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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

Christina Georgina Rossetti to William Butler Yeats

Index to Authors

Christina Georgina Rossetti.  An Echo from Willowwood
 Fluttered Wings
 From “Later Life
 From “Monna Innominata.” I. Agnegation
 From “Monna Innominata.” II. Trust
 “It Is Finished
 Passing and Glassing
 The Thread of Life
 The Unseen World. I. At Home
 The Unseen World. II. Remember
 The Unseen World. III. After Death
 The Unseen World. IV. Wife to Husband
 The Unseen World. V. Up-Hill
 Twist Me a Crown
Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  A Little While
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” I. Introductory
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” II. Lovesight
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” III. Her Gifts
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” IV. The Dark Glass
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” V. Without Her
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” VI. Broken Music
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” VII. Inclusiveness
 From “The House of Life: a Sonnet-Sequence.” VIII. A Superscription
 Sonnets on Pictures. I. A Venetian Pastoral
 Sonnets on Pictures. II. Mary Magdalene
 Sudden Light
 The Ballad of Dead Ladies
 The Blessed Damozel
 The Portrait
 The Sea-Limits
 The Woodspurge
Francis Robert Rosslyn, Earl of.  Bedtime
John Ruskin.  The Wreck
 Trust thou thy Love
George William Russell.  Immortality
 The Great Breath
 The Man to the Angel
Percy Russell.  The Birth of Australia
George Francis Savage-Armstrong.  Autumn Memories
 My Guide
 One in the Infinite
 “The Father
 The Mystery
William Douw Schuyler-Lighthall.  Montreal
 Præterita ex Instantibus
 The Battle of La Prairie
 The Confused Dawn
Clement William Scott.  Lilian Adelaide Neilson
 Rus In Urbe
Duncan Campbell Scott.  Above St. Irénée
 A Little Song
 At Les Éboulements
 At the Cedars
 In November
 Life and Death
 The End of the Day
 The Reed-Player
Frederick George Scott.  Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
 Van Elsen
William Bell Scott.  Glenkindie
 My Mother
 The Norns Watering Yggdrasill
 To the Dead
 Youth and Age
John Campbell Shairp.  Cailleach Bein-Y-Vreich
Charles Dawson Shanly.  The Walker of the Snow
William Sharp.  From “Sospiri Di Roma.” I. Susurro
 From “Sospiri Di Roma.” II. Red Poppies
 From “Sospiri Di Roma.” III. The White Peacock
 The Coves of Crail
 The Death-Child
 The Isle of Lost Dreams
 The Last Aboriginal
Viscount Robert Lowe Sherbrooke.  Song of the Squatter
Dora Sigerson.  All Souls’ Night
Bartholomew Simmons.  Stanzas to the Memory of Thomas Hood
Percy F. Sinnett.  The Song of the Wild Storm-Waves
Joseph Skipsey.  Mother Wept
 The Butterfly
 The Dewdrop
Douglas B. W. Sladen.  A Christmas Letter from Australia
 From the Drama of “Charles II
 Salopia Inhospitalis
 Sunset on the Cunimbla Valley, Blue Mountains
 The Tropics
Menella Bute Smedley.  The Little Fair Soul
A. C. Smith.  The Waif
Alexander Smith.  Beauty
 From “A Life-Drama
 To ——
Walter C. Smith.  Daughters of Philistia
 The Self-Exiled
Earl of Southesk (Sir James Carnegie).  November’s Cadence
 The Flitch of Dunmow
Arthur Penrhyn Stanley.  Teach Us to Die
James Kenneth Stephen.  A Sonnet
 A Thought
 Lapsus Calami
James Brunton Stephens.  The Dominion of Australia
John Sterling.  Louis XV
 To a Child
Robert Louis Stevenson.  Foreign Lands
 Heather Ale: A Galloway Legend
 In the Season
 In the States
 Pirate Story
 The Land of Counterpane
 The Land of Nod
 The Spaewife
 The Whaups
 To N. V. De G. S.
Charles Swain.  Life
 Take the World As It Is
 The Rose Thou Gav’st
 Tripping Down the Field-Path
 ’T Was Just before the Hay Was Mown
Algernon Charles Swinburne.  Étude Réaliste
 A Forsaken Garden
 A Match
 From “Atalanta in Calydon.” I. Chorus:—“When the Hounds of Spring
 From “Atalanta in Calydon.” II. From the Chorus, “We Have Seen Thee, O Love!
 From “Bothwell
 From “Chastelard
 From “Rosamond
 Hope and Fear
 In Memory of Walter Savage Landor
 Love at Sea
 On the Deaths of Thomas Carlyle and George Eliot
 On the Monument Erected to Mazzini at Genoa
 The Roundel
John Addington Symonds.  An Episode
 Il Fior Degli Eroici Furori
 Lux Est Umbra Dei
 The Fall of a Soul
 The Nightingale
 The Sonnet
Arthur Symons.  At Fontainebleau
