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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.

Saint Augustine

Christ is not valued at all, unless He is valued above all.

Consuetudo est secunda natura—Custom is a second nature.

Curiosis fabricavit inferos—He fashioned hell for the inquisitive.

Faith opens a way for the understanding; unbelief closes it.

Fecisti enim nos ad te, et cor inquietum donec requiescat in te—Thou hast made us for Thee, and the heart knows no rest until it rests in Thee.

God is a circle whose centre is everywhere, and its circumference nowhere.

God is patient, because eternal.

Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.

He goeth back that continueth not.

He goeth better that creepeth in his way than he that runneth out of his way.

He hath ill repented whose sins are repeated.

Humble wedlock is far better than proud virginity.

Let every one inquire of himself what he loveth, and he shall resolve himself of whence he is a citizen.

Libera me ab homine malo, a meipso—Deliver me from the evil man, from myself.

Misericordia Domini inter pontem et fontem—Between bridge and stream the Lord’s mercy may be found.

Multi adorantur in ara qui cremantur in igne—Many are worshipped at the altar who are burning in flames.

Punishment is justice for the unjust.

Securus judicat orbis terrarum—The world’s judgment is unswayed by fear.

The sufficiency of my merit is to know that my merit is not sufficient.

Thou awakest us to delight in thy praise; for thou madest us for thyself, and our heart is restless until it repose in thee.