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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

Sarah Flower Adams to Thomas Osborne Davis

Index to Authors

Sarah Flower Adams.  Hymn
 Nearer to Thee
Percy Addleshaw.  It May Be
 The Happy Wanderer
Hamilton Aïdé.  Remember or Forget
 The Danube River
 The Forsaken
 When We Are Parted
Thomas Aird.  The Swallow
Cecil Frances Alexander.  There Is a Green Hill
Henry Alford.  Colonos
 Lady Mary
William Allingham.  A Dream
 Day and Night Songs
 Lovely Mary Donnelly
 The Fairies
 The Sailor
Alexander Anderson.  Cuddle Doon
Anonymous.  Epitaph of Dionysia
Matthew Arnold.  Dover Beach
 From “Balder Dead
 From “Empedocles on Etna
 From “Sohrab and Rustum
 Geist’s Grave
 Memorial Verses
 The Buried Life
 The Forsaken Merman
 The World and the Quietist
 Written in Emerson’s Essays
Sir Edwin Arnold.  After Death in Arabia
 From “The Light of Asia
 From “With Sa’di in the Garden.” II. Song without a Sound
 From “With Sa’di in the Garden.” I. Mahmud and Ayaz: A Paraphrase on Sa’Di
 The Caliph’s Draught
 The Musmee
Joseph Ashby-Sterry.  A Marlow Madrigal
 A Portrait
 The Little Rebel
Thomas Ashe.  A Vision of Children
 By the Salpétrière
 Poeta Nascitur
Alfred Austin.  Agatha
 At His Grave
 Songs from “Prince Lucifer.” I. Grave-Digger’s Song
 Songs from “Prince Lucifer.” II. Mother-Song
 The Haymakers’ Song
William Edmondstoune Aytoun.  Massacre of the Macpherson
 The Execution of Montrose
Philip James Bailey.  From “Festus
James Ballantine.  Muckle-Mou’d Meg
John Banim.  Soggarth Aroon
Richard Harris Barham.  Mr. Barney Maguire’s Account of the Coronation
 The Jackdaw of Rheims
Sabine Baring-Bould.  Child’s Evening Hymn
George Barlow.  If Only Thou Art True
 The Dead Child
 The Old Maid
Jane Barlow.  A Curlew’s Call
William Barnes.  Blackmwore Maidens
 The Castle Ruins
 The Heäre
 Woone Smile Mwore
Thomas Haynes Bayly.  Oh! Where Do Fairies Hide Their Heads?
 She Wore a Wreath of Roses
Pakenham Beatty.  Charles Lamb
 The Death of Hampden
Thomas Lovell Beddoes.  Ballad of Human Life
 From “Torrismond
 Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” II. Dirge
 Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” III. Athulf’s Death Song
 Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” I. To Sea, to Sea!
 Songs from “Death’s Jest-Book.” IV. Second Dirge
 Songs from “The Brides’ Tragedy.” I. Hesperus Sings
 Songs from “The Brides’ Tragedy.” II. Love Goes A-Hawking
Henry Charles Beeching.  A Summer Day
 Knowledge after Death
 To My Totem
Mackenzie Bell.  At Stratford-on-Avon
 At the Grave of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
 Spring’s Immortality
William Cox Bennett.  A Christmas Song
 Baby May
 Be Mine, and I Will Give Thy Name
Arthur Christopher Benson.  After Construing
 An English Shell
John Stuart Blackie.  My Bath
 The Emigrant Lassie
 The Working Man’s Song
John Arthur Blaikie.  Absence
 Love’s Secret Name
Laman Blanchard.  Hidden Joys
 Nell Gwynne’s Looking-Glass
Edith Nesbit Bland.  Ballad of a Bridal
William John Blew.  O Lord, Thy Wing Outspread
Mathilde Blind.  From “A Love-Trilogy
 From “Love in Exile
 The Dead
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.  Gibraltar
 Laughter and Death
 The Old Squire
 To Manon
 To the Same
Horatius Bonar.  Abide with Us
 A Little While
 Lost but Found
 The Master’s Touch
 The Voice from Galilee
 Thy Way, Not Mine
Francis William Bourdillon.  A Violinist
 Old and Young
 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Sir John Bowring.  From the Recesses
 What of the Night?
Robert Seymour Bridges.  A Passer-By
 Asian Birds
 Awake, My Heart!
 I Will Not Let Thee Go
 O Youth Whose Hope Is High
 Poor Withered Rose
 So Sweet Love Seemed
 Thou Didst Delight My Eyes
 Upon the Shore
Anne Brontë.  A Prayer
 Her Last Lines
 The Old Stoic
 Warning and Reply
Stopford Augustus Brooke.  Songs from “Riquet of the Tuft.” II. Prince Riquet’s Song
 Songs from “Riquet of the Tuft.” I. Queen’s Song
 The Jungfrau’s Cry
Robert Barnabas Brough.  My Lord Tomnoddy
Ford Madox Brown.  For the Picture, “The Last of England
 O. M. B.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  A Court Lady
