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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

IV. Colonial Poets

Sir William Watson. 1169.  England and Her Colonies
Percy Russell. 1170.  The Birth of Australia
Charles Harpur. 1171.  A Midsummer’s Noon in the Australian Forest
1172.  An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament
Viscount Robert Lowe Sherbrooke. 1173.  Song of the Squatter
Adam Lindsay Gordon. 1174.  How We Beat the Favorite
1175.  The Sick Stock-Rider
1176.  Valedictory
James Brunton Stephens. 1177.  The Dominion of Australia
George Gordon McCrae. 1178.  Forby Sutherland
Henry Clarence Kendall. 1179.  To a Mountain
1180.  Coogee
1181.  September in Australia
1182.  The Last of His Tribe
1183.  The Voice in the Wild Oak
Percy F. Sinnett. 1184.  The Song of the Wild Storm-Waves
A. C. Smith. 1185.  The Waif
Frances Tyrrell Gill. 1186.  Beneath the Wattle Boughs
Sarah Welch. 1187.  The Digger’s Grave
Arthur Patchett Martin. 1188.  Love and War
1189.  The Cynic of the Woods
Ethel Castilla. 1190.  An Australian Girl
Eleanor Montgomery. 1191.  A New Zealand Regret
1192.  Adieu
Dominion of Canada
Susanna Strickland Moodie. 1193.  Canadian Hunter’s Song
Charles Dawson Shanly. 1194.  The Walker of the Snow
Charles Heavysege. 1195.  Scenes from “Saul
1196.  Twilight
John Hunter-Duvar. 1197.  From the Drama of “De Roberval
1198.  Brawn of England’s Lay
Charles Mair. 1199.  From “Tecumseh: A Drama
John E. Logan. 1200.  The Nor’-West Courier
1201.  A Blood-Red Ring Hung round the Moon
1202.  A Dead Singer
George Murray. 1203.  To a Humming Bird in a Garden
1204.  A Lesson of Mercy
George Frederick Cameron. 1205.  The Golden Text
1206.  Standing on Tiptoe
1207.  What Matters It
Isabella Valancey Crawford. 1208.  The Canoe
1209.  The Axe
William Douw Schuyler-Lighthall. 1210.  The Confused Dawn
1211.  Præterita ex Instantibus
1212.  The Battle of La Prairie
1213.  Montreal
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts. 1214.  Canada
1215.  The Isles
1216.  Burnt Lands
1217.  The Flight of the Geese
1218.  The Night Sky
1219.  The Deserted City
1220.  Autochthon
1221.  Marsyas
1222.  Epitaph for a Sailor Buried Ashore
1223.  The Keepers of the Pass
1224.  The Bird’s Song, the Sun, and the Wind
1225.  Afoot
1226.  Domine, Cui Sunt Pleiades Curae
William Wilfred Campbell. 1227.  To the Lakes
1228.  A Canadian Folk-Song
1229.  A Lake Memory
1230.  The Were-Wolves
Frederick George Scott. 1231.  Knowledge
1232.  Time
1233.  Samson
1234.  Van Elsen
1235.  Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Elizabeth Gostwycke Roberts. 1236.  In the Golden Birch
Archibald Lampman. 1237.  Heat
1238.  Between the Rapids
1239.  A Forecast
1240.  The Loons
1241.  The City of the End of Things
Bliss Carman. 1242.  Marian Drury
1243.  A Sea Child
1244.  Golden Rowan
1245.  Spring Song
1246.  A More Ancient Mariner
1247.  A Windflower
1248.  The Mendicants
1249.  Song
1250.  Hack and Hew
1251.  Envoy
S. Frances Harrison. 1252.  Chateau Papineau
1253.  September
Duncan Campbell Scott. 1254.  Above St. Irénée
1255.  A Little Song
1256.  At Les Éboulements
1257.  Ottawa
1258.  At the Cedars
1259.  In November
1260.  The Reed-Player
1261.  Life and Death
1262.  The End of the Day
Sir Gilbert Parker. 1263.  Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” I. Love’s Outset
1264.  Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” II. A Woman’s Hand
1265.  Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” III. Art
1266.  Sonnets from “A Lover’s Diary.” IV. Invincible
E. Pauline Johnson. 1267.  The Song My Paddle Sings
1268.  At Husking Time
1269.  The Vagabonds
Arthur Weir. 1270.  Snowshoeing Song
Ethelwyn Wetherald. 1271.  The Wind of Death
1272.  The House of the Trees
1273.  The Snow Storm
1274.  To February