The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XV. Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; Early National Literature, Part I.

V. Bryant and the Minor Poets



H. C. Sturges’s Chronologies of the Life and Writings of William Cullen Bryant, prefixed to the Roslyn edition of Bryant and also published separately, contains the most comprehensive bibliographical account of the poet that has appeared up to the present time. A chronology of the individual poems is included.
I. Collected Works

The Life and Works of William Cullen Bryant. Edited by Parke Godwin. Six volumes. 1–2. Biography. 1883. 3–4. Poetical Works. 1883. 1901. 5–6. Prose Writings. 1884–1889.

II. Poetry
(a) Collections

Poems. Cambridge, 1821. New York, 1832. Ed. Irving, W., London, 1832. Boston and New York, 1834. New York, 1836, 1839, 1840, 1842. Philadelphia, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1854. Dessau, 1854.

Poems … Collected and Arranged by the Author. Ed. Gilfillan, George. Liverpool, 1850. New York [1854], 1855. 2 vols. New York and London, 1856, 1857 [2 vols.], 1862 [2 vols.], 1870, 1871.

Poems by William Cullen Bryant, Collected and Arranged by Himself. London, 1873, Author’s edition. London, 1874. New York and London, 1875. [3 vols.] 1876. Ed. Stoddard, R. H., n. d. [1878.] Household edition, 1879, 1891, 1900, 1906, 1908, 1909. 1884, Lovell’s library. [1894.] 1895. Roslyn Edition, ed. Sturges, H. C., and Stoddard, R. H., 1903, 1910.

(b) Selections

Thanatopsis and Other Poems. Ed. Abernethy, J. W. n. d. [1884].

Sella, Thanatopsis and Other Poems. Boston, n. d. [1892.]

The Early Poems of William Cullen Bryant. Ed. Dole, N. H. New York and Boston, 1893.

Poems from the Works of William Cullen Bryant for Homes, Libraries and Schools. Ed. Hodgdon, J. E. 1894.

Thanatopsis and Other Poems. n. d. [189–?]

Poems of … Longfellow and … Bryant. n. d. [1902.]

Gems from Bryant. Boston, n. d., [1904].

Thanatopsis … and Other Poems. Ed. Castleton, J. H. 1906.

(c) Separate Works

The Embargo, or Sketches of the Times, a Satire by a Youth of Thirteen. Boston, 1808, 1809.

The Fountain and Other Poems. 1842.

The White–Footed Deer and Other Poems. 1844.

A Forest Hymn. n. d. [1860.]

In the Woods with Bryant, Longfellow and Halleck. [Contains The Death of the Flowers.] 1863, 1866.

Thirty Poems. 1864.

Hymns. Privately printed. n. p., n. d. [1864, 1869.]

Voices of Nature. 1865.

The Song of the Sower. 1871.

The Story of the Fountain. 1872, 1881.

The Little People of the Snow. 1873, 1903.

Thanatopsis, a Poem. 1874.

Among the Trees. n. d. [1874].

The Flood of Years. 1878.

Unpublished Poems of Bryant and Thoreau. [Contains Musings.] Boston, 1907.

III. Prose
(a) Collections

Orations and Addresses. New York and London, 1873. New York, 1878.

(b) Separate Works

An Oration Delivered in Stockbridge, July 4, 1820. Stockbridge, 1820.

Popular Considerations on Homeopathia. n. d. [delivered 1841.]

An Address to the People of the United States in Behalf of the American Copyright Club. 1843.

A Funeral Oration Occasioned by the Death of Thomas Cole. New York and Philadelphia, 1848.

Letters of a Traveller, or Notes of Things Seen in Europe and American. 1850, 1851, 1855, 1869, 1871.

Reminiscences of the Evening Post.… With Additions and Corrections by the Author. 1851.

A Discourse on the Life and Genius of James Fenimore Cooper. n. d. [1852.]

Letters of a Traveller, Series, 2. 1859.

A Discourse on the Life, Character and Genius of Washington Irving. 1860. Also in Studies of Irving, 1880.

Letters from the East. 1869.

Some Notices on the Life and Writings of Fitz–Greene Halleck. 1869.

A Discourse on the Life, Character and Writings of Gulian Crommelin Verplanck. 1870.

IV. Translations

The Iliad of Homer Translated into English Blank Verse.… 2 vols. Boston, 1870, 1870, 1871, [1898.]

The Odyssey of Homer Translated into English Blank Verse.… 2 vols. Boston, 1871–73, [1899.]

Ulysses among the Phaeacinans. [From Bryant’s translation.] Boston, n. d. [1889.] Riverside Literature Series.

V. Principal Works Edited and Contributed to by Bryant.

The Talisman. 1828. [Pub. 1827.]

The Talisman. 1829. [Pub. 1828.]