 A Musical Instrument
 From “Aurora Leigh
 From “Casa Guidi Windows
 Mother and Poet
 My Heart and I
 Sonnets from the Portuguese
 The Cry of the Children
 The Sleep
Robert Browning.  Abt Vogler
 A Face
 Cavalier Tunes. II. Give a Rouse
 Cavalier Tunes. III. Boot and Saddle
 Cavalier Tunes. I. Marching Along
 “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
 “De Gustibus—”
 Evelyn Hope
 Home Thoughts from Abroad
 “How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix
 In a Gondola
 Incident of the French Camp
 Meeting at Night
 Muckle-Mouth Meg
 My Last Duchess
 One Way of Love
 One Word More
 Parting at Morning
 Song from “Paracelsus
 Song from “Pippa Passes
 The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed’s Church
 The Lost Leader
 Youth and Art
Oliver Madox Brown.  Before and After
 Laura’s Song
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton.  The Cardinal’s Soliloquy
 When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies
Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st earl of Lytton.  Aux Italiens
 Indian Love-Song
 Tempora Acta
 The Chess-Board
 The Dinner Hour
 The Legend of the Dead Lambs
 The Utmost
Thomas Burbidge.  Eventide
 If I Desire
 Mother’s Love
Mary C. G. Byron.  The Fairy Thrall
 The Tryst of the Night
Wathen Marks Wilks Call.  Summer Days
 The People’s Petition
Charles Stuart Calverley.  Ballad
 On the Brink
George Frederick Cameron.  Standing on Tiptoe
 The Golden Text
 What Matters It
William Wilfred Campbell.  A Canadian Folk-Song
 A Lake Memory
 The Were-Wolves
 To the Lakes
William Canton.  A New Poet
 Laus Infantium
Jane Welsh Carlyle.  To a Swallow Building under Our Eaves
Thomas Carlyle.  The Sower’s Song
Bliss Carman.  A More Ancient Mariner
 A Sea Child
 A Windflower
 Golden Rowan
 Hack and Hew
 Marian Drury
 Spring Song
 The Mendicants
Lewis Carroll.  From “The Hunting of the Snark
 Of Alice in Wonderland
Ethel Castilla.  An Australian Girl
Herbert Edwin Clarke.  A Cry
 In the Wood
 The Age
Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane.  The Lost Sheep
Arthur Hugh Clough.  Ah! Yet Consider It Again
 A Protest
 From “Amours De Voyage
 From “The Bothie of Tober-Na-Vuolich
 In a Lecture-Room
 Ite Domum Saturæ, Venit Hesperus
 Qua Cursum Ventus
 Where Lies the Land
Hartley Coleridge.  Ideality
 “Multum Dilexit
 The Birth of Speech
 To Shakespeare
 To the Nautilus
Sara Coleridge.  From “Phantasmion
Mortimer Collins.  A Greek Idyl
 Kate Temple’s Song
 The Ivory Gate
Eliza Cook.  The Quiet Eye
 The Sea-Child
Thomas Cooper.  Chartist Song
Barry Cornwall.  A Petition to Time
 A Poet’s Thought
 Golden-Tressed Adelaide
 Peace! What Do Tears Avail?
 Sit Down, Sad Soul
 The Blood Horse
 The Hunter’s Song
 The Poet’s Song to His Wife
 The Sea
 The Stormy Petrel
William Johnson Cory.  A Poor French Sailor’s Scottish Sweetheart
 Mimnermus in Church
George Cotterell.  An Autumn Flitting
 In the Twilight
William John Courthope.  From “The Paradise of Birds.” I. Birdcatcher’s Song
 From “The Paradise of Birds.” II. Ode—To the Roc
 From “The Paradise of Birds.” III. In Praise of Gilbert White
Elizabeth Craigmyle.  Solway Sands
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.  Philip, My King
 Too Late
Walter Crane.  Across the Fields
 A Seat for Three
Isabella Valancey Crawford.  The Axe
 The Canoe
Louisa Macartney Crawford.  Kathleen Mavourneen
Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie.  A Foreboding
 A May Song
 In Green Old Gardens
Olive Custance.  The Parting Hour
 The Waking of Spring
George Darley.  Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” I. Chorus of Spirits
 Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” II. Morning-Song
 Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” III. Nephon’s Song
 Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” IV. Romanzo to Sylvia
 Summer Winds
 The Flower of Beauty
Agnes Mary Frances Darmesteter.  A Ballad of Orleans
 Celia’s Home-Coming
 Cockayne Country
 From “Tuscan Cypress
 Rosa Rosarum
John Davidson.  A Ballad of Heaven
 Harvest-Home Song
Thomas Osborne Davis.  The Boatman of Kinsale
 The Sack of Baltimore
 The Welcome