The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints

The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints

Volume XII: December

Rev. Alban Butler


Bibliographic Record

December I.
St. Eligius, or Eloy, Bishop of Noyon, Confessor
December II.
St. Bibiana, Virgin and Martyr
December III.
St. Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies, Confessor
St. Birinus, First Bishop of Dorcester, Confessor
St. Sola, Hermit
St. Lucius, King and Confessor
December IV.
St. Peter Chrysologus, Archbishop of Ravenna, Confessor
St. Barbara, Virgin and Martyr
St. Anno, Archbishop of Cologne, Confessor
St. Osmund, Bishop and Confessor
St. Maruthas, Bishop and Confessor
St. Siran, or Sigirannus, Abbot in Berry, Confessor
St. Clement of Alexandria, Father of the Church
December V.
St. Sabas, Abbot
St. Crispina, Martyr
St. Nicetius, Bishop of Triers, Confessor
December VI.
St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra, Confessor
SS. Dionysia, Dativa, Æmilianus, Boniface, Leontia, Tertius, and Majoricus, Martyrs
St. Peter Paschal, Bishop and Martyr
St. Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch, Confessor
December VII.
St. Ambrose, Bishop and Confessor, Doctor of the Church
St. Fara, Virgin and Abbess
December VIII.
The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Romaric, Abbot
December IX.
St. Leocadia, Virgin and Martyr
The Seven Martyrs at Samosata
St. Wulfhilde, Virgin and Abbess
December X.
St. Melchiades, Pope
St. Eulalia, Virgin and Martyr
Another St. Eulalia, Virgin and Martyr
December XI.
St. Damasus, Pope and Confessor
SS. Fuscian, Victoricus, and Gentian, Martyrs
St. Daniel the Stylite, Confessor
December XII.
SS. Epimachus and Alexander, &c. Martyrs
St. Finian, or Finan, Bishop of Cluain-Irard, or Clonard, Confessor in Ireland
St. Columba, Abbot in Ireland
St. Eadburge, Abbess of Menstrey in the Isle of Thanet
St. Valery, Abbot
St. Corentin, Bishop and Confessor
December XIII.
St. Lucy, Virgin and Martyr
St. Jodoc, or Josse, Confessor
St. Kenelm, King and Martyr
St. Aubert, Bishop of Cambray and Arras, Confessor
B. John Marinoni, Confessor
St. Othilia, Virgin and Abbess
December XIV.
St. Spiridion, Bishop and Confessor
SS. Nicasius, Ninth Archbishop of Rheims, and His Companions, Martyrs
December XV.
St. Eusebius, Bishop of Vercelli
St. Florence, or Flann, Abbot in Ireland
December XVI.
St. Ado, Archbishop of Vienne, Confessor
St. Alice, or Adelaide, Empress
St. Beanus, Bishop in Ireland
December XVII.
St. Olympias, Widow
St. Begga, Widow and Abbess
December XVIII.
SS. Rufus and Zozimus, Martyrs
St. Gatian, First Bishop of Tours, Confessor
St. Winebald, Abbot and Confessor
December XIX.
St. Nemesion, Martyr, &c.
St. Samthana, Virgin, Abbess in Ireland
December XX.
St. Philogonius, Bishop of Antioch, Confessor
St. Paul of Latrus, or Latra, Hermit
December XXI.
St. Thomas, Apostle
St. Edburge, Virgin
December XXII.
St. Ischyrion, Martyr
SS. Cyril and Methodius, Confessors
December XXIII.
St. Servulus, Confessor
Ten Martyrs of Crete
St. Victoria, Virgin and Martyr
December XXIV.
SS. Thrasilla and Emiliana, Virgins
St. Gregory of Spoleto, Priest and Martyr
December XXV.
The Nativity of Christ, or Christmas Day
St. Anastasia, Martyr
St. Eugenia, Virgin and Martyr
December XXVI.
St. Stephen, the First Martyr
St. Dionysius, Pope and Confessor
St. Jarlath, First Bishop of Tuam in Ireland, Confessor
December XXVII.
St. John the Apostle and Evangelist
St. Theodorus Grapt, Confessor
December XXVIII.
The Holy Innocents
St. Theodorus, Abbot of Tabenna, Confessor
December XXIX.
St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr
St. Marcellus, Abbot of the Acœmetes, Confessor
St. Evroul, Abbot and Confessor
December XXX.
St. Sabinus, Bishop of Assisium, and His Companions, Martyrs
St. Anysia, Martyr
St. Maximus, Confessor
December XXXI.
St. Sylvester, Pope and Confessor
St. Columba, Virgin and Martyr
St. Melania the Younger