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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Armance to Bruno

Armance, Stendhal
Armenia, An Excursion into, Bodenstedt (Thousand and One Days in the East)
Árnason, Jón
Arnaut Daniel
— de Maroill
Arndt, Ernst Moritz
Arne, Björnson
Arnim, Bettina von
Arnljot Gelline, Björnson
Arnold, Sir Edwin
Matthew, G. E. Woodberry
Arrow and the Song, The (Poem), Longfellow
Arsène Guillot, Mérimée
Art (Poem), Thomson
Art and Architecture.
    Acropolis of Athens, The, Pausanias
    Æsthetic Education of Man, The, Schiller (Letter)
    Architecture, The Law of Proportion in, Blanc (Grammar)
    Artists made by Accident, Disraeli (Curiosities of Literature)
    Art Work of the Future, Wagner
    Blanc’s Début as Art Critic, Blanc (Contemporary Artists)
    Calamatta’s Studio, Blanc (Contemporary Artists)
    Casting of Perseus, The, Cellini (Memoirs)
    Delacroix’s “Bark of Dante,” Blanc (Contemporary Artists)
    Dome of Brunelleschi, The, Norton (Historical Studies of Church Building)
    Dürer’s “Melancholia,” Blanc (The Dutch School of Painters)
    Dutch Masters, The, De Amicis (Holland and Its People)
    Fascination of the Remote, The, Hamerton (Life of J. M. W. Turner)
    Function of the Artist, Wagner (Opera and Drama)
    Genius of Greek Art, The, Symonds (Studies of the Greek Poets)
    Grammar of Painting and Engraving, Blanc
    Ingres, Life of, Blanc
    Italian Art in its Relation to Religion, Symonds (The Renaissance in Italy)
    Kinship of the Arts, The, Bodmer
    Landscape, Blanc (Grammar)
    Michaelangelo, Michelet (The Renaissance)
    Modernness, Baudelaire
    Moral Influence of Art, Blanc (Grammar)
    Ornament, The Uses of, Ruskin (Seven Lamps of Architecture)
    Orvieto Cathedral, The Building of, Norton (Notes of Travel and Study in Italy)
    Painter of Modern Life, The, Baudelaire (L’Art Romantique)
    Painting, Motoori (Tamagatsuma)
    Poetry and Painting, Bodmer (Holbein)
    — — — Lessing (Laocoön)
    Poussin’s “Shepherds of Arcadia,” Blanc (Grammar)
    Race Characters Expressed in Art, Taine (Art in the Netherlands)
    Raphael Sanzio, Vasari
    Rembrandt, Blanc (The Dutch School of Painters)
    Style, Blanc (Grammar)
    Temple of Zeus at Olympia, The, Pausanias
    Trees in Art, Hamerton (Landscape)
    What is Art, Croce (Breviary of Æsthetic)
Art Criticism (Poem), Landor
and Politics (Poem), Bellman
in the Netherlands, Taine
of Poetry, The (Poem), Boileau
— — — — (Poem), Horace
Work of the Future, The, Wagner
Arthurian Legends, The, Richard Jones
Artists, The (Poem), Schiller
Artsybashev, Mikhail
As Careful Merchants do Expecting Stand (Poem), William Browne
I Laye A-Thynkynge (Poem), Barham
it will Happen (Poem), Geibel
Ships Becalmed (Poem), Clough
the Flowers of the Field, Strato
You Like It, Shakespeare
Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen
Ascham, Roger
Ash-Shanfarà of Azd (Poem)
Asinaria, Plautus
Aspatia’s Song, Beaumont and Fletcher
Aspects of the Pines (Poem), Hayne
Aspiration (Poem), Willis
— (Poem), Zorrilla y Moral
Ass and the Jackal, The
in the Lion’s Skin, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Assar and Mirjam, Goldschmidt
