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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.


Una dies aperit, conficit una dies—In one day it opens its blossoms, in one day it decays.Of the rose.

Can we wonder that men perish and are forgotten, when their noblest and most enduring works decay?

Crux est si metuas quod vincere nequeas—It is torture to fear what you cannot overcome.

If fortune favour you, be not elated; if she frown, do not despond.

Ignoscas aliis multa, nil tibi—You should pardon many things in others, nothing in yourself.

Multis terribilis caveto multos—If you are a terror to many, then beware of many.

Sæpe in conjugiis fit noxia, cum nimia est dos—Quarrels often arise in marriages when the dowry is excessive.

Si fortuna juvat, caveto tolli; / Si fortuna tonat, caveto mergi—If fortune favours you, be not lifted up; if she fulminates, be not cast down.