief Description of New York: Formerly called New Netherlands. With the places thereunto adjoining. Together with the Manner of its Scituation, Fertility of the Soyle, Healthfulness of the Climate. and the Commodities thence produced … Likewise A Brief Relation of the Customs of the Indians there. London, 1670. New York, 1845, Furman, G., ed. Philadelphia, 1845. Pennington, J., ed. Cleveland, 1902. Neumann, F., ed.

Dermer, Thomas. To his Workshipfull Friend M. Samuel Pvrchas, Preacher of the Word, at the Church a little within Ludgate, London. London, 1625. In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4. Boston, 1905, Winship, G. P., ed. In Sailors’ Narratives.

Dickinson, Jonathan. God’s Protecting Providence Man’s Surest Help and Defence … Evidenced in the Remarkable Deliverance Of divers Persons, From the devouring Waves of the Sea, amongst which they Suffered Shipwrack. And also From the more cruelly devouring jawes of the inhumane Canibals of Florida. Philadelphia, 1699. London, 1700, 1720, (3d ed.). Philadelphia, 1735, 1751. (4th ed.). London, 1759 (4th and 5th ed.). London, 1787, 1790. Stanford, N. Y., 1803. Salem, O., 1826. Shinn, J., ed.

[Dudley, Thomas.] Massachusetts or the first Planters of New-England, The End and Manner of their coming thither, and Abode there: In several Epistles to the Countess of Lincoln. Boston, 1696. Boston, 1802. In Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. ser. I. Vol. 8. Concord, 1834. In New Hampshire Hampshire Hist. Soc. Coll. Vol. 4. Washington, 1838. Force Tracts. Vol. 2., No. 4. Rochester, 1898. American Colonial Tracts. Vol. 2., No. 4.

—— John Dunton’s Letters from New England. Publications of the Prince Society. Whitmore, W. H. ed. Boston, 1867.

Greenough, C.N. John Dunton’s Letters from New England. Pub. Col. Soc. Mass. Vol. XIV (1913), pp. 213–257. (The letters are shown to be wholly untrustworthy.)

Eastburn, Robert. A Faithful Narrative of the many Dangers and Sufferings, as well as wonderful and surprising Deliverances of Robert Eastburn, during his late captivity among the Indians. Together with some remarks upon the country of Canada. Philadelphia, 1758. Boston, 1758. Philadelphia, 1828, Green, A., ed. In Memoirs of Rev. Joseph Eastburn, also pub. Hartford, 1843. Cleveland, 1904, Spears, J.R., ed.

Edmundson, William. A Journal of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, and Labour of Love In the Work of the Ministry. London, 1713, 1715. Dublin, 1715. London, 1774, 1777. Dublin, 1820. London, 1829. Lindfield, 1833, 1837, Allen, W., ed. Philadelphia, 1838.

Evelyn, Robert. Direction for Adventurers, and true description of the healthiest, pleasantest, and richest Plantation of New Albion, in North Virginia, in a letter from Mayster Robert Eveline that lived there many years. See, Plantagenet, Beauchamp.

The Expedition of Major General Braddock to Virginia; with the Two Regiments of Hacket and Dunbar. Being Extracts of Letters from an Officer in one of those Regiments to his Friends in London, describing the March and Engagement in the Woods. Together With many little Incidents, giving A lively Idea of the Nature of the Country, Climate, and Manner in which the Officers and Soldiers lived; also the Difficulties they went through in that Wilderness. London, 1755.

Force, Peter. Tracts and other Papers, relating principally to the Origin, Settlement, and Progress of the Colonies in North America, From the Discovery of the Country to the Year 1776. 4 vols. Washington, 1836–1846. The first eighteen tracts were reprinted at Rochester, N. Y., 1897–98, as American Colonial Tracts. Humphrey, G. P., ed.

Fox, George. A Journal or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, … of … George Fox. London, 1694, 1709, 1765. New York, 1800. Philadelphia, 1808. London, 1827. Philadelphia and New York, 1831. Philadelphia, 1832. Leeds, 1836. London, 1852. Cambridge, Eng., 1911. Penny, N., ed. [From MSS.]

