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Edward William Bok (1863–1930). The Americanization of Edward Bok. 1921.

With Regard to This Edition

HUNDREDS of letters reached the publishers and author of this book asking that this autobiography be published at a reduced price which would allow its purchase in quantities for distribution.I was most happy to co-operate with the desire of my publishers to respond to this wide public demand and to issue it at a reduced price, yet keeping the book practically in its original form.It is highly creditable to the sense of public responsibility felt by my publishers in doing this, since they issued it at this reduced price not only with actual orders for hundreds of copies of the higher-priced edition on their books, but in the midst of a growing sale in excess of that at any time since publication. Hence the way was clearly and invitingly open for a continued sale at the higher price.With a sense of deepest gratitude, therefore, to my publishers for this decision, and to the public for its bewilderingly generous reception of this book, I am glad to have a share in sending it forth at a price that brings it within reach of a wider audience.