Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section II. Relation
4. General Relation

24. Disagreement.

   NOUN:DISAGREEMENT; discord, discordance, discordancy; dissonance, dissidence, disunity, disunion, discrepancy; unconformity [See Unconformity]; incongruity, incongruence; discongruity, mésalliance [F.]; jarring &c. v.; dissension [See Discord]; conflict (opposition) [See Opposition]; bickering, clashing, misunderstanding, wrangle.
  DISPARITY, mismatch, disproportion; dissimilitude, inequality; disproportionateness &c. adj.; variance, divergence, repugnance.
  UNFITNESS &c. adj.; inaptitude, impropriety; inapplicability &c. adj.; inconsistency, inconcinnity; irrelevancy (irrelation) [See Irrelation].
  MISJOINING, misjoinder; syncretism, intrusion, interference.
  fish out of water.
   VERB:DISAGREE; clash, conflict, dispute, quarrel, jar (discord) [See Discord]; interfere, intrude, come amiss; not concern [See Irrelation]; mismatch; humano capiti cervicem jungere equinam [L.]
   ADJECTIVE:DISAGREEING &c. v.; discordant, discrepant; at variance, at war; hostile, antagonistic, repugnant, inaccordant, clashing, jarring, factious, dissentient, dissentious, dissident, inacquiescent, incompatible, irreconcilable, inconsistent with; unconformable, exceptional [See Unconformity]; intrusive, incongruent, incongruous; disproportionate, disproportioned; unharmonious; unconsonant; divergent, repugnant to.
  INAPT, unapt, inappropriate, malappropriate [rare], improper; unsuited, unsuitable; inapplicable; unfit, unfitting, unbefitting; unbecoming; ill-timed, ill-adapted, dissuitable [rare], infelicitous, unseasonable, mal à propos [F.], inadmissible; inapposite (irrelevant) [See Irrelation].
  UNCONGENIAL; ill-assorted, ill-sorted; mismatched, misjoined, misplaced; unaccommodating, irreducible, uncommensurable; unsympathetic.
  out of character, out of keeping, out of proportion, out of joint, out of tune, out of place, out of season, out of its element; at odds, at variance with.
   ADVERB:in defiance of, in contempt of, in spite of; discordantly &c. adj.; à tort et à travers [F.].
  1. Asinus ad lyram.
  2. Fill’d the air with barbarous dissonance.—Milton
  3. All discord, harmony not understood.—Pope
  4. I heard him speak disrespectfully of the equator.—Sydney Smith
  5. The dissidence of dissent.—Burke