The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XV. Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; Early National Literature, Part I.

II. The Early Drama, 1756–1860


The basis of this Bibliography has been made the performed play. Closet dramas have not been recorded after 1800, unless for the sake of completeness, when they have been written by a practical playwright. Under individual authors, whose selection has been determined by their inclusion in the chapter, are listed titles of plays whether published or unpublished. First come those plays whose dates of initial performance are ascertainable. These are arranged chronologically according to the dates, which are indicated in parantheses at the end of the entries. These acted plays are followed where necessary by an alphabetical list of plays concerning whose occasion of performance uncertainity exists. In the preparation of the bibliography help has been given by Dr. Albert C. Baugh.


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The Early Drama

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—— The Armourer’s Escape. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 21 March, 1817. Cf. Wood’s Diary.)

—— Superstition. [Philadelphia], n. d. [1826?]. See also COLLECTIONS. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 12 Mar., 1824.)

—— America, a Mask. n. p., n. d.

—— How to try a Lover. 1817.

—— The Spanish Rover.

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Robert Montogomery Bird

(The following plays exist in MSS. which, unless otherwise stated, are in the Library of the University of Pennsylvania, to which they were recently presented by Mr. Robert Montogomery Bird, of Bethlehem, Pa.)

The Gladiator. A Tragedy. In Five Acts. Autograph MS. dated Philadelphia, April 1831; MS. copy in hand of Mrs. Bird; another autograph MS., dated Philadelphia, April, 1831, with pencil notes and corrections; another autograph MS., incomplete. (Park Theatre, New York, 26 Sept., 1831.)

Oralloossa, Son of the Incas. A Tragedy. Autograph MS. dated Philadelphia, Feby. 1832; MS. copy representing acting version used by Forrest (now owned by Forrest Home, Holmesburg, Pa.), lacking the part of Oralloossa; MS. copy of the part of Oralloossa only (in Forrest Home, Holmesburg,

Pa.); also autograph MS. of notes and fragments. (Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 10 Oct., 1832.)

The Broker of Bogota. A Tragedy. In Five Acts. Autograph MS. lacking Act IV, Scenes ii, iii, and iv; autograph MS. of first four acts; MS. copy in hand of Mrs. Bird; MS. copy representing acting version used by Forrest, Containing signature of Forrest on title–page (now in Forrest Home, Holmesburg, Pa.); also autograph MS. consisting of fragments with introductory and expository matter. See COLLECTIONS. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 12 Feb., 1834.)

Caridorf, or The Avenger. A Tragedy. In Five Acts. Autograph MS. dated Philadelphia, August, 1827.

The City Looking–Glass. A Philadelphia Comedy. In Five Acts. Autograph MS. dated Philadelphia, July, 1828, with additions and corrections; another MS. copy.

The Cowled Lover. A Tragedy. In Five Acts. Autograph MS. dated Philadelphia, 1830, June, 1827; another autograph MS. with same title–page and date.

The Fanatick, Autograph MS. of fragments.

Giannone. (Tragedy.) Autograph MS. incomplete.

News of the Night, or A Trip to Niagara. A Comedy in Five Acts. Autograph MS.

Pelopidas, or The Fall of the Polemarchs. A Tragedy. In Five Acts. Autograph MS. dated Philadelphia, 1830; another autograph MS. dated 1830, containing note: “This copy now corresponds with the last written and corrected one“; another autograph MS. dated “1830–1840“; also autograph MS. of notes and fragments.

The Three Dukes, or The Lady of Catalonia. Autograph MS. incomplete containing astronomical note on inside of cover dated 7 Jan., 1833. Back of first leaf contains note: “In the Drury Lane Company are this season (1832) …”

Twas All for the Best [or] ’Tis All a Notion. (Comedy.) Autograph MS. dated “Philada., May, 1827.“
See also the Bibliography to Book II, Chap. VII.

George Henry Boker

(The MSS. here listed are in the possession of Mrs. George Boker of Philadelphia.)

Plays and Poems. 2 vols. Boston, 1856; Boston, 1857; Philadelphia, 1883; Philadelphia, 1891 (“Third Edition“).

Calaynos. A Tragedy. Philadelphia, 1848 (2 editions); London, n. d. [1849]; rptd. in coll. eds. Autograph MS. dated 1848; another autograph MS. (“This Rehash Begun October 19, 1886–Finished Nov. 25, 1886“); typewritten MS. dated 1886. (Played at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London, 10 May, 1849; Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 20 Jan., 1851.)

The Betrothal: A Play. See coll. eds. Autograph MS. undated. (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 25 Sep., 1850.)

The World a Mask; A Comedy. Philadelphia, 1851. This is a MS. With a large printed title–Page: to fit. On back of title–page: “Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1851, by George H. Boker, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court, for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.“ The MS. is not in Boker’s hand but contains autograph notes. Another MS. autograph, with title “All the World a Mask: A Comedy,“ undated. Type-

written copy with title “Under a Mask,” dated 1886. (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 21 April, 1851.)

Leonor de Guzman: A Tragedy. See coll. eds. Autograph MS., undated; MS. copy, undated. (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 3 Oct., 1853.)

Francesca da Rimini: A Tragedy. See coll. eds. and COLLECTIONS. Autograph MS. dated 1853; MS. copy with autograph corrections dated 1853; MS. copy (Lawrence Barrett’s acting copy) with numerous notes in Boker’s hand (contains only cues for Lanciotto’s part); autograph fragments of first two acts dated 1853. (Broadway Theatre, New York, 26 Sept., 1855.)

The Bankrupt. A Play. Autograph MS. dated 1853; revised typewritten version entitled A Commercial Crisis. A Comedy, dated 1886.

