Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class II. Words Relating to Space
Section II. Dimensions
3. Centrical Dimensions
1. General

225. Investment.

   NOUN:INVESTMENT; covering [See Covering]; dress, clothing, raiment, drapery, costume, attire, guise, toilet, toilette, trim; habiliment; vesture, vestment; garment, garb, palliament [obs.], apparel, wardrobe, wearing apparel, clothes, things.
  ARRAY; tailoring, millinery; best bib and tucker [colloq.]; finery (ornament) [See Ornament]; full dress (show) [See Ostentation]; garniture; theatrical properties.
  OUTFIT, equipment, trousseau; uniform, khaki, olive-drab, regimentals; continentals [Am. hist.]; canonicals [See Canonicals]; livery, gear, harness, turn-out, accouterment, caparison, suit, rigging, trappings, traps [colloq.], slops, togs [colloq. or slang], toggery [colloq.]; masquerade.
  DISHABILLE or deshabille, morning dress, tea gown, wrapper, negligee or négligé [F.], dressing gown, undress; kimono; shooting coat; smoking jacket; mufti [chiefly Eng.]; rags, tatters, old clothes; mourning, weeds; duds [colloq. or slang]; slippers.
  ROBE, tunic, paletot, habit, gown, coat, frock, blouse, middy blouse or middy, jumper, shirt waist, suit; one-piece -, two-piece- suit; toga, smock, frock; Prince Albert coat [colloq.]; frock-sack-, tail- coat.
  DRESS SUIT, dress clothes, evening dress, swallow-tailed coat [colloq.], claw-hammer coat [colloq.]; dinner -coat, – jacket; Tuxedo coat or Tuxedo [colloq., U. S.]; glad rags [slang, U. S.].
  CLOAK, pall [archaic], mantle, mantua, mantelet or mantlet, sagum, shawl, pelisse, wrapper; veil; cape, kirtle [archaic], plaid [Scot.], tippet, muffler, comforter, balaklava helmet, haik, huke [obs.], chlamys, mantilla, tabard, housing, horse cloth, burnoose or burnous, roquelaure; houpland [hist.]; surcoat, overcoat, greatcoat; surtout, spencer; oilskins, slicker [U. S.], mackintosh, waterproof, ulster, dreadnaught or dreadnought, wraprascal, poncho; pea-coat, pea-jacket; cardinal, pelerine; chuddar or chadar [Hind.], jubbah [Hind.], pyjamas or pajamas, pilot jacket, sweater, blazer, coatee, cardigan or cardigan jacket; Mackinaw coat or Mackinaw; talma.
  JACKET, vest, jerkin [hist. or dial.], chaqueta [Sp.], sontag, waistcoat, doublet, gaberdine; stays, corsage, corset, brassière [F.], camisole, corselet, bodice; stomacher.
  SKIRT, petticoat, farthingale, kilt, filibeg or philibeg, jupe, crinoline, bustle, panier, apron, pinafore; bloomer, bloomers; tablier [F.].
  LOIN CLOTH, dhoti [Hindu], lungi [Burmese]; G string.
  TROUSERS, breeches, pantaloons, inexpressibles [humorous], trews [Scot.], innominables [humorous], unmentionables [humorous], continuations [slang], kicks [slang]; overalls, smalls [colloq. or archaic], smallclothes [archaic]; pants [colloq.]; shintiyan; shorts; tights, drawers; knickerbockers, knickers [colloq.].
  HEADDRESS, headgear, coiffure [F.], head, headcloths, chignon [F.]; chapeau [F.], crush hat, opera hat; kaffiyeh [Ar.]; taj, tam-o’-shanter, topee or topi [India], sola topi [India], puggree or pagri [Hind.]; sombrero, sundown [U. S.], cap, hat, beaver, castor, bonnet, tile [slang], wide-awake, panama, leg-horn; derby [U. S.], bowler [Eng.], billycock [Eng.]; wimple; nightcap, skull-cap; mobcap, boudoir cap, Dutch cap; Salvation-Army bonnet; hood, coif, capote, calash, kerchief, snood; crown (circle) [See Circularity]; pelt, wig, front, peruke, periwig; caftan, turban, fez, tarboosh, shako, busby; kepi, forage cap, campaign hat, overseas cap, bearskin; helmet [See Defense]; mask, domino.
  BODY CLOTHES; linen; hickory shirt [U. S.]; shirt, O.-D. (olive-drab) shirt; sark [archaic or dial.], smock, shift, chemise; nightgown, nightshirt; bed-gown, sac de nuit [F.]; jersey; underclothing, underwaistcoat, undershirt, undervest, chemisette, guimpe.
  TIE, neckerchief, neckcloth; ruff, collar, cravat, stock, handkerchief, scarf; bib, tucker; boa; girdle (circle) [See Circularity]; cummerbund [India], rumal [Hind.], rabat [F.], rabato.
  SHOE, pump, sneakers [U. S.], boot, slipper, sandal, galosh or galoshe, patten, clog; high-low; Blucher -, Wellington -, Hessian -, jack -, top- boot; Oxford -shoe, -tie; Balmoral; arctics, bootee, bootikin, brogan, brogue, chaparajos [Mex. Sp.], chaps [colloq.], chivarras or chivarros [Sp. Amer.]; gums [U. S.], larrigan [N. Amer.], rubbers; snowshoe, ski; stogy, veldtschoen [Dutch], legging, puttee or putty, buskin, greave, galligaskin [dial.], moccasin, gambado, gaiter, spatterdashes, spats, gamashes [archaic or dial. Eng.], gamache [F.]; antigropelos.
  STOCKING, hose, gaskins [obs. or dial.], trunk hose, sock; hosiery.
  GLOVE, gauntlet, mitten, mitt.
  CUFF, wristband; sleeve.
  BABY LINEN, swaddling clothes, layette.
  [SUPPLIERS] clothier, tailor, snip [slang], tailoress, milliner, costumer, costumier, seamstress or sempstress, dressmaker, modiste [F.], habit-maker; breeches-maker; shoemaker, Crispin cordwainer, cobbler; hosier, hatter, glover, draper, linen draper, haberdasher, mercer; hairdresser, friseur [F.].
   VERB:INVEST; cover [See Covering]; envelop, lap, involve; inwrap or enwrap; wrap; fold up, wrap up, lap up, muffle up; overlap; sheathe, swathe, swaddle, roll up in, shroud, circumvest [obs.].
  CLOTHE, vest [rare], array, dress, dight [archaic], bedight [archaic], drape, robe, enrobe, attire, apparel, tire [archaic], habilitate [rare], garb, enclothe, breech, coat, jacket, gown, accouter, rig, fit out; dizen, bedizen, deck (ornament) [See Ornament]; perk, equip, harness, caparison.
  WEAR; don; put on, huddle on, slip on; mantle.
   ADJECTIVE:INVESTED &c. v.; habited; dight, dighted; barbed, barded; clad, costumé [F.], shod, chaussé [F.]; en grande tenue [F.] (show) [See Ostentation]; décolletée [F.].
  SARTORIAL, sartorian [rare].
  1. The soul of this man is his clothes.—All’s Well
  2. A bird on a bonnet is worth ten on a plate.—Cynic’s Calendar
  3. Clothes have made men of us; they are threatening to make clothes-screens of us.—Carlyle