A Sermon … at the Ordination of.… Lunt. By F. W. P. Greenwood. 1828. [Contains original hymn by Bryant; “All that in this wide world we See“.]

The Talisman. 1830. [Pub. 1829.]

The American Landscape. [By various authors.] 1830.

Tales of the Glauber Spa. 1832, 1844, 1856. As Child Roeliffe’s Pilgrimage and Other Tales. London, 1834. 3 vols.

Miscellanies, First Published under the Name of The Talisman. By Bryant, Verplanck and Sands. 1833.

Address before the New England Society of New York on Forefather’s Day. By L. Bacon. 1839. [Contains original Ode by Bryant: “While was the day, the wintry sea.“]

Selections from American Poets. 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1848, 1857.

A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of.… Channing. By H. W. Bellows. 1842. [Contains original hymn by Bryant: “While yet the harvest fields are white.”]

The Home Book of the Picturesque. 1852.

Homes of American Authors. [Bryant was one of several contributiors.] 1854.

Gifts of Genius. n. d. [1859.] [Preface and Bocage’s Penitential Sonnet by Bryant.]

The Imperial Courts of France, England.… 1863. [Introduction by Bryant.]

The Floral Kingdom. By Turner, C. H. Chicago, n. d. [1870?] [Contains poem by Bryant: “Not idly do I stray.“.]

A Library of Poetry and Song.… 1871, 1872. As A New Library of Poetry and Song.… 2 vols. 1876, [1877], [1883,], n. d. [1884], 1886. As

The Family Library of Poetry and Song.… n. d. [1880.] As A New Library of Poetry and Song.… Revised and Enlarged.… n. d. [1900], 1903. 2 vols., 1900.

Picturesque America. 2 vols. n. d. [1872–74], [1894]. London. 4 vols. 1894–97.

A Popular History of the United States.… By Bryant and Gays, S. H. [Bryant’s share was slight.] 4 vols. 1876–81, 1884. 5 vols. 1896–7.

Etats–Units et Canada. L’Amerique du Nord pittoresque. Paris, 1880.

The Complete Works of Shakespears. Stratford Edition. [Edited in part by Bryant.] Philadelphia, n. d. [1886–96.]

Note: Bryant was editor–in–chief of the New York Evening Post from 1829 to 1878. He was joint editor of the New York Review and Athenaeum Magazine, 1825–1826.

VI. Contributions to Periodicals

North American Review: An Essay on American Poetry. July, 1818; Trisyllabic Feet in Iambic Measure. Sept. 1819; The Ruins of Paestum. July 1824; Percy’s Masque. Oct., 1824; Redwood. Apr., 1824; Abraham Cowley. May–June, 1877.

New York Review: 1825: Hillhouse’s Hadad, Memoirs of the Life of R. H. Lee, Memoirs of Count Segur, Jehan de Nostre Dame’s Lives of the Provencal Poets, Wayland’s Two Discourses, Wheaton’s Reports, Webster’s Addresses, United States Literary Gazette, Scott’s Lives of the Novelists, Rammohun Roy’s Precepts of Jesus; 1826: Memoris of the Life Right Honorable Richard B. Sheridan, Recent Poetry, Percival’s Poems, Sketches of Corsica, Wheaton’s Life of Pinckcney, A Pennsylvania Legend.

Old and New: Oldham’s Poems, Sept., 1872.

Evening Post: No attempt has been made to list his contributions to this paper. Specimens are given by Godwin in his Prose Writings.

VII. Biography and Criticism

Alden, J. Studies in Bryant. 1876.

Bartlett, D. W. Modern Agitators. 1859.

Bellows, H. W. In Memoriam. William Cullen Bryant. [1878?]

Benton, J. Persons and Place. 1905.

Bigelow, J. William Cullen Bryant. Boston, 1890.

Bradley, W. A. William Cullen Bryant. 1905.

Bryant Among his Countrymen. 1879.

The Bryant Celebration by the Chicago Literary Club. Chicago, 1875.

The Bryant Centennial, Cummington. Springfield, Mass. [1894?]

The Bryant Festival at “The Century.” 1865.

The Bryant Memorial Meeting of the Century … Nov. 12, 1878. n. d.

Cheney, J. V. That Dome in Air. Chicago, 1895.

Clavius (B. F. Romaine). William Cullen Bryant. In Rutgers’ Literary Miscellany. New Brunswick, 1842.

Curtis, G. W. The Life Character and Writings of William Cullen Bryant. n. d. [1879.]

Fowler, L. N. The Phrenological Character of … Bryant. In the American Phrenological Journal. 1849.

Godwin, Parke. Commemortive Addresses. 1896.

—— Out of the Past. 1870.

Hatfield, J. The Bryant Homestead Book. 1870.

Hill, D. J. William Cullen Bryant. n. d. [1874.]

