The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21). rn VOLUME XVII. Later National Literature, Part II.

XXII. Lincoln


As the complete bibliography of Lincoln is enormous the following list aims to be merely representative of the literature concerned with him. General histories are not included.


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More recent Lincoln literature may be studied in the annual volumes of Writings on American History, compiled by Grace Gardner Griffin.


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Here are listed in chronological order certain representative books dealing with Lincoln in the spirit rather of poetry or legend than of history or biography.

It should be remarked, however, that the line is not carefully drawn; that various popular biographies, especially those designed for children, might well be included here, as also most of the popular collections of anecdotes ascribed to Lincoln; and that some of the titles here given are of writings which mean to tell the truth.

The Lincoln and Hamlin Songster, or, the Continental Melodist, comprising a choice collection of Original and Selected Songs, in honor of the People’s Candidates, Lincoln and Hamlin, and illustrative of the enthusiasm everywhere entertained for“Honest Abe,” of Illinois, and the noble Hamlin of Maine. Philadelphia, 1860. [Most of the campaign biographies were in much the same tone.]

Janvier, F. De H. The Sleeping Sentinel. Philadelphia, 1863. [Poem.]

Thayer, W. M. The Prairie Boy and How He Became President. Boston, 1863. [See, also, Thayer, W. M., in foregoing section.]

The Royal Ape: A Dramatic Poem. Richmond, 1863. [Anti-Lincoln.]

A Young Rebelle. Abram. A Military Poem. Richmond, 1863. [Anti-Lincoln.]

The Lincoln and Johnson Union Campaign Songster. Philadelphia, 1864.

The Lincoln Catechism wherein the Eccentricities and Beauties of Despotism are fully set forth. A Guide to the Presidential Election of 1864. 1864. [Anti-Lincoln.]

Lincolniana; or the Humors of Uncle Abe. Second Joe Miller.… By Andrew Adderup … 1864. [Anti-Lincoln.]

Ferreira, F. A Mort de Lincoln. Canto Elegiaco. Rio de Janeira, 1865.

Judson, E. Z. C. [“Ned Buntline.”] The Parricides; or, the Doom of the Assassins. 1865.

Lowell, J. R. Ode Recited at the Commemoration of the Living and Dead Soldiers of Harvard University, July 21, 1865. Cambridge, 1865.

Stoddard, R. H. Abraham Lincoln. An Horatian Ode. 1865.

Whitman, Walt. Sequel to Drum-Taps … When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom’d. And Other Pieces. Washington, 1865.

Plotts, J. N. (compiler). Poetical Tributes to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln. Philadelphia, 1865.

Lincoln’s Anecdotes; A Complete Collection of the Anecdotes, Stories, and Pithy Sayings of the late Abraham Lincoln … 1867. [Later collections of this sort are not listed but they have been numerous.]

Hylton, J. D. The Præsidicide: A Poem. Philadelphia, 1868.

Taylor, Bayard. The Ballad of Abraham Lincoln. Boston, 1870.

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Boyd, Lucinda. The Sorrows of Nancy. Richmond, 1899. [Contains the charge that Lincoln was illegitimate. The Nancy referred to in the title is Nancy Hanks, Lincoln’s mother.]

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