Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section IV. Antagonism
2. Active Antagonism

713. Discord.

   NOUN:DISCORD, disaccord, dissidence, dissonance; disagreement [See Disagreement]; jar, clash, break, shock; jarring, jostling &c. v.; screw loose.
  VARIANCE, difference, dissension, misunderstanding, cross-purposes, odds, brouillerie [F.]; division, split, rupture, disruption, division in the camp, house divided against itself, “rift within the lute” [Tennyson], disunion, breach; schism (dissent) [See Dissent]; feud, faction.
  POLEMICS; litigation; strife (contention) [See Contention]; warfare [See Warfare]; outbreak, open rupture, breaking off of negotiations, recall of ambassadors, declaration of war.
  QUARREL, dispute, tiff, bicker, tracasserie [F.], squabble, altercation, barney [slang], démêlé [F.], snarl, spat [colloq. or dial.], towrow [Scot. & dial Eng.], words, high words; wrangling &c. v.; jangle, brabble [archaic], brabblement [archaic], cross questions and crooked answers, snip-snap [rare]; family jars.
  BROIL, brawl, row [colloq.], racket, hubbub, rixation [obs.]; embroilment, embranglement, imbroglio, fracas, breach of the peace, piece of work, scrimmage, rumpus [colloq.]; breeze [colloq.], squall; riot, disturbance (disorder) [See Disorder]; commotion (agitation) [See Agitation]; bear garden, Donnybrook Fair.
  SUBJECT OF DISPUTE, ground of quarrel, battle ground, disputed point; bone -of contention, – to pick; apple of discord, casus belli [L.]; question at issue (subject of inquiry) [See Inquiry]; vexed question, vexata quœstio [L.], brand of discord.
  CONTENTIOUSNESS &c. adj.; enmity [See Enmity]; hate [See Hate]; troublous times; cat-and-dog life; Kilkenny cats; disputant [See Opponent]; strange bedfellows.
   VERB:DISAGREE; be discordant &c. adj.; disaccord, come amiss [See Disagreement]; clash, jar, jostle, pull different ways, conflict, have no measures with, misunderstand one another; live like cat and dog; differ; dissent [See Dissent]; have a bone to pick with, have a crow to pluck with.
  QUARREL, fall out, dispute; litigate; controvert (deny) [See Negation]; squabble, tiff, spat [colloq. or dial.], altercate, row [colloq.], brabble, wrangle, jangle, brangle, bicker, nag; spar (contend) [See Contention]; have words with &c. n.; fall foul of.
  split; break -, break squares -, part company- with; declare war, try conclusions; join -, put in- issue; pick a quarrel, fasten a quarrel on; sow -, stir up-dissension &c. n.; embroil, entangle, disunite, widen the breach; rub one’s fur the wrong way; get one all het up [dial.]; get one hot under the collar [colloq.]; set at odds, set together by the ears; set -, pit- against.
  get into hot water, fish in troubled waters, brawl; kick up a -row, – dust [colloq.]; turn the house out of window.
   ADJECTIVE:DISCORDANT, dissident; disagreeing &c. v.; out of tune, dissonant, harsh, grating, jangling, unmelodious, inharmonious, ajar; on bad terms, dissentient [See Dissent]; unreconciled, unpacified; inconsistent, contradictory, incongruous, discrepant.
  QUARRELSOME, unpacific; gladiatorial, controversial, polemic, disputatious; factious; litigious, litigant.
  AT STRIFE, at odds, at loggerheads, at daggers drawn, at variance, at issue, at cross-purposes, at sixes and sevens, at feud, at high words; up in arms, heated, het up [dial.], hot under the collar [colloq.], together by the ears, in hot water, embroiled; torn, disunited.
  1. Quot homines tot sententiœ.—Terence
  2. No love lost between them, non nostrum tantas componere lites.—Vergil
  3. Mars gravior sub pace latet.—Claudius
  4. She was no sister to the hen, But fierce and minded to be queen.—Masefield
  5. Above the pitch, out of tune, and off the hinges.—Rabelais