Anne Boleyn: A Tragedy. Philadelphia, 1850 Rptd. in coll eds. MS. dated 1850 (over 1849); autograph pencil draft, undated; four other pages of autograph pencil draft; some separate MS. acting parts.

Glaucus. A Tragic Play. Typewritten MS. dated Philadelphia, 1886.

Koningsmark: A Tragedy. In Koningsmark, The Legends of the Hounds and other Poems. Philadelphia, 1869. Autograph MS. of volume with date April, 1857.

Nydia. A Tragic Play. Typewritten MS. dated Philadelphia, 1885, with autograph MS. notes. (Note on MS. in Boker’s hand: “This play was begun on the twenty–sixth of February, and finished on the twenty–first of April, 1885.…“)

The Podesta’s Daughter; A Dramatic Sketch. In The Podesta’s Daughter and Other Miscellaneous Poems. Philadelphia, 1852. Rptd. in coll. eds. MS. autograph pencil draft, incomplete.

The Widow’s Marriage: A Comedy. See coll. eds. Autograph MS. in pencil; revised MS. subscribed “Wm. H. Reed. Copyist. Walnut Street Theatre. 1852“; autograph MS. (revised).

Biographical and Critical

Leland, C. G. Boker’s Plays. Sartain’s Magazine. Vol. VIII (1851), pp. 369–78.

Reception Tendered by the Members of the Union League of Philadelphia to George H. Boker, Minister of the United States To Turkey, Friday Evening, December 22, 1871. Philadelphia, 1872. (Contains addresses by Bayard Taylor and others.)

Biographie du tres honorable Georges H. Boker. Ministre des Etats Unis d’ Amerique Aupres de la Sublime Porte. L’Orient Illustre Journal Hebdomadaire, Constantinople, 22 Aug., 1874.

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Brown, David Paul. The Prophet of St. Paul’s. A Play in Five Acts. Philadelphia, 1836. (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 20 Mar., 1837.)

Bunce, Oliver Bell. Love in ’76: an Incident of the Revolution. n. d. (Laura Keene’s Theatre, New York, 28 Feb., 1857.)

Burk, John. Bunker–Hill; or, The Death of General Warren: an Historical Tragedy. 1797. Baltimore, 1808. New York, July–1817. Reprinted by Dunlap Society with intro. by Brander Matthews. 1891. (Haymarket Theatre, Boston, 17 Feb., 1797.)

—— Female Patriotism, or the death of Joan D’ Arc. An historic play, in v. Acts. 1798. (Park Theatre, New York, Apr., 1798.)

—— Bethlem Gabor, Lord of Transylvania, or, The Man Hating Palatine; an Historical Drama, in three acts. Petersburg, 1807.

Burke, Charles. Rip Van Winkle; a Legend of Sleepy Hollow. A Romantic Drama. London, n. d. (Lacy). Incorrectly attributed to Kerr on title–page.

—— Rip Van Winkle. A Legend of the Catskills. A Romantic Drama, in two Acts. n. d. (French, No. 74). Altered from play by Kerr, q. v.

Burnet, J. G. Blanche of Brandywine, An American Patriotic Spectacle. n. d. (French, No. 206.) (Laura Keene’s Theatre, New York, 21 Apr., 1858.)

Burton, William Evans. The Toodles. A Domestic Drama. n. d. (French, No. 54.) As performed at the Bowery Theatre, New York, 1853.

—— The Ladies’ Man. A farce in one Act.… As performed at the Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia. (In Alexander’s Modern Acting Drama, vol. III. Philadelphia, 1835.)

Cannon, Charles James. Poems, Dramatic and Miscellaneous. 1851. (Contains Rizzio and The Compact, A Mask.)

—— Dramas. 1857. (Contains the Sculptor’s Daughter, Dolores, Better Latethan Never, The Oath of Office.)

—— The Oath of Office. A Tragedy in five Acts. 1854. See Dramas. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 18 March, 1850.)

Conrad, Robert Taylor. Conrard, King of Naples. Tragedy. (Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 17 Jan., 1832.)

—— Jack Cade. The Captain of the Commons. A Tragedy in four Acts. London, n. d. [Rewritten as Aylmere, q. v.] (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 9 Dec., 1835.)

—— ? The Heretic. (Broadway Theatre, New York, 17 Sep., 1866. Cf. Brown, New York Stage, 1., 516.)

—— Aylmere, or the Bondman of Kent; and Other Poems. Philadelphia, 1852.

Custis, George Washington Parke. Pocahontas; or, The Settlers of Virginia. Philadelphia, 1830. See COLLECTIONS. (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 16 Jan., 1830.)

—— The Railroad. (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 16 May, 1830.)

—— North Point, or Baltimore Defended. (Baltimore Theatre, 12 Sept., 1833.)

—— The Eighth of January. (Park Theatre, New York, 8 Jan., 1834.)

—— The Indian Prophecy. Georgetown, 1828. (Chesnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 4 July, 1827.)

—— Launch of Columbia.

—— The Pawnee Chief.

William Dunlap

The Dramatic Works of William Dunlap. In Ten Volumes. Vol. 1. The Father of An Only Child, Leicester, Fontainville Abbey, Darby’s Return. Philadelphia, 1806. Vol. II. New York, 1816. (Voice of Nature, 1807.

Fraternal Discord, 1809. Italian Father, 1810. Good Neighbor, 1814.) Vol. III New York, 1816, (Wife of Two Husbands, 1811. Abaelino, 1814. Lovers’ Vows, 1814. Peter the Great, 1814.) Volume I is paged continuously throughout. Volumes II and III are only editions of individual plays bound together with a collective title–page. No other volumes seem to exist.

