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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

Andrew Lang to William Caldwell Roscoe

Index to Authors

Andrew Lang.  Æsop
 A Scot to Jeanne D’Arc
 Ballades. I. To Theocritus, in Winter
 Ballades. II. Of the Book-Hunter
 Ballades. III. Of Blue China
 Ballades. IV. Of Life
 Ballades. V. Of His Choice of a Sepulchre
 Melville and Coghill
 On Calais Sands
 Paraphrases. I. Erinna
 Paraphrases. II. Telling the Bees
 Paraphrases. III. Heliodore Dead
 San Terenzo
 Scythe Song
 The Odyssey
 Three Portraits of Prince Charles
Charles Hartley Langhorne.  Theocritus
Samuel Laycock.  Welcome, Bonny Brid!
Edward Lear.  The Jumblies
Eugene Lee-Hamilton.  A Flight from Glory
 Charles II. of Spain to Approaching Death
 Izaak Walton to River and Brook
 On His “Sonnets of the Wingless Hours
 Sea-Shell Murmurs
 Sir Walter Raleigh to a Caged Linnet
 Sunken Gold
 To My Tortoise Chronos
 What the Sonnet Is
Edward Cracroft Lefroy.  A Football-Player
 A Shepherd Maiden
 A Sicilian Night
Richard Le Gallienne.  An Old Man’s Song
 Love’s Poor
 The Passionate Reader to His Poet
 The Wonder-Child
Robert Leighton.  The Dried-up Fountain
Amy Levy.  A London Plane-Tree
 Between the Showers
 In the Mile End Road
 To Vernon Lee
Catherine C. Liddell.  Jesus the Carpenter
 The Poet in the City
Lady Blanche Elizabeth Lindsay.  My Heart Is a Lute
William James Linton.  Epicurean
 From “A Threnody: In Memory of Albert Darasz
 Heart and Will
 Love and Youth
 Love’s Blindness
 Our Cause
 Spring and Autumn
 The Silenced Singer
 Too Late
 Weep Not! Sigh Not!
Lizzie M. Little.  Life
Frederick Locker-Lampson.  On an Old Muff
 The Skeleton in the Cupboard
 The Widow’s Mite
 To My Grandmother
 To My Mistress
John E. Logan.  A Blood-Red Ring Hung round the Moon
 A Dead Singer
 The Nor’-West Courier
Samuel Lover.  Rory O’More; Or, Good Omens
 Widow Machree
Sir Alfred Lyall.  Meditations of a Hindu Prince
Henry Francis Lyte.  Abide with Me
 “Lo, We Have Left All
 The Secret Place
Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron.  Epitaph on a Jacobite
 The Battle of Naseby
Denis Florence MacCarthy.  Bless the Dear Old Verdant Land
 The Irish Wolf-Hound
Frederika Richardson Macdonald.  New Year’s Eve—Midnight
George Macdonald.  Baby
 World and Soul
John William Mackail.  An Etruscan Ring
Charles Mackay.  Earl Norman and John Truman
 Tell Me, Ye Winged Winds
 What Might Be Done
Eric Mackay.  Ecstasy
 In Tuscany
 Mary Arden
 The Waking of the Lark
William Maginn.  The Irishman and the Lady
 The Soldier-Boy
Francis Sylvester Mahony.  The Shandon Bells
Charles Mair.  From “Tecumseh: A Drama
James Clarence Mangan.  Dark Rosaleen
 Soul and Country
John Westland Marston.  From “Marie De Meranie
Philip Bourke Marston.  After Summer
 A Greeting
 At Last
 At the Last
 A Vain Wish
 Garden Fairies
 Her Pity
 How My Song of Her Began
 If You Were Here
 Love and Music
 Love’s Music
 No Death
 The Old Churchyard of Bonchurch
 The Rose and the Wind
 To the Spirit of Poetry
Arthur Patchett Martin.  Love and War
 The Cynic of the Woods
Harriet Martineau.  On, on, Forever
Frank T. Marzials.  Death As the Fool
 Death As the Teacher of Love-Lore
 Two Sonnet-Songs. II. Orpheus and the Mariners Make Answer
 Two Sonnet-Songs. I. The Sirens Sing
Théophile Julius Henry Marzials.  A Pastoral
 Carpe Diem
 Last Night
 May Margaret
 Twickenham Ferry
Gerald Massey.  Christie’s Portrait
 His Banner over Me
 The Deserter from the Cause
George Gordon McCrae.  Forby Sutherland
Thomas D’Arcy McGee.  The Celtic Cross
 The Exile’s Devotion
 The Irish Wife
George Meredith.  From “Modern Love.” I. “All Other Joys
 From “Modern Love.” II. Hiding the Skeleton
 From “Modern Love.” III. The Coin of Pity
 From “Modern Love.” IV. One Twilight Hour
 Juggling Jerry
 Lucifer in Starlight
 R. B.
 The Lark Ascending
 The Spirit of Shakespeare
 The Two Masks
Herman Charles Merivale.  Ætate XIX
 Ready, Ay, Ready
 Thaisa’s Dirge
Alice Meynell.  Changeless
 Song of the Night at Daybreak
 The Modern Poet
Hugh Miller.  The Babie
Thomas Miller.  The Old Baron
William Miller.  Willie Winkie
Henry Hart Milman.  Burial Hymn
 Hymn for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
 Ride on in Majesty
John Mitford.  The Roman Legions
David Macbeth Moir.  Casa’s Dirge
Cosmo Monkhouse.  A Dead March
 On a Young Poetess’s Grave
 Robert Buchanan
 Spring Song in the City
 The Churchyard
 The Dream of the World without Death
 The Faëry Foster-Mother
 The Secret
 The Spectrum
 The Summer Pool
 The Wake of Tim O’Hara
