Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section IV. Antagonism
2. Active Antagonism

717. Defense.

   NOUN:DEFENSE or defence, protection, guard, ward; shielding &c. v.; propugnation [obs.]; preservation [See Preservation]; guardianship.
  SELF-DEFENSE, self-preservation; resistance [See Resistance].
  SAFEGUARD (safety) [See Safety]; screen (shelter) [See Refuge], (concealment) [See Conduit]; fortification; munition, muniment; bulwark, fosse, trench, mine, countermine, dugout; moat, ditch, intrenchment or entrenchment, vallation, rampart, scarp, escarp, counterscarp, vanfoss; dike or dyke; parapet, sunk fence, haha, embankment, mound, mole, bank; earth-work, fieldwork; fence, wall, dead wall, contravallation or countervallation; paling (inclosure) [See Inclosure]; palisade, stockade, stoccado [obs.], laager [S. Africa], sangar [India]; barrier, barricade; boom; portcullis, chevaux de frise [F.]; abatis or abattis, barbed wire entanglements, vallum [Rom. antiq.], circumvallation, merlon, battlement, glacis; casemate; buttress, abutment; shore (support) [See Support].
  breastwork, banquette, mantelet or mantlet, tenaille or tenail, ravelin, curtain, demilune, half-moon; bastion, demibastion, redan; vauntmure [rare], faussebraie or faussebraye, advanced work, hornwork, lunette, outwork; barbican, redoubt, sconce, fortalice; lines.
  machicolation, bartizan, loophole, balistraria [ancient fortification]; postern gate, sally port.
  STRONGHOLD, hold, fastness; asylum (refuge) [See Refuge]; keep, donjon, citadel, capitol, castle; tower, – of strength; fortress, propugnaculum, fort, kila [India]; barracoon, barrack; pah or pa [N. Z.]; peel, peel tower, peelhouse; rath [Ir. antiq.]; martello tower, blockhouse, wooden walls.
  [PROTECTIVE DEVICES] buffer, fender, cowcatcher [U. S.]; apron, mask, gauntlet, thimble; armor or armour, shield, buckler, scutum [Rom. antiq.], target, targe [archaic], ægis, breastplate, cuirass, backplate, habergeon, mail, coat of mail, brigandine, hauberk, lorica, helm [archaic], armet, basinet or bassinet, sallet or salade, greave, jambe, heaume, morion, cabasset, beaver, visor or vizor; face guard, helmet, casque, casquetel, siege cap, headpiece; steel helmet, tin -helmet, – hat [soldiers’ cant]; camail, neckguard; Pickelhaube [Ger.]; spiked helmet; shako (dress) [See Investment]; bearskin; vambrace, rerebrace, cubitière; sollerets, pédieux; panoply, caparison, housings; chamfron or chamfrain; truncheon (weapon) [See Arms]; carapace, shell; spines, needles.
  DEFENDER, protector; Defender of the Faith, fidei defensor [L.], guardian (safety) [See Safety]; bodyguard, champion; knight-errant, Paladin; propugnator or propugner or propugnor [obs.]; picket; garrison.
   VERB:DEFEND, forfend or forefend [archaic], fend [archaic]; shield, screen, shroud; engarrison, garrison, man; fence round (circumscribe) [See Circumscription]; fence, intrench or entrench; arm, harness [archaic], accouter or accoutre; guard (keep safe) [See Safety]; guard against, take care of (vigilance) [See Care]; bear harmless; fend -, keep -, ward -, beat- off; hinder [See Hindrance].
  REPEL, parry, propugn [obs.], put to flight; give a warm reception to [ironical]; hold – keep- at -bay, – arm’s length.
  RESIST INVASION, stand siege; be -, stand -, act- on the defensive; show fight; maintain -, stand- one’s ground; stand by; hold one’s own; bear -, stand- the brunt; fall back upon, hold, stand in the gap.
   ADJECTIVE:DEFENDING &c. v.; defensive; mural; armed, – at all points, – cap-a-pie, – to the teeth; panoplied; accoutered or accoutred, harnessed [archaic], “in complete steel” [Hamlet]; iron-plated, ironclad; loopholed, castellated, machicolated, casemated; defended &c. v.; proof against, ball-proof, bullet-proof; protective.
   ADVERB:DEFENSIVELY; on the defensive; in defense; in self-defense; at bay, pro aris et focis [L.].
   INTERJECTION:NO SURRENDER!ils ne passeront pas!” “they shall not pass!” [the French at Verdun].    QUOTATIONS:
  1. Defense not defiance.
  2. Dieu défend le droit.
  3. Millions for defence, but not a cent for tribute.—Pinkney