The Modest Soldier: or, Love in New York. Comedy.

The Father; or, American Shandy–ism. A Comedy. 1789. Also published in Massachusetts Mag., Oct. and Nov., 1789.)

The Father of An Only Child, A Comedy. 1807. (A revision of The Father.)

Darby’s Return. A Comic Sketch. 1789. Philadelphia, 1791. New York, 1806 (in coll. ed.). 1807. Rptd. in Appendix to Ford, P. L., Washington and the Theatre, 1899. (John Street Theatre, New York, 24 Nov., 1789.)

The Miser’s Wedding. A Comedy. (John Street Theatre, New York. 20 May, 1793.)

Leicester, A Tragedy. 1807 (John Street Theatre, New York, 24 April, 1794, as Fatal Deception, or the Progress of Guilt.)

The Fatal Deception: or, the Progress of Guilt. See Leicester.

Shelty’s Travels. (John Street Theatre, New York, 24 April, 1794.)

Fontainville Abbey, A Tragedy. 1807. (John Street Theatre, New York, 16 Feb., 1795.)

The Archers, or Mountaineers of Switzerland; an opera, in three acts. 1796; 1798. (John Street Theatre, New York, 18 Apr., 1796.)

Ribbemont, or The Feudal Baron, A Tragedy in five acts. 1803. (John Street Theatre, New York, 31 Oct., 1796, as Mysterious Monk.)

Tell Truth and Shame the Devil: A Comedy, in two acts. 1797. (John Street Theatre, New York, 9 Jan., 1797.)

? The Knight’s Adventure. A Comedy. 1797. (1797?)

Andrè A Tragedy, in five acts. 1798. London, 1799. Rptd. Dunlap Society, 1887. See also COLLECTIONS. (Park Theatre, New York, 30 March, 1798.)

The Stranger. (Park Theatre, New York, 10 Dec., 1798.)

Sterne’s Maria; or The Vintage, an opera. (Park Theatre, New York, 14 Jan., 1799.)

The Natural Daughter. A Comedy. (Park Theatre, New York, 8 Feb., 1799.)

The Temple of Independence. A Pageant in Honor of Washington’s Birthday. (Park Theatre, New York, 22 Feb., 1799.)

? Lovers Vows. A Play in five Acts. Feb., 1814. (Park Theatre, New York, 11 March, 1799.)

Count Benywsky. (Park Theatre, New York, I Apr., 1799.)

The Italian Father: A Comedy, in Five Acts. May 1810. (Park Theatre, New York, 15 Apr., 1799.)

Don Carlos. (Park Theatre, New York, 6 May, 1799.)

The Indians in England; or Nabob of Mysore. (Park Theatre, New York, 14 June, 1799.)

The School for Soldiers. (Park Theatre, New York, 4 July, 1799.)

Self–Immolation; or Family Distress. (Park Theatre, New York, 29 Nov., 1799.)

False Shame: or the American Orphan in Germany: A Comedy, in four acts. Charleston, 1800. New York, 1800. Original MS. in library of Brown University. (Park Theatre, New York, 2 Dec., 1799.)

The Robbery. (Park Theatre, New York, 30 Dec., 1799.)

The Wild–Goose Chace; A Play, in four Acts. With songs. 1800. (Park Theatre, New York, 24 Jan., 1800.)

The Force of Calumny. A Comedy. (Park Theatre, New York, 5 Feb., 1800.)

The Count of Burgundy. (Park Theatre, New York, 3 March, 1800.)

The Virgin of the Sun: A Play, in Five Acts. 1800. (Park Theatre, New York, 12 Mar., 1800.)

Pizarro in Peru; or, The Death of Rolla. A Play in Five Acts. 1800. (Park Theatre, New York, 26 March, 1800.)

The Corsicans, or The Dawnings of Love. (Park Theatre, New York, 21 Apr., 1800.)

The Stranger’s Birthday. (Park Theatre, New York, 23 Apr. 1800.)

Fraternal Discord: A Drama, in Five acts. June, 1809 (Park Theatre, New York, 24 Oct., 1800.)

Spanish Castle; or the Knight of Guadalquiver. Opera. (Park Theatre, New York, 5 Dec., 1800.)

Abaellino, the Great Bandit. A Grand Dramatic Romance in Five Acts. New York and Boston, 1802. New York, 1803, 1807, (“Second edition”); Jan., 1814 (“third edition“); 1820 (“fourth edition“). (Park Theatre, New York, II Feb., 1801.)

Abbè de l’Epèe, or Deaf and Dumb. (Park Theatre, New York, Apr., 1801.)

Where is He? (Park Theatre, New York, 2 Dec., 1801.)

Blue Beard; or Female Curiosity: A Dramatic Romance, in three acts. 1802 (?), 1803, 1806. Jan., 1811. (Park Theatre, New York, 8 March, 1802.)

The Retrospect. A Patriotic Sketch. (Park Theatre, New York, 5 July, 1802.)

Peter the Great; or, the Russian Mother; a Play in five Acts. 1813 (?), March, 1814. (Park Theatre, New York, 15 Nov., 1802.)

Liberal Opinions. (1802. See McKee.)

Fiesco. (Park Theatre, New York, 25 March, 1802.)

The Voice of Nature, A Drama in three acts. 1803, 1807. (Park Theatre, New York, 4 Feb., 1803.)

The Good Neighbour; An Interlude. In one act. March, 1814. (Park Theatre, New York, 28 Feb., 1803.)

