Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

   NOUN:CONSUMPTION, expenditure, exhaustion; dispersion [See Nonassemblage. Dispersion]; ebb; leakage (exudation) [See Egress]; loss [See Loss]; wear and tear; waste; prodigality [See Prodigality]; misuse [See Misuse]; wasting &c. v.; rubbish (useless) [See Inutility].
   VERB:CONSUME, spend, expend, use, swallow up; exhaust; impoverish; spill, drain, empty, deplete; disperse [See Nonassemblage. Dispersion].
  cast -, fool -, muddle -, throw -, fling -, fritter- away; burn the candle at both ends, waste; squander [See Prodigality].
  LABOR IN VAIN (useless) [See Inutility]; “waste its sweetness on the desert air” [Gray]; cast pearls before swine; employ a steam engine to crack a nut, waste powder and shot, break a butterfly on a wheel; cut blocks with a razor, pour water into a sieve, tilt at windmills.
  RUN TO WASTE; ebb; leak (run out) [See Egress]; melt away, run dry, dry up; spoil.
   ADJECTIVE:WASTED &c. v.; gone to waste, useless, rendered useless, made unavailable; run to seed; dried up; at a low ebb.
  WASTEFUL (prodigal) [See Prodigality]; penny wise and pound foolish.
  1. Magno conatu magnas nugas.
  2. Le jeu ne vaut pas la chandelle.
  3. Idly busy rolls their world away.—Goldsmith
  4. Time wasted is existence, used is life.—Young
  5. O, call back yesterday, bid time return.—Richard II