The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XV. Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; Early National Literature, Part I.

II. The Historians, 1607–1783


See, also Bibliography to Book I, Chap. I.

I. Captain John Smith
A. Collected Works

Works. 2 vols. Ed. Arber, E. Birmingham [Eng.], 1884. Westminster [Eng.], 1895. New ed. by Bradley, A. G. Edinburgh, 1910.

Travels of Captain John Smith. 2 vols. Glasgow, 1907. [General History, True Travels.]

Narratives of Early Virginia. Ed. Tyler, L. G., 1907. [True Relation, Map of Virginia, General History, Bk. IV.]

B. Particular Works

A True Relation of Such Occurrences and Accidents of Noate as Hath Hapned in Virginia since the first Planting of that Collony. London, 1608. [3 issues that year.] In Southern Literary Messenger, 1845. Ed. Deane, C., Boston, 1866. New York, 1896. Dutch edition, 1706.

The Historians, 1607–1783

A Map of Virginia, with a Description of the Country. Oxford, 1612. In Purchas, Pilgrimes. London, 1625, vol. 4. Glasgow, 1906, vol. 18.

A Description of New England: Or the Observations, and Discoueries, of Captain Iohn Smith. London, 1616. Boston, 1837. (Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. Ser. 3., vol. 6.) Helsius, Collection of Voyages. Frankfort, 1617. Force, Tracts, vol. 2. Washington, 1838. Ed. Deane, C., Boston, 1865. In Winship, Sailors Narratives. Boston, 1905. Ed. Humphrey, G. P., Rochester, 1898.

New England’s Trials. Declaring the successe of 26 Ships employed thither within these sixe yeares: with the benefit of that Countrey by sea and land. London, 1620. 2d ed. with additions, 1622. Purchas, Pilgrimes. London, 1625, vol. 4; Glasgow, 1906, vol. 19. Force, Tracts, vol. 2. Washington, 1838. Providence, R. I., 1867 (facsimile). Ed. Deane, C., Cambridge, Mass., 1873. Ed. Humphrey, G. P. Rochester, 1898.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: with the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their first beginning An:1584. London, 1624, 1627, 1628, 1632 [2 issues], 1812. [In Pinkerton, Voyages, vol. 13.] Richmond, Va., 1819. In True Travels. New York, 1890.

An Accidence or the Path-way to Experience. Necessary for all Young Sea-men, or those that are desirous to goe to Sea. London, 1626, 1636. As The Seaman’s Grammar, a rev. ed., 1653, 1691, 1692, 1699.

The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captaine Iohn Smith, in Europe, Asia, Affrica, and America, from Anno Domini 1593. to 1629. London, 1630. Already in Purchas, 1625, vol. 2. Leyden, 1706 (in van der Aa, Naaukeurige Versameling), 1727 (in van der Aa, Aanmerkenswaar-digste Zee). London, 1704, 1732, 1744, 1752 (various editions of Churchill, Collection of Voyages). Richmond, 1819. New York, 1890. Ed. Philip, A.J., 1907. Ed. Benions, E.A., 1907.

Advertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New-England, or any where. Or, the Path-way to experience to erect a Plantation. London, 1631. Cambridge, Mass., 1833. (Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. Ser. 3, vol. 3.) Boston, 1865.

The Last Will and Testament of Captain John Smith. Ed. Deane, C. Cambridge, Mass., 1867.

C. Biography and Criticism

Adams, Henry. Captain John Smith. North American Review, January, 1867.

Reprinted in Adams, H., and Adams, B., Chapters of Erie. Boston, 1871. Ashton, J. Adventures and Discoveries of Capt. John Smith. Boston, n.d.

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Simms, W.G. Life of Captain John Smith. 1846.

Warner, C.D. Captain John Smith … a Study of his Life and Writings. 1881. Also in Warner’s Collected Works.

See, also, Bibliography to Chap. I.

Burwell Papers. Two considerable narratives of Bacon’s Rebellion are preserved.

