Herbert J.C. Grierson, ed. (1886–1960). Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the 17th C. 1921.

1606–1668 Sir William Davenant


THE LARK now leaves his watry Nest

And climbing, shakes his dewy Wings;

He takes this Window for the East;

And to implore your Light, he Sings,

Awake, awake, the Morn will never rise,

Till she can dress her Beauty at your Eies.

The Merchant bowes unto the Seamans Star,

The Ploughman from the Sun his Season takes;

But still the Lover wonders what they are,

Who look for day before his Mistress wakes.

Awake, awake, break through your Vailes of Lawne!

Then draw your Curtains, and begin the Dawne.