Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
I numbered the syllables of my translation by the threads of the canvas I wrought in.
Dedication to Lucretius

Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson

By His Widow Lucy Hutchinson

Edited from the Original Manuscript by the Rev. Julius Hutchinson

To Which Are Added the Letters of Colonel Hutchinson and Other Papers; Revised with Additional Notes by C. H. Firth
The eyewitness biography of the rise and fall of a Puritan combatant during the English Civil War.

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Life of Mrs. Hutchinson
Mrs. Hutchinson to Her Children
Inscription on the Monument of Col. Hutchinson
Verses Written by Mrs. Hutchinson
Memoirs of Colonel Hutchinson
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I.  Extracts from the Preface of the Rev. Julius Hutchinson to the First Edition of the Memoirs
II.  A Letter from John Hutchinson to His Father Sir Thomass
III.  A True Relation of Some Remarkable Passages Concerning the Nottinghamshire Petition, etc.
IV.  Copy of a Letter from a Gentleman near Nottingham to His Friend in London
V.  The Attempt to Obtain Possession of the Powder in the Magazine of the County of Nottinghamshire
VI.  Sir John Gell
VII.  Six Letters Relating to the Proposed Treaty of Neutrality for Notts, December 1642
VIII.  Letter to Lord Fairfax Instructing Him to Guard Nottingham
IX.  The Rendezvous at Nottingham, May and June, 1643
X.  The Earl of Newcastle’s Letter to the Committee of Nottingham
XI.  Colonel Hutchinson’s Quarrel with Sir Roger Cooper
XII.  For Our Honoured Friend Gilbert Millington, Esq.
XIII.  Quarrel between the Committees of Derby and Nottingham
XIV.  A Discovery of the Treacherous Attempts of the Cavaliers to Have Procured the Betraying of Nottingham Castle
XV.  Town Meeting at Nottingham to Decide the Question of Fortifying the Town
XVI.  Letter to Mr. Millington January 3, 1644
XVII.  Account of a Skirmish in January 1644
XVIII.  Two Letters Describing the Attack Made on Nottingham, January 16, 1644
XIX.  The Earl of Clare Prepares to Make His Peace with the Parliament
XX.  Capture of King’s Mills
XXI.  Attempt to Surprise Nottingham, February 17, 1644
XXII.  Colonel Hutchinson’s Answer to the Summons to Surrender Nottingham, March 25, 1644
XXIII.  The Quarrel between Colonel Hutchinson and the Committee of Nottingham
XXIV.  Colonel Hutchinson’s Orders to the Garrison of Nottingham
XXV.  On the Treatment of Prisoners, etc.
XXVI.  Two Letters from Colonel Hutchinson to Lord Fairfax in May, 1645
XXVII.  Two Letters Relating to Skirmishes near Nottingham, in the Autumn of 1645
XXVIII.  The Capture of Shelford and Other Garrisons
XXIX.  Plot to Betray Nottingham Castle
XXX.  The Fight in Willoughby Field, July 5, 1648
XXXI.  The Capture of Sir Marmaduke Langdale
XXXII.  Colonel Hutchinson to the Speaker
XXXIII.  Letter from the Mayor and Town of Nottingham to the Speaker
XXXIV.  Petition of Colonel Hutchinson to the House of Commons, June 1660
XXXV.  July 23, 1660.—Petition of Colonel John Hutchinson
XXXVI.  Letter of Mrs. Hutchinson on the Sale of Owthorpe, 1671
XXXVII.  Dedication to Mrs. Hutchinson’s Translation of Lucretius