The Blind Boy. A Comedy. 1808, 1814. (Park Theatre, New York, 30 March, 1803.)

The Glory of Columbia Her Yeomanry! A Play, in five acts. May, 1817; 1803 incomplete. (Park Theatre, New York, 4 July, 1803.)

Bonaparte in England. Farce. (Park Theatre, New York, 19 Dec., 1803.)

The Proverb, or Conceit Can Kill, Conceit Can Cure. Comedy. (Park Theatre, New York, 21 Feb., 1804.)

Lewis of Monte Blanco, or The Transplanted Irishman. (Park Theatre, New York, 12 March, 1804.)

The Wife of Two Husbands. A Drama, in Five acts. 1804, Feb., 1811. (Park Theatre, New York, 4 Apr., 1804.)

Nina. Opera. (Grove Theatre, in Bedlow St., New York, 31 Dec., 1804.)

Rinaldo Rinaldini; or, the Great Banditti. A Tragedy, in five acts. 1810.

Yankee Chronology; or, Huzza for the Constitution! A Musical Interlude, in one act. Dec., 1812. At end is added Yankee Naval Chronology; being a continuation of Yankee Chronology, by William Dunlap, Esq.… (Park Theatre, New York, 9 Sept., 1812.)

The Battle of New Orleans. (Park Theatre, New York, 4 July, 1816?)

The Merry Gardener. Opera. (1827.)

Forty and Twenty. Comedy. (1827.)

The Flying Dutchman. Melodrama. (Park Theatre, New York, 10 Apr., 1827.)

Thirty Years, or the Life of a Gamester. MS. (first fifty pp. autograph) sold in New York, 1908. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 20 Feb., 1828.)

A Trip to Niagara; or, Travellers in America. A farce, in three acts. 1830. (New Bowery Theatre, New York, 28 Nov., 1828.)

The African,

La Perouse.


The Soldier of ’76.
See also the Bibliography of Charles Brockden Brown, Book II, Chap. VI.

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Hunter, Richard. Androborus. A Bographical [sic] Farce. In Three Acts, viz., The Senate, The Consistory, and The Apotheosis. Printed at Monoropolis since August, 1714. (The only Known copy is in the library of Mr. Henry E. Huntington of New York)

Hurlbert, William Henry. Americans in Paris; or A Game of Dominoes. A Comedy. [1858.] (French, No. 209.) (Wallack’s Theatre, New York, 8 May, 1858.)

Ingersoll, Charles Jared. Edwy and Elgiva. A Tragedy in five Acts. Performed at the New Theatre. Philadelphia, 1831.

—— ? Julian. A Tragedy in five acts. Philadelphia, 1831.

Jones, Joseph Stevens. Captain Kyd; or the Wizard of the Sea. A [Melo]drama in Four Acts. Boston, n. d.; New York, n. d. [after 1856.]. (National Theatre, Boston, 1830.)

—— The Green Mountain Boy. A Comedy. Boston, n. d.; New York, n. d. [1860]. (Park Theatre, New York, 19 Mar., 1833.)

—— The Surgeon of Paris. An Historical Drama, in Four Acts. Boston, 1856; New York, n. d. (National Theatre Boston, 8 Jan., 1838.)

—— Moll Pitcher; or, The Fortune Teller of Lynn. A Drama. In Four Acts. Boston, 1855. New York n. d. (National Theatre, Boston, 1839.)

—— The People’s Lowyer. A Comedy. Boston, 1856; New York, n.d. (French, No. 248.) Other editions with title Solon Shingle, Chicago, n.d.; Boston, 1890; New York, n. d. [1890]. (National Theatre, Boston, 1839.)

—— The Carpenter of Rouen; or, The Massacre of St. Bartholomew. A Romantic Drama in Four Acts. London, n.d.; New York, n.d. (French, No. 123.) Another edition in three acts, London, n.d. (Chatham Theatre, New York, 16 Nov., 1840.)

—— The Silver Spoon. A Character Sketch in Four Parts. Revised and Reconstructed. Boston, 1911. (Boston Museum, 16 Feb., 1852.)

Judah, Samuel B. H. The Mountain Torrent, A Grand Melo–drama, in Two Acts. 1820. (Park Theatre, New York, 1 Mar., 1820.)

—— The Rose of Arragon; or, The Vigil of St. Mark: A Melo–drama, in Two Acts. 1822. (Park Theatre, New York, 18 Apr., 1822.)

—— A Tale of Lexington: A National Comedy … in three acts. 1823. (New York, close of season of 1831–2.)

Kerr, John. Rip Van Winkle; or, the Demons of the Catskill Mountains. A National Drama. Philadelphia, n.d. (Walnut Street Theatre, Phildaphia, between 22 Oct. and 7 Nov., 1829.)

Leacock, John. The Fall of British Tyranny: or, American Liberty Triumphant. The First Campaign. A Tragi–comedy in Five Acts. Philadelphia, 1776. Providence, n.d., [1776].

Lennox, Charlotte Ramsay. The Sister: A Comedy. London, 1769. (Covent Garden, London, 18 Feb., 1769.)

Logan, C.A. Yankee Land A Comedy. Boston, n. d. New York, n.d. (French No. 202.) (Park Theatre, New York, 1834.)

—— The Vermont Wool Dealer. A Farce in one Act. n.d. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 11 Apr., 1840.)

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Mathews, Cornelius. False Pretences; or, Both Sides of Good Society. A Comedy. 1856. (Burton’s Theatre, New York, 3 Dec., 1856.)

—— Calmstorm, the Reformer. A dramatic comment. 1853.

—— The Politicians: A comedy, in five acts. 1840.