One is in the form of a letter signed T.M. perhaps by Thomas Matthews. First printed in Richmond Enquirer, 1, 5, 8 Sept., 1804, also Va. Evangel. and Lit. Mag., vol. 3, 1820; Va. Hist. Reg., vol. 3, 1850. In Force Tracts, vol. 1, No. 8, 1836; reprint, 1836. [Rochester, 1897]. In Am. Colonial Tracts Monthly, Dec., 1897. The other is an account preserved in the papers of Captain Nathaniel Burwell, of Virginia, and known as the Burwell Papers. It is published in Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 2, vol. 1, and in a better form in the Proceedings, vol. 9. See, also, Force Tracts, vol. 1, 1835. Am. Col. Tracts Monthly, vol. 1, 1898. Narratives of the Insurrections, 1675–1691. Ed. Andrews, C. McL. 1915.

Narratives of Early Virginia. Ed. Tyler, L.G. 1907.

Narratives of Early Maryland. Ed. Hall, C.C. 1910.


[Mourt, G.] [Perhaps George Morton.] A Relation or Journall of the beginning and proceedings of the English Plantation setled at Plimouth in New England. With their difficult passage, their safe ariuall, their joyfull building of, and comfortable planting themselves in the now well defended Towne of New Plimouth. As also a Relation of foure severall discoveries since made by some of the same English Planters there resident. London, 1622. In Purchas, Pilgrimes, vol. 4, London, 1625. Glasgow, 1906. Vol. 19. Boston, 1841. Ed. Young, A. Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers. Glasgow and London, [1849]. Ed. Cheever, G. New York, 1849. Boston, 1865. Ed. Martyn, H.D. London, 1897. Ed. Arber, E. The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Winslow, Edward. Good Newes from New-England: Or A true Relation of things very remarkable at the Plantation of Plimoth in New-England. Shewing the wondrous providence and goodnes of God, in their preservation and continuance … Written by E.W. who hath borne a part in the fore-named troubles, and there liued since their first Arrivall. London, 1624. London, 1625. In Purchas, Pilgrimes. Vol. 4. In Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 1, vol. 8. In same Collection. Ser. 2, vol. 9. First reprinted entire in Young, A., Chronicles, Boston, 1841. In Morton, N., Memorial, 1855 [appendix]. In Arber, E. Story of the Pilgrim Fathers. London and Boston, 1897.
—Hypocrisy Unmasked. London, 1646. In Young, A., Chronicles, Boston, 1841, 1846.

—— New England’s Salamander Discovered. London, 1647. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 3, vol. 2.

William Bradford

History of Plimouth Plantation. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 4, vol. 3, 1856. Ed. Deane, Chas. Facsimile. London and Boston, 1896. Int. by Doyle, J.A. Boston, 1898. New York, 1908. Ed. Davis, W.T. Boston, 1912. 2 vols. Ed. Ford, W.C.
Governor Bradford’s Letter-Book [1620–1630], Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 1, vol. 3.
A Descriptive and Historical Account of New England in Verse. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 1, vol. 3.

A Dialogue between some Young Men … and Sundry Ancient Men. In Morton, New England Memorial, 1855. Another dialogue, ed. by Deane, C., is in Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, 1870. Vol. 9, p. 396. Shepard, J. Governor William Bradford and his Son, Major William Bradford. 1900.

John Winthrop

A Journal of the Transactions and Occurrences in the Settlement of Massachusetts and the other New England Colonies. Hartford, 1790. Ed. Webster, N. As The History of New England, from 1630 to 1649. 2 vols. Boston, 1825–26, 1853. Ed. Savage, J. In Original Narratives of Early American History. Ed. Hosmer, J.K. 2 vols. 1908.

Winthrop, R.C. Life and Letters of John Winthrop. 2 vols. Boston, 1863, 1866, 1869, 1895.

Twichell, J. Some Old Puritan Love Letters, 1893. [Letters of John Winthrop and Margaret, his wife.]

—— John Winthrop, First Governor of Massachusetts. 1892.

A. Favourable to the Puritan Regime

Morton, Nathaniel. New England’s Memoriall, or a Brief Relation of the most Memorable … Providences of God Manifested to the Planters of New England. Cambridge, Mass., 1669. Boston, 1721. Newport, 1772. Boston, 1826. Ed. Davis, J., 1855. Ed. Congregational Board, Plymouth, 1866.

—— Introduction to the Ecclesiastical History of the Church of Christ at Plymouth. In Young, A., Chronicles, Boston, 1841. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 1, vol. 4.

Johnson, Edward. The Wonder-working Providence of Zion’s Saviour in New England. London, 1654. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 2, vols. 2, 3, 4, 7, 8. Andover, Mass., 1867. Ed. Poole, W.F. In Original Narratives. Ed. Jameson, J.F. 1910.