 During Music
 Javanese Dancers
 To a Portrait
Sir Henry Taylor.  A Characterization
 Aretina’s Song
 From “Edwin the Fair
 From “Philip Van Artevelde
 The Hero
Tom Taylor.  Abraham Lincoln
 From “The Fool’s Revenge
Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron.  Break, Break, Break
 Come into the Garden, Maud
 Crossing the Bar
 Flower in the Crannied Wall
 Northern Farmer
 Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington
 Sir Galahad
 Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere
 Song in “The Foresters
 Songs from “The Princess.” I. As thro’ the Land
 Songs from “The Princess.” II. Sweet and Low
 Songs from “The Princess.” III. Bugle Song
 Songs from “The Princess.” IV. Tears, Idle Tears
 Songs from “The Princess.” V. Thy Voice Is Heard
 Songs from “The Princess.” VI. Ask Me No More
 The Charge of the Light Brigade
 The Daisy
 The Deserted House
 The Flower
 The Lotos-Eaters
 The Passing of Arthur
 The Shell
 The Silent Voices
Frederick Tennyson.  From “Niobe
 The Blackbird
 Thirty-first of May
William Makepeace Thackeray.  At the Church Gate
 Sorrows of Werther
 The Age of Wisdom
 The Ballad of Bouillabaisse
 The End of the Play
 The Mahogany Tree
 The Pen and the Album
Francis Thompson.  Daisy
 To a Poet Breaking Silence
James Thomson.  From “He Heard Her Sing
 Life’s Hebe
William Thom.  The Mitherless Bairn
George Walter Thornbury.  Melting of the Earl’s Plate
 The Death of Marlborough
 The Jacobite on Tower Hill
 The Old Grenadier’s Story
 The Three Scars
 The Three Troopers
 The White Rose over the Water
John Todhunter.  The Banshee
Chauncy Hare Townshend.  Thy Joy in Sorrow
Richard Chenebix Trench.  After the Battle
Charles Tennyson Turner.  Her First-Born
 Letty’s Globe
 The Buoy-Bell
 The Forest Glade
 The Lachrymatory
 The Lattice at Sunrise
 The Lion’s Skeleton
 The Rookery
 The Vacant Cage
 To the Gossamer-Light
R. St. John Tyrwhitt.  The Glory of Motion
John Veitch.  The Laird of Schelynlaw
Margaret Veley.  First or Last?
Samuel Waddington.  Soul and Body
 The Inn of Care
Thomas Wade.  Birth and Death
 The Net-Braiders
William Sidney Walker.  Death’s Alchemy
John Francis Waller.  A Spinning-Wheel Song
 Kitty Neil
Rosamund Marriott Watson.  Ave Atque Vale
 Deid Folks’ Ferry
 Le Mauvais Larron
 The Farm on the Links
 To My Cat
Sir William Watson.  England and Her Colonies
William Watson.  Epigrams. I. To a Seabird
 Epigrams. II. The Play of “King Lear
 Epigrams. III. Byron the Voluptuary
 Epigrams. IV. On Dürer’s Melencolia
 Epigrams. V. Exit
 Lachrymæ Musarum
 Song in Imitation of the Elizabethans
 The First Skylark of Spring
Theodore Watts-Dunton.  Coleridge
 John the Pilgrim
 Natura Benigna
 Natura Maligna
 Ode to Mother Carey’s Chicken
 The Breath of Avon
 The First Kiss
 The Sonnet’s Voice
Edwin Waugh.  Owd Pinder
 The Dule ’s i’ This Bonnet o’ Mine
 Th’ Sweetheart Gate
Frederic Edward Weatherly.  A Bird in the Hand
 Darby and Joan
 Douglas Gordon
 London Bridge
 Nancy Lee
Augusta Webster.  Songs from Dramas. I. News to the King
 Songs from Dramas. II. ’Tween Earth and Sky
 Songs from Dramas. III. Day Is Dead
 Songs from Dramas. IV. Tell Me Not of Morrows, Sweet
 The Deaths of Myron and Klydone
Arthur Weir.  Snowshoeing Song
Sarah Welch.  The Digger’s Grave
Charles Weldon.  The Poem of the Universe
Charles Jeremiah Wells.  From “Joseph and His Brethren
Thomas Westwood.  In the Golden Morning of the World
 O Wind of the Mountain!
Ethelwyn Wetherald.  The House of the Trees
 The Snow Storm
 The Wind of Death
 To February
Gleeson White.  A Ballade of Playing Cards
 A Primrose Dame
Charles Whitehead.  As Yonder Lamp
William Henry Whitworth.  Time and Death
Samuel Wilberforce.  Just for To-day
Lady Jane Francesca Speranza Wilde.  The Voice of the Poor
Oscar Wilde.  Ave Imperatrix
Sarah Williams.  Omàr and the Persian
 Queen Elizabeth
William Gorman Wills.  Cromwell and Henrietta Maria
James Chapman Woods.  The Soul Stithy
 The World’s Death-Night
Margaret L. Woods.  Rest
 To the Forgotten Dead
 Young Windebank
Thomas Woolner.  Given Over
 My Beautiful Lady
Christopher Wordsworth.  Giving to God
William Wordsworth.  The Passing of the Elder Bards
Theodore Wratislaw.  A Vain Desire
 The Music-Hall
William Butler Yeats.  An Indian Song
 An Old Song Resung
 The Folk of the Air
 The Rose of the World
 The Song of the Old Mother
 The White Birds