Foxe, Luke. North-VVest Fox, or, Fox from the North-west-passage. Beginning with King Arthur, Malga, Octhur, the two Zeni’s of Iseland, Estotiland, and Dorgia; Following with briefe Abstracts of the Voyages of Cabot, Frobisher, Davis, Waymouth, Knight, Hudson, Button, Gibbons, Bylot, Baffin, Hawkridge: Together with … Mr. Iames Hall’s three Voyages to Groynland, with a Topographicall description of the Countries, the Salvages lives and Treacheries, how our Men have been slayne by them there, with the Commodities of all those parts; … With the Author his owne Voyage, being the XVIth. London, 1635, London, 1894, Christy, M., ed. Hakluyt Society Publications. 2 vols.

Frame, Richard. A Short Description of Pennsylvania; or, A Relation what things are known, enjoyed and like to be discovered in the said province. Philadelphia, 1692. Philadelphia, 1867. Jones, H. G., ed.

G., L. A Journal of the Taking of Cape Breton, Put in Metre, by L. G., one of the Soldiers of the Expedition. Broadside. 1745.

G., R. Virginia’s Cure; or, An Advisive Narrative concerning Virginia.… Now publish’d to further the Welfare of that and like Plantations. London, 1662. Washington, 1844. Force Tracts. Vol. 3. No. 15.

Gorges, Sir Ferdinando. America Painted to the Life. A True History of the Originall undertakings of the advancement of Plantations into those parts, with a perfect relation of our English Discoveries, shewing their beginning, progress, and continuance, from the Year, 1628 to 1658. London, 1658. (Part III of Gorges, America Painted to the Life, London, 1659, which contains, as Part II, Gorges, A Briefe Narration of the Originall Undertakings, 1658.)

—— A Briefe Narration of the Originall Undertakings of the advancement of Plantations into the Parts of America. Especially … New-England. London, 1658. Boston, 1837. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. 3d ser. Vol. 6. Boston, 1890.

Baxter, J. P., ed. Sir Ferdinando Gorges and his Province in Maine. Vol. 2.

Gosnold, Bartholomew. Master Bartholomew Gosnold’s Letter to his Father, touching his first Voyage to Virginia, 1602. London, 1625. Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4. Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 18.

Grantham, Sir Thomas. An Historical Account of some Memorable Actions, perform’d For the Service of his Prince and Countrey. London, 1714, 1716. Richmond, 1882. Brock, R.A., ed.

Guy, John. The beginning of the Patent for New-found-land; and the Plantation there made by the English, 1610, deliuered in a Letter dated thence from M. Gvy, to M. Slany. London, 1625. In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4. Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 19.

Gyles, John. Memoris of Odd Adventures, Strange Deliverances, etc., in the Captivity of John Gyles, Esq., Commander of the Garrison on St. George’s River. [1689.] Boston, 1736. Cincinnati, 1869. Printed for Dodge, W.

Hamilton, Alexander. Hamilton’s Itinerarium being a Narrative of a Journey from Annapolis, Maryland, through Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire from May to September, 1744. St. Louis, 1907. Hart, A.B., ed.

Hammond, John. Leah and Rachel; or, The two fruitfull Sisters Virginia and Maryland. London, 1656. Washington, 1844. Force Tracts. Vol. 3. No. 14. New York, 1910. Hall, C.C., ed. Narratives of Early Maryland 1633–1684.

Hamor, Ralph. A True Discourse of the Present Estate of Virginia, and the successe of the affaires there till the 18 of Iune, 1614. London, 1615. London, 1625. In Purchas His Pilgrimes. Vol. 4. Albany, [1860.] Printed for Barney, C. G. Glasgow, 1906. Hakluyt Society Publications. Purchas. Vol. 19. (In part.)

Hanson, Elizabeth. See, Bownas, Samuel.

Hariot, Thomas. A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia.… Discouered by the English Colony there seated by Sir Richard Greinuile Knight in the yeere 1585. London, 1588. London, 1598, 1809. Hakluyt, R., ed. The Principal Navigations. Vol. 3. London, 1900, Stevens, H., ed. New York, 1903, Livingston, L. S., ed.

—— A second edition, with engraving by Theodore de Bry from drawings made in America. Frankfort, 1590. New York, 1871. Facsimile. Manchester, 1888. London, 1893. Reduced facsimile. Translated into French, 1590; into German, 1590, 1600, 1620; into Latin, 1590, 1608, 1634, all published by de Bry at Frankfort.

Hartwell, Henry, Blair, James, and Chilton, Edward. The Present State of Virginia and the College. London, 1727.

Hayman, Robert. Certaine Epigrams ovt of the first foure Bookes of the Excellent Epigrammatist, Master Iohn Owen: Translated into English at Harbor-Grace in Bristol’s Hope in Britaniola, anciently called New-found-land. London, 1628.

