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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VII. Change
1. Simple Change

140. [Difference at Different Times.] Change.

   NOUN:CHANGE, alteration, mutation, permutation, variation, novation [rare], modification, modulation, inflection or inflexion, mood, qualification, innovation, eversion, deviation, shift, turn; diversion; break.
  TRANSFORMATION, transfiguration, transfigurement; metamorphosis; metabola or metabole [med.], transmorphism [rare], transmutation; deoxidization, deoxidation; transubstantiation; metagenesis, transanimation, transmigration, metempsychosis, version [rare]; metasomatism or metasomatosis, metathesis; metabolism, metastasis; transmogrification [colloq.]; avatar; alterative.
  resolution, conversion (gradual change) [See Conversion]; revolution (sudden or radical change) [See Revolution]; inversion (reversal) [See Inversion]; displacement [See Displacement]; transference [See Transference].
  CHANGEABLENESS [See Changeableness]; tergiversation (change of mind) [See Tergiversation].
   VERB:CHANGE, alter, vary, wax and wane; modulate, diversify, qualify, tamper with; turn, shift, veer, gybe or jibe, jib, tack, chop, shuffle, swerve, warp, deviate, dodge, tergiversate, turn aside, evert, intervert [obs.]; pass to, take a turn, turn the corner, resume.
  WORK A CHANGE, modify, vamp, patch, piece, vamp up, superinduce; transform, transfigure, transmute, transmogrify [colloq.], transume [rare], transverse [rare], transshape [rare], metabolize, convert, transubstantiate, resolve, revolutionize; chop and change; metamorphose, ring the changes.
  innovate, introduce new blood, shuffle the cards; give a turn to, give a color to; influence, turn the scale; shift the scene, turn over a new leaf.
  recast [See Revolution]; reverse [See Inversion]; disturb [See Derangement]; convert into [See Conversion].
   ADJECTIVE:CHANGED &c. v.; newfangled; eversible; changeable [See Changeableness]; transitional; modifiable; metagenetic; alterative.
   ADVERB:mutatis mutandis [L.].
   INTERJECTION: quantum mutatus! [L.].
  1. A change came o’er the spirit of my dream.—Byron
  2. Nous avons changé tout cela.—Molière
  3. Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis.
  4. Non sum qualis eram.—Horace
  5. Casaque tourner.
  6. Corpora lente augescent cito extinguuntur.—Tacitus
  7. In statu quo ante bellum.
  8. Still ending and beginning still.—Cowper
  9. Vox audita perit littera scripta manet.
  10. All things are in perpetual flux and fleeting.—Proverb