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Lucy Hutchinson (1620–1681). Memoirs of Colonel Hutchinson. 1906.

Appendix II: A Letter from John Hutchinson to His Father Sir Thomas

‘SIR,—I have enquired throughout Duck Lane and little Brittaine, but cannot gett your booke: I have heard of one which a gentleman hath, but he will not parte with it under a peice, and they all say you cannot but it for lesse. I have sent you a perspective glasse, Sir John and my cosen Tho Byron chose it: it cost too peices which I have given to my cosen Tho: Byron, there is too glasses, one is to looke at ye moone, & yt has an m upon it; when you looke with that glasse, you must draw ye first draught to ye sircule (?) which is marked with an m, if you put in ye other then draugh it noe farther yn ye first sircule, all ye rest of ye draughtes remaine at ye same distance for both glasses; when you take out either of them, you must be suer to rubb it very well before you put it in againe, and not touch it with your hands, my cosen Byron saith if you dislike it he will have it, and repaye ye money againe. The Queene Mother of France is for certainly looked for, to be here this weeke and has Hatton howse here in Holborne appoynted for her, there is little hopes of an agreement with Scotland, I cannot tell you any particulars as yet, soe soone as I can you shall heare them, I intend (god willing) to goe to Sr Edward this next weeke, but will not stay there above one weeke if I can I will write to you before I goe and then you shall have more of ye Scotts businesse, till then I humbly take my leave.

ever remaining
yor most obedient sonne
I beseech you present my humble duty to my mother and my love to both my sisters.

London ye
20 of August’

[Note—This letter, which was communicated to the editor by the late Mrs Arthur Evans, was first printed in Notes and Queries, 7th series, VIII., 422, Nov. 30, 1889. The abbreviations and spelling of the original have been retained as a specimen of John Hutchinson’s style and orthography].