Miles, G. H. Mohammed, the Arabian Prophet. A Tragedy, in Five Acts. Boston, 1850. (Lyceum Theatre, New York, 27 Oct., 1851.)

—— Mary’s Birthday; or, The Cynic. A Play [melodrama] in Three Acts. Boston, n. d.; New York, n. d. (French, No. 242.) (Laura Keene’s Theatre, New York, 2 Feb., 1857.)

—— De Soto, the Hero of the Missippi. Tragedy. MS. lacking part of De Soto. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 19 Apr., 1852.)

—— Senor Valiente. A Comedy. In Five Acts. Boston, n. d. [1859]; New York, n. d. (Niblo’s Garden, New York, 18 April, 1859; Holiday Street Theatre, Baltimore, 1859; Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 1859.)

Mowatt (Ritchie), Anna Cora Ogden. Plays. Rev. ed. Boston, 1855. (Contains Armand and Fashion.)

—— Gulzara, The Persian Slave. In The New World. 1840. (By amateurs, at her country seat, Flatbush, L. I.)

—— Fashion; or, Life in New York. A Comedy, in Five Acts. London, 1850; New York, n. d. See also coll. ed. and COLLECTIONS. (Park Theatre, New York, 24 Mar., 1845; Royal Olympic Theatre, London, 9 Jan., 1850.)

—— Armand; or, the Peer and the Peasant. A Play, in Five Acts. London, 1849. New York, 1851, 1852, n. d. See also coll. ed. (Park Theatre, New York, 27 Sep., 1847; Theatre Royal, Marylebone, 18 Jan., 1849.)

—— Autobiography of An Actress, or Eight years on the Stage. Boston, 1854.

Murdock, John. The Triumphs of Love; or, Happy Reconciliation. A Comedy. In Four Acts. Philadelphia, 1795. (Philadelphia, 10 Sept., 1795.)

—— The Beau Metamorphized, or, The Generous Maid: An After–Piece, in Two Acts. Philadelphia, 1800.

Noah, Mordecai Manuel. She Would be a Soldier, or the Plains of Chippewa; an historical drama, in three acts. 1819. (Park Theatre, New York, 21 June, 1819.)

—— The Wandering Boys: or, The Castle of Olival. A Melo Drama. In two acts. Boston, 1821. (Charleston, 1812, as Paul and Alexis; Park Theatre, New York, 16 March, 1820, as Wandering Boys.)

—— Paul and Alexis, or the Orphans of the Rhine. See Wandering Boys.

—— The Siege of Tripoli. (Park Theatre, New York, 15 May, 1820.)

—— Marion; or, The Hero of Lake George: A Drama, in three acts. 1822. (Park Theatre, New York, 25 Nov., 1821.)

—— The Grecian Captive, or The Fall of Athens. 1822. (Park Theatre, New York, 17 June, 1822.)

—— The Fortress of Sorrento: a petit historical drama, in two Acts. 1808.

—— ? The Grand Canal.

—— ? Oh Yes, or the New Constitution. (This is probably the early play, not by him, of which Noah speaks.)

—— ? The Siege of Yorktown.

Wolf, S. Mordecai Manuel Noah. A Biographical Sketch. Philadelphia, 1897.

Owen, Robert Dale. Pocahontas. A Historical Drama, in five acts. 1837. (Park Theatre, New York, 8 Feb., 1838.)

Pardey, Henry Oake. Nature’s Nobleman. A Comedy. [1854.] (Burton’s Theatre, New York, 7 Oct., 1851.)

John Howard Payne

Julia, or The Wanderer; A Comedy, in Five Acts. 1806. (Park Theatre, New York, 7 Feb., 1806.)

Lover’s Vows. A Play, in Five Acts. Baltimore, 1809. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 16 Sept., 1811.)

Accusation; or, The Family of D’Anglade: A melo Drama in Three Acts. London, 1817. Boston, 1818. (Drury Lane, London, 1 Feb., 1816; Park Theatre, New York, 10 May, 1816.)

Mahomet: A Tragedy in Five Acts. 1809. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 11 Dec., 1811.)

Brutus; or, The Fall of Tarquin. A Historical Tragedy. London, 1818, 1819. (“sixth edition”). New York, March, 1819, 1821, 1848. Baltimore, 1819. Albany, 1875. Boston [1878]. Rptd. in British Drama (1864), vol. 3. Cumberland, British Theatre, vol. II. New York Drama, n. d. [1875–80], vol. I. (Drury Lane, London, 3 Dec., 1818; Park Theatre, New York, 15 March, 1819.)

Therese, the Orphan of Geneva. A Drama. London, 1821 (two editions). New York, 1821, 1830, 1850, n. d. Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, n. d. [1809?] London (Cumberland), n. d. (Drury Lane, London, 2 Feb., 1821; Anthony Street Theatre, New York, 30 Apr., 1821.)

Adeline, the Victim of Seduction, a Melo Drama. May, 1822. London, 1822. (Drury Lane, London, 9 Feb., 1822; Park Theatre, New York, 1 May, 1822.)

Love in Humble Life. A Petite comedy, in One Act. New York and Philadelphia, n. d.; New York, n. d. (French No. 118.) London (Lacy), n. d. Cumberland, British Theatre, vol. XI. (Drury Lane, London, 14 Feb., 1822.)

Peter Smink; or, The Armistice. A Comic Drama, in One Act. London (Lacy), n. d. (Royal Surrey Theatre, London, 8n July, 1822; Park Theatre, New York, 14 Oct., 1826.)