Assignation, The,” Song from (Poem), Poe
Assyrian Literature
    Laplace, Arago
Astrophel and Stella (Poem), Sidney
At a Funeral (Poem), Heber
Dusk (Poem), Lampman
Gibraltar (Poem), Woodberry
Home and Abroad, S. M. Fuller
Last the Daylight Fadeth (Poem), Geibel
Penshurst (Poem), Waller
the Back of the North Wind, MacDonald
— — Church Gate (Poem), Thackeray
— — Fair, Kielland
— — Granite Gate (Poem), Carman
— — Potter’s (Poem), Spofford
Atala, Chateaubriand
Athalie, Racine
Atharva-Veda, The
Athena, The Decree of, Æschylus
Athens (Poem), Swinburne
Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude
Atlantic Essays, Higginson
Atlas (Poem), Heine
Atreus and Thyestes, Crébillon
Attack on the Mill, The, Zola
Atterbom, Per Daniel Amadeus
Attic Nights, Aulus Gellius
Au Bord de l’Eau (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
Service de l’Allemagne, Barrès
Aubade (Poem), Cawein
Auber’s “Parisienne,” Mendelssohn (Letters)
Aucassin and Nicolette, F. M. Warren
— — — (Poem), Stedman
Audaz, El, Galdós
Audubon, John James
Auerbach, Berthold
Augier, Émile
Augustine of Hippo, St., Samuel Hart
Auld House, The (Poem), Nairne
Licht Idylls, Barrie
Aurora Leigh (Poem), E. B. Browning
Ausonius, Decimus Magnus
Austen, Jane
Austin, Alfred, Erskine
Austrian Literature.
    Beethoven, Ludwig van
    Grillparzer, Franz
    Hofmannsthal, Hugo von
    Schnitzler, Arthur
Author’s Ambition, The (Poem), Persius
Resolution in a Sonnet, The (Poem), Wither
Authorship, Schopenhauer
Autobiography, see Diaries, Journals, etc.
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, The, Holmes
Autumn (Poem), Chisato
— (Poem), Thomson
— (Poem), Watson
Aux Enfants Perdus (Poem), Banville
Italiens (Poem), Lytton
Avare, L’, Molière
Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron, see Lubbock, Sir John.
Avesta, The, A. V. W. Jackson
From The
Avicenna, see Ibn Sina.
Away (Poem), Riley
Axel and Valborg, Oehlenschläger
Ayton, Robert
Aytoun, William Edmonstoune
Azeglio, Massimo Taparelli d
Bab Ballads (Poems), Gilbert
Baber, E. S. Holden
Babylon (Poem), Anon.
Babylonian Literature
Bach, Berlioz
Bacon, Francis, C. T. Lewis
Bacon–Shakespeare Craze, The, White
Bagehot, Walter, Forrest Morgan
Baggesen, Jens
Bailey, Philip James
Baillie, Joanna
Bains, Festival of the Queen of Hungary at, Brantôme (Lives of Courtly Women)
Baird, Henry Martyn
Bajazet, Racine
Baker, Sir Samuel White
Baker’s Tale, The (Poem), Carroll
Balaustion, Robert Browning
Balbuena, Bernardo
Balder (Poem), Dobell
Balfour, Arthur James, Earl of, C. J. H. Hayes
Ballad, The, F. B. Gummere
— (Poem), Calverley
against Those Who Missay of France (Poem), Villon
of Agincourt, The (Poem), Drayton
— — Bouillabaisse, The (Poem), Thackeray
— — Guibour, The (Poem), Mistral
— — Old-Time Ladies (Poem), Villon
— — — Lords (Poem), Villon
— — Prose and Rhyme, The (Poem), Dobson
— — the Debate of the Heart and Body (Poem), Villon
— — — Outer Life (Poem), Hofmannsthal
— — — Women of Paris (Poem), Villon
— — Things Known and Unknown (Poem), Villon
— — Trees and the Master, A (Poem), Lanier
— — in Prison (Poem), Villon
… to Our Lady (Poem), Villon
to Queen Elizabeth, A (Poem), Dobson
upon a Wedding (Poem), Suckling
Ballade des Pendus (Poem), Banville
of Midsummer Days and Nights (Poem), Henley
