Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section I. Existence
3. Formal Existence
Internal conditions

5. Intrinsicality.

   NOUN:INTRINSICALITY, intrinsicalness, inbeing, inherence, inhesion, immanence, indwelling; subjectiveness; ego; egohood; essence, quintessence, elixir; essentialness &c. adj.; essential part, incarnation, quiddity, gist, pith, core, kernel, marrow, sap, lifeblood, backbone, heart, soul, life, substance, flower; important part (importance) [See Importance].
  PRINCIPLE, nature, constitution, character, type, quality, crasis, diathesis.
  TEMPER, temperament; spirit, humor, grain, nature, vein, mood, frame, cue; disposition; habit.
  CAPACITY, endowment; capability (power) [See Power].
  ASPECTS, moods, declensions, features; peculiarities (speciality) [See Speciality]; idiosyncrasy; idiocrasy (tendency) [See Tendency]; diagnostics.
   VERB:be in the blood, run in the blood; be born so; be intrinsic &c. adj.
   ADJECTIVE:INTRINSIC, intrinsical; derived from within, subjective; idiocratic or idiocratical, idiosyncratic or idiosyncratical; fundamental, normal; implanted, inherent, essential, natural; innate, inborn, inbred, ingrained, indwelling, inwrought; coeval with birth, genetic, genetous, hæmatobious, syngenic; radical, incarnate, thoroughbred, hereditary, inherited, immanent; congenital, congenite [obs.]; connate, running in the blood; ingenerate, ingenit or ingenite [obs.], ingenita [obs.], indigenous; in the grain &c. n.; bred in the bone, instinctive; inward, internal [See Interiority]; to the manner born; virtual.
  CHARACTERISTIC (special) [See Speciality], (indicative) [See Indication]; invariable, incurable, ineradicable, fixed.
   ADVERB:INTRINSICALLY &c. adj.; at bottom, in the main, in effect, practically, virtually, substantially, au fond [F.]; fairly.
  1. Character is higher than intellect.—Emerson
  2. The head is not more native to the heart.—Hamlet
  3. Come give us a taste of your quality.—Hamlet
  4. Magnos homines virtute metimur non fortunâ.—Nepos
  5. Non numero hæc judicantur sed pondere.—Cicero
  6. Vital spark of heavenly flame.—Pope
  7. The all-important factor in national greatness is national character.—Roosevelt