The Two Galley Slaves: or The Mill of St. Aldervon. A Melodrama in Two Acts. London and New York (French), n. d.; (J. Cumberland) n. d.; (Lacy) n. d. (Covent Garden, London, 6 Nov., 1822; Park Theatre, New York, 27 Oct., 1823. Play with same title acted Drury Lane, same date.)

Ali Pacha; or, The Signet-Ring. A Melo-drama, in Two Acts. 1823. London, (Cumberland), n. d.; Covent Garden, London, 19 Oct., 1822; Park Theatre, New York, 8 May, 1823.)

Clari; or, The Maid of Milan, An Opera, in Three Acts. 1823. London, 1823. London (Lacy), n. d.; (Cumberland), n. d.; Philadelphia (Turner), n. d.; Boston, 1856. New York (French), n. d. (Covent Garden, London, 8 May, 1823; Park Theatre, New York, 12 Nov., 1823.)

Mrs.Smith:or, The Wife and the Widow. A Farce, in One Act. London (Lacy), n. d. (French, No. 1260.) (Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London, 18 June, 1823; Park Theatre, New York, 6 March, 1826.)

Charles the Second; or, The Merry Monarch. A Comedy, in Three Acts … London, 1824. Philadelphia, 1829. London (Lacy), n. d.; New York (Taylor), 1846; (French), n. d.; New York Drama, vol. II. See also COLLECTIONS (Covent Garden, London, 27 May, 1824; Park Theatre, New York, 25 Oct., 1824.)

Richelieu: A Domestic Tragedy. 1826. (Drury Lane, London, Feb., 1826.) ’Twas I, or The Truth A Lie. A Farce, in Two Acts. 1827. London (Lacy).

The Early Drama

n. d. (Covent Garden, London, 3 Dec., 1825; Park Theatre, New York, 20 May, 1826.)

The White Maid [or Lady]. An Opera. (Convent Garden, 2 Jan., 1827; Park Theatre, New York, 21 May, 1832.)

Procrastination. A Comedy. (Haymarket Theatre, London, 21 Sept., 1829.)

The Lancers. An Interlude, In One Act. London (Cumberland), n. d. (Drury Lane, London, 29 Nov., 1827; Bowery Theatre, New York, 4 March, 1828.)

The Spanish Husband, or First and Last Love. (Drury Lane, London, 25 May, 1830; Park Theatre, New York, I Nov., 1830.)

Oswali of Athens. A Tragedy. (Chatham Theatre, New York, 13 June, 1831.)

Woman’s Revenge. A Comedy. Original autograph MS. (Olympic Theatre, London, 27 Feb., 1832.)

Virginia; or, The Patrician’s Perfidy. (Park Theatre, New York, 19 Feb., 1834.)

The following titles of plays by Payne (arranged alphabetically) are uncertain as to identification or date of first performance:

The Boarding–School; or, Life among the Little Folks. A Farce. (Park Theatre, New York, 17 Nov., 1841.)

The Bridge of Kehl. (Chatham Theatre, New York, 1848.)

The Fall of Algiers. A Comic Opera. London, n. d. (Drury Lane, London, 19 Jan. 1825.)

Fricandeau; or, The Coronet and the Cook. A Farce. (Haymarket Theatre, London, 9 Aug., 1931.)

Grandpapa. (Drury Lane, London, 25 May, 1825.)

Italian Bride. Play in Four Acts. (Not acted; written after 1832.)

Maid and Magpie. (Covent Garden, London, 15 Sept., 1815.)

Mazeppa. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 22 June, 1833.)

Norah: or, The Girl of Erin. (Covent Garden, London, 1 Feb., 1826.)

The Post–Chaise. (Park Theatre, New York, 21 Apr., 1826.)

The Robbers. (Sadler’s Wells Theatre, 20 Sept., 1820.)

Sylla, A Tragedy, in five Acts. New York, 1827. (Chatham Theatre, New York, 15 Jan., 1827.)

Tyrolese Peasants. Opera. (Drury Lane, London, 8 May, 1832.)

The Following plays exist in manuscript:

The Last Duel in Spain. Autograph MS. (88 pp.) in the possession of Mr. E. J. Wendell, of New York. Romulus, the Shepherd King: a Tragic Play in five Acts. (Never acted.) MS. in Library of Harvard University.

The two Sons–in–Law. A Comedy in Five Acts. London, 26 March, 1823. (III leaves.) MS. in the possession of Mr. Wendell.

The following plays appearing in Harrison’s list (John Howard Payne, 1885, pp. 395–6) are known only by title:

All for the Best. (Comedy.) Azendai (written c. 1823, with Washington Irving’s aid). The Borrower. (Comedy.) The Duel; or, the Veteran’s Repose. England’s Good Old Days. (Opera.) The Festival of St. Marck. The Guilty Mother. Jaconde. The Judge and the Attorneys. Madame de Barri. Man of the Black Forest. Married and Single. (Comedy.) (Written c. 1823. A Version by Poole was acted at Haymarket, London, 16 July, 1824. See Genest, IX, 263.) The Mill of the Lake. The Miller’s Man. Not Invited. (A Farce.) Novido, the Neapolitan. Old England’s Merry Days. Paoli. Pericles, Prince of Tyre. (Tragedy.) Plots at Home. (Comedy.)

The Prisoner and the Orphan. The Rival Monarchs. Solitary of Mount Savage. Tsmazl and Marzam. Visitandines. (Opera.)

Brainard, C. H. John Howard Payne: A Biographical Sketch. Washington, 1885.

Hanson, W. T. The Early Life of John Howard Payne. Printed privately, Boston, 1913.

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Memoirs of John Howard Payne, The American Roscius. London, 1815.

