Elizabethan Critical Essays
Poets … were the first that entended to the obseruation of nature and her works, and specially of the Celestiall courses, by reason of the continuall motion of the heauens, searching after the first mouer, and from thence by degrees comming to know and consider of the substances separate & abstract, which we call the diuine intelligences or good Angels.
The Arte of English Poesie, Book 1, Chap. 3.

Elizabethan Critical Essays

Edited with an Introduction by G. Gregory Smith

These early modern prose writers sought to make the Western world safe for verse against conservative religious and scholarly forces.

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I. Preliminary
II. The Puritan Attack
III. The Defence
IV. The Classical Purpose
V. The Special Problems
VI. The Romantic Qualities
VII. The Critical Temper
VIII. The Sources
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    I. Edmund Spenser to Gabriel Harvey
    II. Gabriel Harvey to Edmund Spenser
    III. Edmund Spenser to Gabriel Harvey
    IV. Gabriel Harvey to Edmund Spenser
    From Gabriel Harvey’s ‘Letter-Book
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Appendix—From E. Hoby’s translation of Coignet’s Politique Discourses. 1586.
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    The First Booke: Of Poets and Poesie
    The Second Booke: Of Proportion Poetical
    The Third Booke: Of Ornament
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