The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XV. Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; Early National Literature, Part I.

VII. Colonial Newspapers and Magazines, 1704–1775



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Colonial Newspapers and Magazines

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For convenience, an attempt has been made to show where these rare periodicals may be found. The list is by means exhaustive. Libraries are indicated as follows:

A. A. S. = American Antiquarian Society

L. C. P. = Library Company of Philadelphia

B. M. = British Museum

M. H. S. = Massachusetts Historical Society

B. P. L. = Boston Public Library

N. Y. H. S. = N. Y. Historical Society

J. C. B. = John Carter Brown Library

N. Y. P. L. = New York Public Lib.

H. S. P. = Historical Society of Pennsylvania

N. Y. S. L. = New York Society Library

L. O. C. = Library Company of Pennsylvania

Y. C. = Yale College

The American Magazine, or a Monthly View of the Political State of the British Colonies. Ed. John Webbe. Andrew Bradford. Philadelphia, 1741. Three numbers only appeared. Only one copy known to exist. N. Y. H. S.

The General Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, for all the British Plantations in America. Benjamin Franklin. Philadelphia, 1741. Jan.–June. Six numbers only were issued. A. A. S. H. S. P. N. Y. P. L.

The Boston Weekly Magazine. Rogers and Fowle. Boston, 1743. Mar.–Apr. Three or four numbers only were issued. M. H. S. (“A hasty and immature Production,“ as Jeremy Gridley called it, and published evidently to hinder subscriptions to his own projected magazine. The attempt failed.)

The Christian History. Kneeland and Green. Boston, 1743–1744. Published weekly for two years. A. A. S. B. P. L. (Edited by Thomas Prince, Jr. Devoted to the Great Awakening of religion in New England, with many enthusiastic articles on Whitefield.)

The American Magazine and Historical Chronicle. Rogers and Fowle. Boston, 1743–1746. A. A. S. B. P. L. M. H. S. N. Y. P. L. (Edited by Jeremy Gridley, and published monthly for three years. A close imitation of The London Magazine.)

The Independent Reflector; or, Weekly Essays on Sundry Important Subjects; more particularly adapted to the Province of New York. James Parker. New York, Nov., 1752–Oct., 1753. N. Y. H. S. N. Y. S. L. Y. C. (Edited by William Livingston, John Morin Scott, and William Smith, Jr., “the triumvirate,“ arguing forcibly for the religious freedom of King’s College.)

The Occasional Reverberator. J. Parker. New York, 1753. Sep.–Oct. Not more than four numbers published. N. Y. P. L. This paper had the same controversial purpose as The Independent Reflector.

The Instructor. J. Parker and W. Weyman. New York, 1755. Numbers 1 to 6. A Weekly Periodical.

The American Magazine and Monthly Chronicle for the British Colonies. By a Society of Gentlemen. William Bradford. Philadelphia. Oct. 1757–Oct., 1758. A.A.S. H.S.P. N.Y.P.L. (Edited by the Rev. William Smith. The best literary periodical before the Revolution, containing poems of Francis Hopkinson, Thomas Godfrey, Joseph Shippen, James Sterling, and Samuel Davies, along with original essays by William smith, and others)

The New American Magazine. By Sylvanus Americanus. James Parker. Woodbridge, 1758–1760. Jan., 1758–Mar., 1760. B.M. L.C.P. N.Y. H.S. M.H.S. (Edited by Samuel Nevil, this magazine became a Kind of successor to The American Magazine, though of a less literary and more scientific character than the latter.)

The New–England Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure. (By Urbanus Filter) Benjamin Mecom. Boston, n. d. [1758.] No. 3 in A.A.S. (Three or four numbers only. Very little significant material. The attempt failed.)

Ein Geistliches Magazien. Germantown, 1764–1770. H.S.P. (Sermons and other theological material.)

The American Magazine, or General Repository. W. and T. Bradford. Philadelphia, Jan.–Sept., 1769. Nine numbers published. A.A.S. (Edited by Lewis Nicola. The Transactions of the American Philosophical Society were added to each number except the first, and, in general this magazine tended toward scientific interests, and political reports from Revolutionary town meetings.)

The Royal Spiritual Magazine: or, The Christian’s Grand Treasure. By several Divines. Joseph Crukshank. Philadelphia, n. d. [1771.] A.A.S. H.S.P. (Theological dialogue expounding redemption.)

The Censor. Ezekiel Russell. Boston, Nov., 1771–Apr., 1772. B.A. M.H.S. (An able political weekly, defending the Governor against the radical, or Revolutionary party. Lieutenant Governor Oliver probably wrote the numbers signed A Freeman.)

The Royal American Magazine, or Universal Repository of Instruction and Amusement. Isaiah Thomas and afterwards Joseph Greenleaf. Boston, 1774–1775. (Edited and published by Isaiah Thomas until June, 1774, after which Joseph Greenleaf published it until March, 1775. A.A.S. B.P.L. M.H.S. N.Y.P.L. Y.C. This magazine has the famous Paul Revere engravings, and is interesting politically as a radical document. Its literary material, aside from inflammatory odes, is often conventional.)

The Pennsylvania Magazine; or, American Monthly Museum. R. Aitken. Philadelphia, Jan., 1775–July, 1776. A.A.S. H.S.P. J.C.B. (Edited by Thomas Paine. Very interesting politically. There are some good satires. News of English books is particuclarly full.)