Kellogg, E. H. Speeches on Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe and Mr. William Cullen Bryant. Boston, 1876.

Kirkland, C. M. William Cullen Bryant. In Homes of American Authors. 1854. Also in Hubbard, E. Little Journeys to Homes of American Authors. [1896.]

Miller, J. K. An Essay on William Cullen Bryant. n. d. [1889? or 1897?] [Privately printed.]

Otto, W. William Cullen Bryant’s Poetische Werke und Übersetzungen. Leipzig, 1903.

Poe, E. A. William Cullen Bryant. Complete Works. 1902. Vol. 8.

Schell, S. William Cullen Bryant. In Werner’s Magazine. Sept., 1900

Semple, E. A. William Cullen Bryant, Poet and Journalist. In The Craftsman, July, 1911.

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Sturges, H. C. Chronologies of the Life and Writings of William Cullen Bryant. 1903.

Symington, A. J. William Cullen Bryant. 1880.

Taylor, B. Critical Essays and Literary Notes. 1880.

To William Cullen Bryant at Eighty Years from his Friends and Countrymen. 1876.

Wilkinson, W. C. A Free Lance in the Field of Life and Letters. 1874.

Wilson, J. G. Bryant and his Friends. 1886.


An Oration Delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society at Cambridge. Cambridge, 1814.

The Idle Man. [A miscellany of tales, essays, and poems, edited and contributed to by Dana.] 2 vols. 1821–22.

Poems. Boston, 1827.

A Poem Delivered before the Porter Rhetorical Society … Andover … 1829. [Thoughts on the Soul.] Boston, 1829.

Poems and Prose Writings. Boston, 1833, 1850 [2 vols.], 1857 [2 vols.].

The Buccaneer and Other Poems. London, 1844.
See also Bibliography to Book II, Chap. III.

Jones, W. A. Characters and Criticisms. v. 2. 1857.

Powell, T. Living Authors of America. 1850.

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Poems by Croaker, Croaker and Co., and Croaker, Jr. First printed in the New York Evening Post. 1819. Reprinted as a pamphlet, 1819. Also in Waldie’s Octavo Library. [Philadelphia, 1837.] Also New York, 1860 [The best edition, which gives dates of the first appearances].

The Culprit Fay and Other Poems. 1835, 1836, 1844 (Included in The Rococo) 1847, 1859, 1860, 1862, 1864, 1865, 1867, 1870, 1875, [189–?]. Palisades, N. Y., 1903. Ed. Skinner, H. M., Chicago, n. d. [1905.]

The American Flag. 1861.

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Wells, J. L. Joseph Rodman Drake Park. 1904.

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—— Bryant and His Friends. 1886.

I. Collections

The Poetical Works. New York and Philadelphia, 1847, 1850, 1852, 1853, 1854, 1855, 1858, 1859.

Poetical Writings with Extracts from those of Joseph Rodman Drake. Ed. Wilson, J. G., 1869, 1885.

II. Separate Works

Fanny. 1819, 1821, 1846, 1866. Fanny, Continued (1820) is sometimes attributed to Halleck, but it is manifestly by another hand.

Alnwick Castle with Other Poems. 1827, 1836, 1845.

Fanny with other Poems. 1839.

Selections from the British Poets. [Edited by Halleck.] n. d. [1840].

Marco Bozzaris in Modern Greek. By G. Canale, a Zacynthian. Cambridge, 1859.

Young America, A Poem. 1865.

Lines to the Recorder. 1866. NOTE: For the Croaker Poems see under Drake.

III. Biography and Criticism

Brigham, J. The Banker in Literature. 1910.

Bryant, W. C. Some Notices on the Life and Writings of Fitz–Greene Halleck. 1869.

Cozzens, F. S. Fitz–Greene Halleck. A Memorial. 1868.

A Description of the Dedication of the Monument Erected at Guilford. 1869.

Duyckinck, E. A. Fitz–Greene Halleck. In Putnam’s Magazine. 1868.

Poe, E. A. Fitz–Greene Halleck. Complete Works. 1902. Vol. 8.

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Tuckerman, H. T. Reminiscences of Fitz–Greene Halleck. In Lippincott’s Magazine. 1868.

Wilson, J. G. Bryant and His Friends. 1886.

—— The Life and Letters of Fitz–Greene Halleck. 1869.


The New York Book of Poetry. [Edited by Hoffman.] 1837.

The Vigil of Faith. 1842, 1845. Nuremberg, n. d. [1846?].

The Echo, or Borrowed Notes for Home Circulation. New York and Philadelphia, 1844.

Love’s Calendar, Lays of the Hudson and Other Poems. New York and Philadelphia, 1847, 1850.

Poems. Ed. Hoffman, E. F. Philadelphia, 1873.

