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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XVIII. Later National Literature, Part III.

XXXI. Non-English Writings I

§ 39. The Jewish Daily Forward

The Jewish Daily Forward (founded in 1897), which harbors practically the entire Arbeiter Zeitung group, with Abraham Cahan as editor-in-chief, B. Feigenbaum, Philip Krantz, Z. Libin, and others as contributors, has become a potent force with the Jews of America. It is committed to socialism, but its socialism no longer hangs out of joint with its actual environment, and it undoubtedly makes for better citizenship among the immigrants. It is the largest Yiddish newspaper in America, and, indeed, in the world. Several other Yiddish dailies have attained the proportions of metropolitan newspapers. Of these The Day is the more influential and widely read. The Jewish Morning Journal, The Warheit (now merged with The Day), The Jewish Daily News, all published in New York, have each their following, and have to a large extent freed themselves from objectionable features. Though the Yiddish book market is becoming stabilized and several publishing houses operate on a business basis, the daily newspaper is still the vehicle of the best fiction produced.