—— Quodlibets, lately come over from New Britaniola, Old Newfound-Land. Epigrams and other Small Parcels, both Morall and Divine. The first foure Bookes being the Author’s owne; the rest Translated out of that Excellent Epigrammatist, Mr. John Owen, and other rare Authors; with two Epistles of that excellently Wittie Doctor, Francis Rablais; … All of them Composed and done at Harbor-Grace in Britaniola, anciently called Newfound-Land. By R.H. Sometimes Governour of the Plantation there. London, 1628.

Hennepin, Louis. A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America, Extending above Four Thousand Miles, between New France and New Mexico. With a description of the Great Lakes, Cataracts, Rivers, Plants, and Animals: To which is added, Several New Discoveries in North America, not publish’d in the French Edition. London, 1698 [2 eds.], 1699, [1720.] Cleveland, 1907. Thwaites, R. G., ed. The original French edition and the various translations are described by Paltsits, V. H., in this edition.
Higginson, Francis. New England’s Plantation. Or, a Short and Trve Description of the Commodities and Discommodities of that Countrey. London, 1630, [3 eds.]. Boston, 1792, 1806. In Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. ser. 1. Vol. 1. Washington, 1835. Force Tracts. Vol. 1. No. 12. Boston, 1846. In Young A., Chronicles of the First Planters. Rochester, 1898, Humphrey, G. P., ed. American Colonial Tracts Monthly, [Vol. 1.] No. 11. Salem, 1908.

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Hilton, William. A Relation of a Discovery lately made on the Coast of Florida. (From Lat. 31 to 33 Deg. 45 Min. North-Lat.) … in the Ship Adventure, which set Sayl from Spikes Bay, Aug. 10, 1663, and was set forth by several Gentlemen and Merchants of the Island of Barbadoes. London, 1664. Washington, 1846. Force Tracts. Vol. 4. No. 2. Charleston, 1885. In Charleston Year Book for 1884. Columbia, S. C., 1907. Courtenay, W. A., ed. The Genesis of South Carolina 1562–1670.

Holme, Benjamin. A Collection of the Epistles and Works of Benjamin Holme. To which is Prefix’d, An Account of his Life and Travels … through several parts of Europe and America. London, 1753, 1754.

How, Nehemiah. A Narrative of the Captivity of Nehemiah How, Who was taken by the Indians at the Great-Meadow Fort above Fort-Dummer, where he was an Inhabitant, October 11th. 1745. Giving an Account of what he met with in his travelling to Canada, and while he was in Prison there. Together with an Account of Mr. How’s Death at Canada. Boston, 1748. Cleveland, 1904. Paltsits, V. H., ed.

Ingram, David. The Relation of Dauid Ingram of Barking, in the Countie of Essex Sayler, of sundry things which he with others did see, in traueiling by land from the most Northerly partes of the Baie of Mexico (where he with many others were set on shoare by Master Hawkins) through a great part of America, vntill he came within fiftie leagues or there abouts of Cape Britton. London, 1589. In Hakluyt, The Principall Navigations. Boston, 1905, Winship, G. P., ed. In Sailors Narratives.

James, Thomas. The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captaine Thomas Iames in his intended Discouery of the Northwest Passage to the South Sea. Wherein the Miseries indvred both Going, Wintering, Returning; and the Rarities obserued, both Philosophicall and Mathematicall, are related in this Iournall of it. London, 1633, 1740 (2d ed. rev.). London, 1704, Churchill, J., ed. Collection of Voyages. Vol. 2. London, 1796, Mavor W., ed. Historical Account of Most Celebrated Voyages. Vol. 3.

[Johnson, Robert.] Nova Britannia: Offring most Excellent fruites by Planting in Virginia. Exciting all such as be well affected to further the same. London, 1609. Washington, 1835. Force Tracts. Vol. 1. No. 6. New York, 1867, Hawks, F. L., ed. [Rochester, 1897], Humphrey, G. P., ed. American Colonial Tracts Monthly. [Vol. 1]. No. 6.

—— The New Life of Virginea … being the Second Part of Noua Britannia. London, 1612. Boston, 1819. In Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. 2d ser. Vol. 8. Washington, 1835. Force Tracts. Vol. 1. No. 7. Rochester, 1897, Humphrey, G. P., ed. American Colonial Tracts Monthly. [Vol. 1.] No. 7.

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