Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class II. Words Relating to Space
Section II. Dimensions
3. Centrical Dimensions
1. General

221. Interiority.

   NOUN:INTERIORITY; inside, interior; interspace, subsoil, substratum; intrados.
  contents [See Contents]; substance, pith, marrow; backbone (center) [See Centrality]; heart, bosom, breast; abdomen.
  vitals, viscera, entrails, bowels, belly, intestines, guts [vulgar or tech.], chitterlings, womb, lap [obs.], rectum, cæcum, ileum, duodenum, jejunum.
  GLAND, glandule [rare], gland cell; thyroid, parotid, prostate; liver, kidney.
  PENETRALIA, recesses, innermost recesses; cave (concavity) [See Concavity].
  ENTEROLOGY, enterotomy, enteropathy, enteritis, splanchnology; peristalsis, vermiculation.
  INMATE, intern, inhabitant [See Inhabitant].
   VERB:BE INSIDE &c. adj.; be within &c. adv.
  INCLOSE (circumscribe) [See Circumscription]; intern; embed or imbed (insert) [See Insertion]; place within, keep within.
   ADJECTIVE:INTERIOR, internal; inner, intern [archaic], intraneous [rare], intimate, inside, inward, intraregarding; inmost, innermost; deep-seated; intestine, intestinal, visceral, rectal, duodenal, splanchnic; subcutaneous; abdominal, cœliac or celiac, endomorphic.
  intracanal, intracellular, intralobular, intramarginal, intramolecular, intramundane, intraocular, intraseptal, intratelluric, intrauterine, intravascular, intravenous, intraventricular.
  interstitial (interjacent) [See Interjacence]; inwrought (intrinsic) [See Intrinsicality]; inclosed &c. v.
  HOME, inland, domestic, family, indoor, intramural, vernacular; endemic.
   ADVERB:INTERNALLY &c. adj.; inwards, within, in, inly; herein, therein, wherein; ab intra [L.], withinside [obs. or Scot.]; indoors, within doors; at home, in the bosom of one’s family.