Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class II. Words Relating to Space
Section IV. Motion
1. Motion in General

270. Transference.

   NOUN:TRANSFER, transference; translocation, elocation [obs.]; displacement; metastasis, metathesis; removal; remotion; amotion; relegation; deportation, asportation, extradition, conveyance, draft; carrying, carriage; convection, conduction, contagion, infection; transfusion; transfer &c. (of property) [See Transfer].
  TRANSIT, transition; passage, ferry, gestation; portage, porterage, freightage, carting, cartage; shoveling &c. v.; vection [obs.], vecture [obs.], vectitation [obs.]; shipment, freight, waftage; transmission, transport, transportation, transumption [rare], transplantation, translation; shifting, dodging; dispersion [See Nonassemblage. Dispersion]; transposition (interchange) [See Interchange]; traction [See Traction]; portamento [music, It.].
  [THING TRANSFERRED] drift, alluvion, alluvium, detritus, deposit, moraine; deed, gift, bequest, legacy, lease; quitclaim; freight, cargo, mail, baggage, luggage [Brit.], goods [Brit.].
  TRANSFEREE, grantee, assignee; donee, legatee, consignee, indorsee, devisee.
   VERB:TRANSFER, transmit, transport, transplace, transplant, transfuse; convey, carry bear, fetch and carry; carry over, ferry over; hand, pass, forward; shift; conduct, convoy, bring, fetch, reach; tote [U. S.].
  SEND, delegate, consign, relegate, turn over to, deliver; ship, freight, embark; waft; shunt; transpose (interchange) [See Interchange]; displace [See Displacement]; throw [See Propulsion]; drag [See Traction]; mail, post.
  LADLE, bail or bale, bucket, lade, dip, drip; shovel, decant, draft off.
   ADJECTIVE:TRANSFERRED &c. v.; drifted, movable; portable, portative; conductive, contagious, infectious; metastatic, metathetic or metathetical; transumptive [rare].
  TRANSFERABLE, assignable, conveyable, devisable, bequeathable, negotiable, transmittible, transmissible; mailable [U. S.].
   ADVERB:from hand to hand, from pillar to post; by freight, by rail, by steamer, by aëroplane, by trolley, by motor truck, by express, by mail, by special delivery.
  on the way, by the way; on the road, on the wing; as one goes; in transitu [L.], en route [F.], chemin faisant [F.], en passant [F.], in mid-progress.