B. Unfavourable to the Puritan Regime

Morton, Thomas. See Bibliography to Chap. 1

Child, Major John. New-Englands Jonas Cast up at London. London, 1647. Boston, 1869. Ed. Marvin, W.T.R. Force, Tracts, vol. 4. Washington, 1846. In part in Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., Ser. 2, vol. 4.

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Gorton, Samuel. Letter to Nathaniel Morton, June 30, 1669. Force, Tracts vol. 4. Washington, 1846.


Mason, John. Brief History of the Pequot War, especially of the memorable taking of the Fort at Mistick in Connecticut, in 1637.… With an introduction … by … Thomas Prince. Boston, 1736. Boston, 1677. In Increase Mather, A Relation of the Troubles which have hapned in New England. London, 1769. Case of the Governor and Company Of Connecticut and Monhegan Indians. Boston, 1819. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. 2d. ser. Vol. 8. New York, 1869. Cleveland, 1897. Ed. Orr, C., History of the Pequot War.

Church, Benjamin. Entertaining Passages Relating to Philip’s War which Began in the Month of June, 1675. As also of Expeditions More lately made against the Common Enemy, and Indian Rebels, in the Eastern Parts of New-England: With Some Account of the Divine Providence towards Benj. Church Esqr; By T.C. Boston, 1716. With new title; The Entertaining History of King Philip’s War. 2 eds. Boston, 1716. Newport, 1772. For reprints dated between 1825 and 1860, see Sabin, vol. IV., no. 12998. Boston, 1865, 1867. Ed. Dexter, H.M., Library of N.E. Hist. New York, 1874, 1876. In The People’s History of America. 1879. 1881. In The Two Americas. 1881.

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A. Virginia

Beverley, Robert. History of Virginia. London, 1705. [Anonymous.] Several early reprints. Enlarged and complete, London, 1722. Richmond, 1855. Ed. Campbell, C.

Stith, William. History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia. Williamsburg, 1747. London, 1753. New York, 1865.

Keith, Sir William. History of Virginia [to 1723]. London, 1738. [Depends chiefly on Beverley.]

B. The Carolinas

Lawson, John. See Bibliography to Book I., Chap. 1.

Hewatt [Hewat, Hewitt, Hewit], Alexander. Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colonies of South Carolina and Georgia. 2 vols. London, 1779. [1st ed. anonymous.] Philadelphia, 1836. In Carroll, Historical Collections of South Carolina.

C. The Middle Colonies

Smith, Samuel. History of the Colony of Nova-Caesaria, or New Jersey. Burlington, N.J., 1765. Trenton, 1877. [Contains a note on Samuel Smith by Smith, J.J.]

—— History of the Quakers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. [The portion dealing with Pennsylvania in Hazard, Register of Pennsylvania, vols. 6–7.]

Smith, William. History of the Province of New York … to 1732. London, 1757, 1776. Philadelphia, 1792. Albany, 1814. Paris, 1767. Complete ed. to 1762, New York Hist. Soc. Col. Series I. Vols. 4–5. [Smith’s work has provoked much discussion. Cadwallader Colden criticized it at length. See New York Hist. Soc. Colls. Ser. 2, vol. 2, 1849. Fund ser. 1868, 1869. Another critic was Samuel Jones, whose Remarks are in New York Hist. Soc. Colls. vol. 3, 1821. A fair estimate was made by B.F. Butler in an address before the Albany Institute, April, 1830. See also a sketch of Smith in Magazine of Amer. Hist. Apr.-June, 1881, by M.L. Delafield.]

D. New England

Prince, Thomas. A Chronological History of New England in the Form of Annals, 2 vols. Boston, 1736–55, 1826, 1852. Vol. 2, as Annals of New England in Mass. Hist. Soc. Colls., Ser. 2. Vol. 7.

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—— Diary and Letters of Thomas Hutchinson with an Account of his Administration. Ed. Hutchinson, P.O. 2 vols. Boston, 1884–86.

The Hutchinson Papers. 2 vols. Albany, 1865. Prince Society. [Not written by Hutchinson but collected by him, and taken from the large collection of his papers preserved in the archives of the Mass. Hist. Society.]

—— Collection of Original Papers relative to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. Boston, 1769.

Hosmer, J.K. Life of Thomas Hutchinson. Boston, 1896.