See also bibliographies to Book II, Chaps. I, VII, XIX, and XX.


The Deserted Bride and Other Poems. 1838, 1843, 1853.

The Little Frenchman and His Water Lots, with Other Sketches of the Times. Philadelphia, 1839. New York, 1844.

American Melodies. [Edited by Morris.] Philadelphia, n. d. [1840]. 1841.

The Maid of Saxony. 1842.

The Whip–Poor–Will. Philadelphia and New York. 1843, 1846.

The Songs and Ballads.… 1844, 1846, 1852.

The Prose and Poetry of Europe and America. [Edited by Morris and Willis, N. P.] 1847, 1849, 1857.

Poems. 1853, 1854.

Poems. Edited by G. B. Wallace. n. d. [1860].

See also the bibliography to Book II, Chap. XX.

Poe, E. A. G. P. Morris. Complete Works. 1902. Vol. 7. Wilson, J. G. Bryant and His Friends. 1886.


Jokeby; A Burlesque on Rokeby, a Poem in Six Cantos by an Amateur of Fashion.… Boston and New York, 1813. London, 1813. [The authorship of this poem has always been questioned, and it is frequently attributed to John Roby.]

The Lay of the Scottish Fiddle. 1813. London, 1814.

The Backwoodsman. A Poem. Philadelphia, 1818.

See also the bibliographies to Book II, Chap. I, III, IV, VII.


Poems, New Haven, 1821. New York, 1823. London, 1824 (2 vols.). New Haven, 1851.

An Oration Delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society … 1822 … on Some of the Moral and Political Truths Derivable from History. New Haven, 1822.

Clio. Part I. Charleston, 1822. Part 2. New Haven, 1822. Part 3. New York, 1827.

Prometheus, Part 2, with Other Poems. 1822.

Poem Delivered before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Sept. 31, 1825. Boston, 1826.

The Dream of a Day and Other Poems. New Haven, 1843.

Poetical Works. 2 vols. Boston, 1859.

Elegant Extracts or Useful and Entertaining Passages from the Best English Authors.… Boston, n. d. [1826]. 6 vols. [Vol. 6, edited by Percival.] Boston, 1842. [All six vols. by Percival.]

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The Bridal of Vaumond, a Metrical Romance. 1817.

An Address Delivered … before the … Peitho–Logian Society of Columbia College on the Death of … James S. Watkins.… 1817.

Yamoyden, a Tale of the Wars of King Philip in Six Cantos. 1820. [Chiefly by]. W. Eastburn, but completed by Sands.]

The Life and Correspondence of John Paul Jones. 1830.

Tales of the Glauber Spa. 1832, 1844, 1856. [Sands contributed two stories, Mr. Green and Boyuca.]

Writings in Prose and Verse. Edited by G. C. Verplanck. 2 vols. 1834, 1835.


Sketches. Boston, 1827.

Fugitive Poetry. Boston, 1829.

Poem Delivered before the Society of United Brothers at Brown University with Other Poems. 1831.

Melanie and Other Poems. Edited by Barry Cornwall. London, 1835. New York, 1837.

Letters from under a Bridge. [Contains poems.] London, 1840.

Sacred Poems. 1843, 1844, 1848, 1853. [1859.]

Poems of Passion. 1843, 1844.

The Lady Jane and Other Poems. 1844.

The Poems, Sacred, Passionate and Humorous. 1848. Revised and enlarged, 1861, 1865, 1869, 1873.

Poems of Early and After Years. Philadelphia, 1854.

Poems, Edited by H. L. Williams. n. d. [1882].

Poems … with a Memoir of the Author. London and New York, 1891.

Poems. Chicago, n. d. [189–?].

See also the bibliography to Book II, Chap. III.


New Haven–A Poem Satirical and Sentimental. 1809.

Beasts at Law; or Zoologian Jurisprudence; a Poem Satirical, Allegorical and Moral in Three Cantos.… 1811.

Quarter–Day, or The Horrors of the First of May;a Poem. 1812.

Bubble and Squeak. 1814.

The Complete Coiffeur; or an Essay on the Art of Adorning Natural and Creating Artificial Beauty. By J. B. M. D. Lafay, Ladies’ Hairdresser. 1817.

Poems, Odes, Songs and Other Metrical Effusions. 1818.

Rip Van Winkle. A National Drama. Philadelphia, n. d.

Melodies, Duets, Trios, Songs, and Ballads. 1826, 1830.

Melodies, Duets, Trios, Songs, and Ballads, Together with Metrical Epistles, Tales and Recitations. 1831.

Fiction I, II

Odes. 1832.

Poetical Works. Edited by his son. 2 vols. 1861.

The Old Oaken Bucket. Boston, n. d. [1881.]

See also the bibliographies to Book II, Chaps. II and VI.