Poetry of Byron
Maidens, like moths, are ever caught by glare, / And Mammon wins his ways where Seraphs might despair.
Childe Harold’s Departure

Poetry of Byron

Chosen and Arranged by Matthew Arnold

Lord Byron

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I. Personal, Lyric, and Elegiac
  Loch Na Garr
  “Well! thou art happy
  Epistle to a Friend
  To Thomas Moore
  Childe Harold’s Departure
  Stanzas composed during a Thunderstorm
  “Maid of Athens
  To Inez
  “One Struggle more
  “And Thou art Dead
  “When We Two Parted
  Stanzas for Music
  Stanzas to Augusta
  Nature the Consoler, I
  Nature the Consoler, II
  The Poet and the World
  Last leaving England
  Ruins to Ruins
  The Dream
  The Poet’s Curse
  Nature to the Last
  “She Walks in Beauty
  “Oh! Snatch’d Away
  Song of Saul
  Vision of Belshazzar
  Destruction of Sennacherib
  Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte
  Ode on Waterloo
  Napoleon’s Farewell
  Lament of Tasso
  Dante in Exile
  The Isles of Greece
  Lines to a Lady Weeping
  Death of the Princess Charlotte
  “On this Day I complete my Thirty-sixth Year
II. Descriptive and Narrative
  Greece, I
  Greece, II
  Greece, III
  Greece, IV
  The Drachenfels
  Lake of Geneva—Calm
  Lake of Geneva—Storm
  Venice, I
  Venice, II
  Venice, III
  An August Evening in Italy
  The Ave Maria
  The Coliseum
  Tomb of Cecilia Metella
  Grotto of Egeria
  Sonnet on Chillon
  Bonnivard and his Brothers
  Bonnivard alone
  The East
  Journey and Death of Hassan
  Hassan’s Mother
  The Giaour’s Love
  Death of Selim
  Corsair Life
  Parting of Conrad and Medora
  Conrad’s Return
  Alp and Francesca
  The Assault
  The Last of Ezzelin
  Mazeppa’s Ride
  The Streamlet from the Cliff
  The Shipwreck
  Haidée again
  Aurora Raby
III. Dramatic
  Manfred and the Seven Spirits
  Manfred on the Cliffs
  The Witch of the Alps
  Manfred’s Farewell to the Sun
  Manfred’s End
  Dying Speech of the Doge of Venice
  Death of Salemenes
  Death of Jacopo Foscari
  Cain and Lucifer in the Abyss of Space
  Cain and Adah
IV. Satiric
  Written after Swimming from Sestos to Abydos
  On my thirty-third Birthday
  To Mr. Murray, I
  Epistle from Mr. Murray to Dr. Polidori
  To Mr. Murray, II
  Holland House
  Epilogue to English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
  The Landed Interest
  Wanted—a Hero
  Things Sweet
  Lambro’s Return
  A Stormed City
  Exhortation to Mr. Wilberforce
  Exhortation to Mrs. Fry
  Satan claims, at Heaven’s Gate, George the Third
  The Sex
  Our Children
  Great Names
  Poetical Commandments
  Byron and his Contemporaries
  Poetical Production
  The Lighter Side