 Two Sons
 We Are Children
 When We Are All Asleep
John Samuel Bewley Monsell.  Litany
Eleanor Montgomery.  Adieu
 A New Zealand Regret
James Montgomery.  At Home in Heaven
Susanna Strickland Moodie.  Canadian Hunter’s Song
Sir Lewis Morris.  At Last
 On a Thrush Singing in Autumn
William Morris.  From “Sigurd the Volsung.” I. Of the Passing Away of Brynhild
 From “Sigurd the Volsung.” II. The Burghers’ Battle
 From “Sigurd the Volsung.” III. A Death Song
 From “The Earthly Paradise.” I. The Singer’s Prelude
 From “The Earthly Paradise.” II. Atalanta’s Victory
 From “The Earthly Paradise.” III. Atalanta’s Defeat
 From “The Earthly Paradise.” IV. The King’s Visit
 From “The Earthly Paradise.” VI. A Land Across the Sea
 From “The Earthly Paradise.” V. Song: to Psyche
 From “The Earthly Paradise.” VII. Antiphony
 Shameful Death
 The Blue Closet
 The Gillyflower of Gold
Rosa Mulholland.  Love and Death
 Sister Mary of the Love of God
Arthur Joseph Munby.  Doris: A Pastoral
 Flos Florum
 From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” I. Dorothy
 From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” II. Country Kisses
 From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” III. Dorothy’s Room
 From “Dorothy: a Country Story.” IV. Beauty at the Plough
 Sweet Nature’s Voice
George Murray.  A Lesson of Mercy
 To a Humming Bird in a Garden
Ernest Myers.  Etsi Omnes, Ego Non
 “The Seamaids’ Music
Frederic William Henry Myers.  A Last Appeal
 A Letter from Newport
 A Song
 From “Saint Paul
 I Saw, I Saw the Lovely Child
 On a Grave at Grindelwald
Constance C. W. Naden.  The Pantheist’s Song of Immortality
John Henry Newman.  England
 The Elements
 The Pillar of the Cloud
 The Sign of the Cross
John Nichol.  H. W. L.
 Mare Mediterraneum
J. B. B. Nichols.  A Pastoral
 Lines by a Person of Quality
Robert Nicoll.  Bonnie Bessie Lee
 The Hero
 We ’ll a’ Go Pu’ the Heather
Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel.  Dying
 Sea Slumber-Song
 “That They All May Be One
 The Merry-Go-Round
 The Secret of the Nightingale
 The Toy Cross
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton.  Love Not
 The King of Denmark’s Ride
 We Have Been Friends Together
Ellen O’Leary.  To God and Ireland True
Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy.  At Her Grave
 Has Summer Come without the Rose?
 If She but Knew
 The Fair Maid and the Sun
Francis Turner Palgrave.  A Danish Barrow
 A Little Child’s Hymn
 Pro Mortuis
 The Ancient and Modern Muses
 William Wordsworth
Sir Gilbert Parker.  Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” I. Love’s Outset
 Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” II. A Woman’s Hand
 Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” III. Art
 Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” IV. Invincible
Frances Isabel Parnell.  After Death
Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore.  From “The Angel in the House
 From “The Unknown Eros
 Regina Cœli
 The Girl of All Periods
Sir Joseph Noel Paton.  Requiem
 The Last of the Eurydice
John Payne.  Cadences
 Love’s Autumn
 Songs’ End
Thomas Love Peacock.  Margaret Love Peacock
 The Men of Gotham
 The War-Song of Dinas Vawr
Emily Pfeiffer.  A Song of Winter
 To a Moth That Drinketh of the Ripe October
 To the Herald Honeysuckle
Sir Frederick Pollock.  The Six Carpenters’ Case
Walter Herries Pollock.  A Conquest
 Below the Heights
 Father Francis
Winthrop Mackworth Praed.  The Newly-Wedded
 The Vicar
May Probyn.  “Is It Nothing to You?”
 The Bees of Myddelton Manor
Adelaide Anne Procter.  A Doubting Heart
 A Woman’s Question
 Per Pacem Ad Lucem
 The Requital
Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.  The Splendid Spur
 The White Moth
Dollie Radford.  Ah, Bring It Not
 A Model
 If All the World
 My Little Dear
William Brighty Rands.  Dressing the Doll
 I Saw a New World
 Topsy-Turvy World
Ernest Rhys.  An Autobiography
 Brechva’s Harp Song
 London Feast
 Song of the Wulfshaw Larches
 White Roses
Elizabeth Gostwycke Roberts.  In the Golden Birch
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts.  Afoot
 Burnt Lands
 Domine, Cui Sunt Pleiades Curae
 Epitaph for a Sailor Buried Ashore
 The Bird’s Song, the Sun, and the Wind
 The Deserted City
 The Flight of the Geese
 The Isles
 The Keepers of the Pass
 The Night Sky
Rennell Rodd.  Actea
 A Roman Mirror
 Imperator Augustus
 The Daisy
 Then and Now
 “When I Am Dead
Arthur Reed Ropes.  In Pace
 On the Bridge
William Caldwell Roscoe.  Earth
 The Master-Chord
 To La Sansœur