The Americanization of Edward Bok
To the American woman I owe much, but to two women I owe more: my mother and my wife. And, to them I dedicate this account of the boy to whom one gave birth and brought to manhood and the other blessed with all that a home and family may mean.
Edward Bok

The Americanization of Edward Bok

The Autobiography of a Dutch Boy Fifty Years After

Edward William Bok

Pulitzer Prize–winning autobiography of an influential publisher and editor.

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An Introduction of Two Persons

  1. The First Days in America
  2. The First Job: Fifty Cents a Week
  3. The Hunger for Self-Education
  4. A Presidential Friend and a Boston Pilgrimage
  5. Going to the Theatre with Longfellow
  6. Phillips Brooks’s Books and Emerson’s Mental Mist
  7. A Plunge into Wall Street
  8. Starting a Newspaper Syndicate
  9. Association with Henry Ward Beecher
  10. The First “Woman’s Page,” “Literary Leaves,” and Entering Scribner’s
  11. The Chances for Success
  12. Baptism Under Fire
  13. Publishing Incidents and Anecdotes
  14. Last Years in New York
  15. Successful Editorship
  16. First Years as a Woman’s Editor
  17. Eugene Field’s Practical Jokes
  18. Building Up a Magazine
  19. Personality Letters
  20. Meeting a Reverse or Two
  21. A Signal Piece of Constructive Work
  22. An Adventure in Civic and Private Art
  23. Theodore Roosevelt’s Influence
  24. Theodore Roosevelt’s Anonymous Editorial Work
  25. The President and the Boy
  26. The Literary Back-Stairs
  27. Women’s Clubs and Woman Suffrage
  28. Going Home with Kipling, and as a Lecturer
  29. An Excursion into the Feminine Nature
  30. Cleaning Up the Patent-Medicine and Other Evils
  31. Adventures in Civics
  32. A Bewildered Bok
  33. How Millions of People Are Reached
  34. A War Magazine and War Activities
  35. At The Battle-Fronts in the Great War
  36. The End of Thirty Years’ Editorship
  37. The Third Period
  38. Where America Fell Short with Me
  39. What I Owe to America

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