on the Mysterious Hosts of the Forest, Banville
Ballads and Songs (Poems), Allingham
Balthazar’s Song (Poem), Shakespeare
Balzac, Honoré de, W. P. Trent
Ban and Arrière Ban, Lang
Bancroft, George, Austin Scott
Banim, John
Banking, Deposit, Origin of, Bagehot (Lombard Street)
Banks o’ Doon, The (Poem), Burns
Banquet Song, A (Poem), Alcæus
Banville, Théodore de
Barbara Frietchie (Poem), Whittier
Barbarossa (Poem), Rückert
Barbauld, Anna Letitia
Barber of Seville, The, Beaumarchais
Barchester Towers, Trollope
Barclay, Alexander
of Ury (Poem), Whittier
Bard, The (Poem), Gray
— — (Poem), Pushkin
Barefoot Boy, The (Poem), Whittier
Barham, Richard Harris (Thomas Ingoldsby)
Baring-Gould, Sabine
Barlow, Jane
Barnaby Rudge, Dickens
Barnavaux et Quelques Femmes, Mille
Général, Mille
Barnes, William
Barrès, Maurice, Pierre De Bacourt
Barricade, La, Bourget
Barrie, James Matthew
Barzaz-Breiz (Poems), la Villemarqué
Bastiat, Frédéric
Bastille, The Siege of the, Carlyle (French Revolution)
Bastions de l’Est, Les, Barrès
Bataille, Henry
Battle and Other Poems, Gibson
— –Field, The (Poem), Bryant
Hymn of the Republic (Poem), J. W. Howe
of Blenheim, The (Poem), Southey
— — Copenhagen, The (Poem), Campbell
— — Ivry, The (Poem), Macaulay
— — Ivry, Henry Martyn Baird
— — Waterloo, The (Poem), Byron
Battles, see War.
Baucis and Philemon (Poem), Ovid
Baudelaire, Charles
Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli, earl of, I. C. Cabell
Béatrix, Balzac
Beaumarchais, Brander Matthews
Beaumont, Francis, A. H. Thorndike
Beaurepaire, Jules Quesnay de, see Quesnay de Beaurepaire.
Beauties of Nature, The, Lubbock
Beauty (Poem), Baudelaire
— (Poem), Jāmī
— (Poem), Lodge
— (Poem), Shakespeare
— (Poem), Very
Unadorned (Poem), Propertius
Bébée, Ouida
Becket, Thomas, The Death of, Froude (Short Studies)
Beckford, William
Bed in Summer (Poem), Stevenson
Bede, Alfred the Great
Bedouin Song (Poem), Taylor
Bee, Life of the, Maeterlinck
Beecher, Henry Ward, Lyman Abbott
Beethoven, Ludwig van, E. I. Stevenson
Before the Convent of St. Just (Poem), Platen
— — Sacrament (Hymn), Heber
— — Storm (Poem), Dehmel
Beginners of a Nation, Eggleston
Behind the Arras (Poems), Carman
Behold the Meads (Poem), Guillaume de Poitiers
Belasco, David
Beleaguered City, A, Oliphant
— — The (Poem), Longfellow
Belfast Address, Tyndall
Belfry of Bruges, The (Poem), Longfellow
Pigeon, The (Poem), Willis
Belgian Literature.
    Cammaerts, Émile
    Conscience, Hendrik
    Eekhoud, Georges
    Kistemaeckers, Henry
    Maeterlinck, Maurice
    Verhaeren, Emile
Believe It Not (Poem), Tolstoy
Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms (Poem), Thomas Moore
Belle Dame Sans Merci, La (Poem), Keats
of the Ball, The (Poem), Praed
Bellman, Carl Michael, Olga Flinch
Bello, Andrés
Bells, The (Poem), Poe
Beloved Youth, The (Poem), Theognis
Ben-Hur, Wallace
Benavente, Jacinto
Benefits (Poem), Lessing
Bennett, Arnold, Allan Nevins
Bentham, Jeremy
Benvenuto Cellini, Birrell
Beowulf (Poem), Anon.
Béranger, Jean-Pierre de, Alcée Fortier
Bergson, Henri Louis, W. P. Montague
Bergström, Hjalmar
Berkeley, George
Berlin, The Philistine of, Heine (Italy)
Berlioz, Hector
Bernal Díaz del Castillo, see Díaz del Castillo, Bernal.
