Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class II. Words Relating to Space
Section II. Dimensions
2. Linear Dimensions

210. Summit.

   NOUN:SUMMIT, top, vertex, apex, summity [obs.], zenith, pinnacle, acme, culmination, meridian, utmost height, ne plus ultra [L.], height, pitch, maximum, climax; culminating -, crowning -, turning- point; turn of the tide, fountainhead; watershed, water parting; sky, pole.
  TIP, tiptop; crest, crow’s nest, cap, truck, peak, nib; end [See End]; crown, brow; head, nob [slang], noddle [colloq.], pate [now humorous or derog.]; capsheaf.
  HIGH PLACES, heights.
  topgallant mast, skyscraper; quarter deck, hurricane deck.
  architrave, frieze, cornice, corona, coping, coping stone, zoöphorus, capital, headpiece, capstone, fastigium, larmier, epistyle, sconce, pediment, entablature; tympanum; ceiling (covering) [See Covering].
  attic, loft, garret, housetop, upper story, roof.
   VERB:CROWN, top, cap, crest, surmount; overtop &c. (be superior to) [See Superiority]; culminate.
   ADJECTIVE:HIGHEST &c. (high [See Height]); top; topmost, overmost, uppermost; tiptop; culminating &c. v.; meridian, meridional; capital, head, polar, supreme, supernal, apical, culminant [rare], culminal [rare], topgallant, skyward.
   ADVERB:ATOP, at the top of the tree; en flûte [F.]; à fleur d’eau [F.].