Sketch of the life of John Howard Payne, as published in the Boston Evening Gazette, Compressed. By one of the Editors of the New York Mirror; now first printed in separate form.… Boston … 1833.

Weglin, O. The Writings of John Howard Payne. Reprinted from The Literary Collector, March, 1905. The Literary Collector Press, Greenwich, Conn. n. d.

Phillips, Jonas B. The Evil Eye: A Melo–Drama, In Two Acts. 1831. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 4 April. 1831.)

—— Camillus; or, The Self Exiled Patriot. A Tragedy, in Five Acts. New York and Philadelphia, n. d. [1833]. (Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 8 Feb., 1833.)

—— Zamira, A Dramatic Sketch, and Other Poems. 1835.

Robinson, J. The Yorker’s Stratagem, or Banana’s Wedding. A Farce in Two Acts. 1792. (Second Performance, New York, 10 May, 1792.)

Rogers, Major Robert. Ponteach: or the Savages of America. A Tragedy. London, 1766. Ed. Nevins, A., for the Caxton Club. Chicago, 1914.

Rowson, Susanna Haswell. Slaves in Algiers; or, A Struggle for Freedom. Philadelphia, 1794.)

—— The Volunteers. A Farce founded on the Whiskey Insurrection. (Chest-nut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 21 June, 1795.)

—— The Female Patriot. [Altered from Massinger’s Bondman.] (Philadelphia, 1795.)

—— The Disbanded Officer [a translation of Lessing’s Minna von Barnhelm]. (New Theatre, Philadelphia, 1795–6.)

—— Americans in England A Comedy. (Federal Street Theatre, Boston, May, 1797.)

Columbia’s Daughter. (Mt. Vernon Gardens, New York, 10 Sept., 1800.) See also bibliographies to Book I, Chap. IX, and Book II, Chap. VI.

Sargent Epes. The Bride of Genoa. (Federal Street Theatre, Boston, 13 Feb., 1837.)

—— Velasco. A Tragedy. Boston, 1837. New York, 1839. (Tremont Theatre, Boston, 20 Nov., 1837.)

—— Change Makes Change. (Niblo’s Garden, New York, 6 Oct., 1845.)

—— Lampoon.

Savage, John. Sybil: A Tragedy, in Five Acts. 1865. Also in Poems: Lyrical, Dramatic, and Romantic. 1870. (St. Louis Theatre, 6 Sept., 1858.)

Richard Penn Smith

The extant manuscript plays of Smith are all in the library of the Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia.

The Early Drama

Quite Correct. A Comedy in Two Acts. Philadelphia, 1835. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 27 May, 1828.)

The Eighth of January, A Drama, in Three Acts. Philadelphia, 1829. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 8 Jan., 1829.)

The Disowned; or, The Prodigals, a play, in three acts. Philadelphia, 1830. (Baltimore Theatre, 26 March., 1829.)

A Wife at a Venture. Three Act Comedy. (MS.) (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 25 July, 1829.)

The Sentinels. Three Act Melodrama. (MS.) (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, Dec., 1829.)

William Penn. Three Act Historical Play. (MS.) (Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 25 Dec., 1829.)

The Triumph at Plattsburg. Two Act Historical Play. (MS.) See COLLECTIONS. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 8 Jan., 1830.)

The Deformed; or, Woman’s Trial. Philadelphia, 1830. The Divorce, or the Mock Cavalier, (MS.), 1825, is an earlier from of this play. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 4 Feb., 1830.)

The Water Witch. (Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 25 Dec., 1830)

Caius Marius. (Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 12 Jan., 1831.)

My Uncle’s Wedding. (Philadelphia, 15 Oct., 1832.)

Is She a Brigand? Philadelphia, 1835. (Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 1833?)

The Actress of Padua. Published in novel form. Philadelphia, 1836. (Philadelphia, 13 June, 1836.)

The Bombardment of Algiers. (MS.) Three Act Comedy, 1829.

The Bravo. (One Act of MS.) (Acted in Philadelphia.)

The Daughter. Philadelphia, 1836. In the Actress of Padua and other Tales. (McMichael says this was acted.)

The Solitary; or, The Man of Mystery. (MS.) Melodrama.

The Pelican. Farce in one Act. (MS.) 1825.

Shakespeare in Love. (MS.) Interlude.

The Last Man; or, The Cock of the Village. (MS.) Comedy. Smith, H. W. Miscellaneous Works of the late Richard Penn Smith. Philadelphia, 1856. (Contains biographical introduction by McMichael, Morton.)

Smith, H. W. Life of Rev. William Smith, D.D. Philadelphia, 1879.

Stone, John Augustus. Restoration, or the Diamond Cross. (Park Theatre, New York, 4 Nov., 1825.)

—— Metamora. MS. part of Metamora only. In Forrest Home, Holmesburg, Penna. (Park Theatre, New York, 15 Dec., 1829.)

—— Tancred, King of Sicily. (Park Theatre, New York, 16 Mar. 1831.)

—— The Ancient Briton. (Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 27 Mar., 1833.)

—— The Knight of the Golden Fleece. (Park Theatre, New York, 10 Sept., 1834.)

—— Fauntleroy, or the Fatal Forgery.

—— La Roque. The Regicide. (Charleston.)

—— Tancred, or the Siege of Antioch. A Drama in Three Acts. Philadelphia, 1827.

Swayze, Mrs. J. C. Ossawattomie Brown; or, The Insurrection at Harper’s Ferry. n. d. French. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 16 Dec., 1859.)

Tallbot, C.S. Captain Morgan, or the Conspiracy Unveiled. A Frace. Rochester, 1827. (Probably acted in Rochester. See preface.)