Bernard de Ventadour
of Clairvaux, Saint
— — Cluny, W. C. Prime
— — Morlay, see Bernard of Cluny
Berners, Juliana
Bernstein, Henry
Bertrand d’ Aamanon
Besant, Sir Walter
Beside the Hearth (Poem), Wagner
— — Winter Sea (Poem), Roberts
Bessie Bell and Mary Gray (Poem), Anon.
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray (Poem), Ramsay
Best Thing in the World, The (Poem), E. B. Browning
Wines, The (Poem), Hermippus
Bestiaries and Lapidaries, L. O. Kuhns
Bethlehem, From Hebron to, Mandeville (Adventures)
Betrothed, The, Manzoni
Better Answer, A (Poem), Prior
Part, The (Poem), Matthew Arnold
Bewildered Guest, The (Poem), Howells
Bible, see also Old Testament, New Testament; Apocrypha.
in Spain, The, Borrow
of the Dadu Panthis, The
— — Zoroaster, The, see Avesta.
— Wycliffe’s: Luke xv. 11–32; 1 Corinthians xiii.; John xx. 1–31; Apocalypse v. 1–14
Big Words for Small Thoughts, White
Biglow Papers, The (Poem), Lowell
Bilderdijk, Willem
Bill and Joe (Poem), Holmes
Billy and Hans, Stillman
Binyon, Lawrence, Erskine
Biographical Essays, De Quincey
Biography, see Names of Persons; also Anecdotes; Characterizations; Diaries; Letters.
Bird Let Loose, The (Poem), Thomas Moore
Parliament, The, Faríd-Uddín Attar
Voices (Poem), Lampman
Birds, see also Fables.
    Bestiaries and Lapidaries, Kuhns
    Birds, De Amicis (Constantinople)
    Bluebird, The, Wilson (American Ornithology)
    Fish-Hawk, The (Poem), Wilson (American Ornithology)
    Heron’s Haunt, The, Grant Allen (Vignettes from Nature)
    House-Swallow, The, White (Natural History of Selborne)
    Humming-Bird, The, Buffon (Natural History)
    Sharp Eyes, Burroughs (Locusts and Wild Honey)
    Wild Pigeon, The (Poem), Wilson (American Ornithology)
Birds, Aristophanes
— (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
in the Night (Poem), Verlaine
Birrell, Augustine
Birthday, A (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
— — (Poem), Watson
Bishop of Rum-ti-Foo, The (Poem), Gilbert
Bismarck, Otto Edward Leopold von, Munroe Smith
Bit o’ Writin’, and Other Tales, The, Banim
Bits of Travel, Jackson
Bittersweet (Poem), Holland
Björnson, Björnstjerne, Brandes
— — W. M. Payne
Black, William
Black Forest Village Stories, Auerbach
Black Maskers, The, Andreyev
Regiment, The (Poem), Boker
Shawl (Poem), Pushkin
Blackmore, Richard Doddridge
Blackmwore, Maidens (Poem), Barnes
Blake, William
Blanc, Charles
Blanchette, Brieux
Blessèd Damozel, The (Poem), D. G. Rossetti
Blicher, Steen Steensen
Blind, Mathilde
Blind Bard of Chios (Poem), Pascoli
Girl of Castel-Cuillé, The (Poem), Jasmin
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind (Poem), Shakespeare
Blue Beard, Perrault
Closet, The (Poem), Morris
Bluebird, The (Poem), Wilson
Boarding-House Geometry, Leacock
Boat Life in Egypt and Nubia, Prime
Race, The, Hughes (Tom Brown at Oxford)
Boatman’s Song, The (Poem), Carmen Sylva
Bobbo and Other Fancies, Wharton
Boccaccio, Giovanni, W. J. Stillman
Boccaccio’s “Decameron,” Sismondi (Literature of the South of Europe)
Bodenstedt, Friedrich Martin von
Bodmer, Johann Jakob
Boethius (Poem), Alfred the Great
Bohemianism, Hamerton (Human Intercourse)
Bohemians of the Latin Quarter, The, Murger
Bohémiens, Les (Poem), Béranger
Boileau-Despreaux, Nicholas
Boissier, Gaston
Boker, George H.
