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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Blind as moonless night.

Brief like a signal.

Brief as the word strong sorrow saith.

Conscientious as a dog.

Conspicuous like a cathedral.

Dull as a sheep.

Helpless as a ship in stays.

Impossible as to get the whole music of the spheres into a sonata.

Innocent as the age of gold.

Innumerable as maggots.

He leaped like a man shot.

Murmur like a shell.

Plain as the glistening planets shine when winds have cleared the skies.

Pleading like a frightened child.

Rare as a dodo.

As remote in thought as … the Apostles or the Cæsars.

Right as ninepence.

Shaking … like a drunkard after a debauch.

Sighed like a man near fainting.

Smile, it was like sunshine in a shady place.

Smiling as smiles the fowler when flutters the bird to the gin.

My fancy soars like a kite and faints in the blue infinite.

As solid as a landed estate.

Swift as a passing bird.

Thick as a mob.

Thick as a snow fall.

Thick as driving rain.

Thick as the stars at night when the moon is down.

Thick and silent like ants.

I was as uncouth as a sea-fish upon the brae of a mountain.

Withered like stars in the morning.

Yellow as sulphur.