Tallbot, C. S. Paddy’s Trip to America; or, The Husband with Three Wives. A Farce, in two acts. 1822.

—— Squire Hartley. A Farce. Albany, 1827. (York, Upper Canada, March, 1825.)

Tyler, Royall. The Contrast. A Comedy; in five acts. Philadelphia, 1790. Rptd. Dunlap Society, 1887, See also COLLECTIONS. (John Street Theatre, New York, 16 April, 1787.)

—— May Day in Town, or New York in an Uproar. (John Street Theatre, New York, 18 May, 1787.)

—— A Georgia Spec, or Land in the Moon. Also called A Good Spec. (Played in Boston, and at John Street Theatre, New York, 20 Dec., 1797.) See also Bibliographies to Book I, Chap. IX, and Book II, Chaps. III and VI.

Wallack, Lester. The Veteran; or, France and Algeria. A Drama, in Six Tableaux. n. d. French, No. 220. (Wallack’s Theatre, New York, 17 Jan., 1859.)

—— The Romance of a Poor Young Man. A Drama adapted from the French of Octave Feuillet. By Pierrepont Edwards and Lester Wallack. n. d. London (Lacy), n. d. French, No. 225. (Wallack’s Theatre, New York, 24 Jan., 1860.)

Warren, Mercy Otis. Poems, Dramatic and Miscellaneous. Boston, 1790. (Contains The Ladies of Castile and the Sack of Rome.)

—— The Adulateur. A Tragedy. Boston, 1773.

—— The Group. Boston, 1775. Philadelphia and New York, 1775. [? Jamaica, before 1775.] Philadelphia and New York eds. incomplete.

—— ? The Motley Assembly. A Farce. Boston, 1779. Brown, Alice. Mercy Warren. 1903.

White, John Blake. Foscari, or, The Venetian Exile; A Tragedy, in Five Acts. Charleston, 1806. Also MS. in University of Pennsylvania library with note “2nd Edition, & c., revised and corrected by the author.“ (Charleston Theatre.)

—— The Mysteries of the Castle, or The Victim of Revenge. A Drama, in Five Acts. Charleston, 1807. (Charleston Theatre.)

—— Modern Honor: A Tragedy, in Five Acts. Charleston, 1812. (Charleston Theatre.)

The Forgers; A Dramatic Poem.… Reprinted from Southern Literary Journal of March [should be April–August], 1837, by order of his son, O. A. White. n.p; 1899. (Charleston Theatre, 1825.)

Triumph of Liberty; or Louisiana Preserved. A National Drama. Charleston, 1819.

Wilkins, E. G. P. My Wife’s Mirror. New York, n. d. (French.) (Laura Keene’s Theatre, New York, 10 May, 1856.)

—— Young New York. A Comedy, in Three Acts. New York (Perry), n. d.; (French), n. d. (Laura Keene’s Theatre, New York, 24 Nov., 1856.)

Willis, N. P. [Dramatic Works, containing Tortesa the Usurer and Bianca Visconti.] n. p., n. d.

Bianca Visconti; or The Heart Overtasked. 1839. (Park Theatre, New York, 25 Aug., 1837.)

—— The Kentucky Heiress. (Park Theatre, New York, 29 Nov., 1837.)

—— Tortesa the Usurer. A Play. 1839. See COLLECTIONS. (National Theatre, New York, 8 Apr., 1839.)

Two Ways of Dying for a Husband. I. Dying to Keep Him, or Tortesa the Usurer; II. Dying to Lose Him, or Bianca Visconti. London, 1839.
See also Bibliography to Book II, Chap. III.

Woodworth, Samuel. The Deed of Gift. A Comic Opera in Three Acts, as performed at the Boston Theatre. 1822. (City Theatre, New York, 20 Jan. 1823.)

—— Cannibals, or the Massacre Islands. (Bowery Theatre, New York, Feb., 1823.)

—— Blue Laws. A Farce. (Bowery Theatre, New York, 15 Mar., 1823.)

—— LaFayette, or the Castle of Olmutz. A [Melodrama, in three Acts. 1824. (Park Theatre, New York, 23 Feb., 1824.)

—— The Forest Rose; or, American Farmers. A Drama, in two Acts. 1825. n. d. [1854]. Boston, 1855. (Chatham Theatre, New York, 6 Oct., 1825.)

—— The Widow’s Son; or, Which is the Traitor? A Melo–drama in three Acts. 1825. (Park Theatre, New York, 15 Dec., 1825.)

—— The Foundling of the Sea. (Park Theatre, New York, 14 May, 1833.)

—— ? Kings Bridge Cottage. A Revolutionary Tale … A Drama in Two Acts. 1826.
See also Bibliographies to Book II, Chaps. V and VI.


The Americans Roused in a Cure for the Spleen, or Amusement for a Winter Evening. New York, n. d. [1775].

The Battle of Brooklyn, a farce in two acts: as it was performed on Long Island, on Tuesday the 27th day of August, 1776. By the representatives of the tyrants of America assembled at Philadelphia.… 1776. Edinburgh, 1777. (Rptd. Brooklyn, 1873.)

The Blockheads: or, The Affrighted Officers. A Farce. Boston, 1776.

Jonathan in England. Altered from Geo. Colman’s Comedy of Who Wants a Guinea. Boston, n. d. [c. 1828]. Spencer, No. 200. (Park Theatre, New York, 3 Dec., 1828.)

The Military Glory of Great Britain,–an entertainment, given by the late candidates for Bachelors Degree at the close of the Anniversary Commencement, held in Nassau Hall, New Jersey, Sept. 29, 1762. Philadelphia, 1762.