Bolingbroke, Bagehot
Bon Gaultier Ballads (Poems), W. E. Aytoun
Bonaventura, Saint, Thomas Davidson
Bonduca, Fletcher
Bonnie George Campbell (Poem), Anon.
Bonny Dundee (Poem), Scott
Earl of Murray, The (Poem), Anon.
Book Le Grand, Heine
of a Thousand Nights and a Night, The, R. F. Burton
— — My Friend, The, France
— — the Dead
— — — Native, Roberts
— — — Rose, The, Almqvist
Book-Stores and Books, Beecher
Bookman’s Purgatory, A, Lang
Books and Bookmen, Lang
Books and Reading, see also Literature.
    Alexandrian Library, The, Gibbon
    Bookman’s Purgatory, A, Lang
    Books, Fuller (Holy and Profane State)
    — Montaigne
    — and Reading, Schopenhauer
    Book-stores and Books, Beecher
    Choice of Books, The, Harrison
    Early Reading, Bagehot (Edward Gibbon)
    Library, The, Maistre (Journey round My Room)
    Pleasures of Reading, The, Balfour (Rectorial Address)
    — — — — Eliot (The Happy Life)
    Professional Reviewer, The, Bennett (The Truth about an Author)
    Reading, Voltaire (Philosophical Dictionary)
Booth, Edwin, “Hamlet” at the Boston Theatre, Howe
— — (Poem), Winter
Border Minstrelsy
Boris Godunov, Pushkin
Borrow, George, Julian Hawthorne
Boscán, Juan
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, Adolphe Cohn
Boswell, James, C. F. Johnson
Bothie of Tober-na-Vuolich, The (Poem), Clough
Bourdeille, Pierre de, see Brantôme, Pierre de Bourdeille.
Bourget, Paul, Pierre de Bacourt
Bowmen’s Song, The (Poem), Doyle (The White Company)
Bowring, Sir John
Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth
Boy’s Wonderhorn, The (Poems), Brentano
Bracco, Roberto
Braddon, Mary Elizabeth
Brandes, Georg, W. M. Payne
Brant, Sebastian
Brantôme, Pierre de Bourdeille
Branwen the Daughter of Llyr, Mabinogion
Break, Break, Break” (Poem), Tennyson
Bremer, Fredrika
Brentano, Clemens
Bretonne, The, Theuriet
Breviary of Æsthetic, The, Croce
Bride of Abydos, The (Poem), Byron
Bridge, The (Poem), Longfellow
of Dread, The (Poem)
— — Sighs, The (Poem), Hood
Bridges, Robert, F. H. Giddings
Brief is Pain (Poem), Carpenter
Life is Here our Portion (Hymn), Bernard of Cluny
Briefness of Life, The (Poem), William Drummond
Brieux, Eugène, Clayton Hamilton
Bright, John
Brignall Banks (Poem), Scott
Bristowe Tragedie, The (Poem), Chatterton
Britannia’s Pastorals (Poems), William Browne
Brittany, The Heroic and Legendary Literature of, William Sharp
Broken Bell, The (Poem), Baudelaire
Heart, The, Ford
Jug, The, Kleist
Music (Poem), Aldrich
Pitcher, The (Poem), W. E. Aytoun
Brontë, Anne
Brontë, Charlotte, Ritchie (Memoirs)
Brontë, Charlotte, and her Sisters
Brontë, Emily
Brook, The (Poem), Tennyson
Brooks, Phillips
Brotherhood of Man, The, Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
Brother’s Grave, A (Poem), Catullus
Brougham and South America, On, Canning
Brown, Charles Brockden
Browne, Sir Thomas, Francis Bacon
Brownell, Henry Howard
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Robert, E. L. Burlingame
— — in Florence, Curtis
Browning’s Poetry, Birrell
Brownson, Orestes Augustus
Bruce to his Men at Bannockburn (Poem), Burns
Brunetière, Ferdinand, Adolphe Cohn
Bruno, Giordano