Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (I) Formation of Ideas
Section II. Precursory Conditions and Operations

466. Measurement.

   NOUN:MEASUREMENT, admeasurement, mensuration, metage, mete [rare], survey, valuation, appraisement, assessment, assize; estimate, estimation; dead reckoning [naut.]; reckoning (numeration) [See Numeration]; gauging &c. v.; horse power, candle power, candle foot, foot candle, volt ampere, kilowatt; foot pound, foot poundal, foot ton; velo.
  METROLOGY, weights and measures, compound arithmetic.
  MEASURE, yard measure, standard, rule, foot rule, spirit level, plumb line; square, T-square, steel square, compass, dividers, calipers; gauge or gage, standard gauge, broad or wide gauge, narrow gauge; log, log-line, patent log [naut.]; meter, line, rod, check.
  flood mark, high-water mark, load-line mark, Plimsoll mark; index [See Indication].
  SCALE; graduation, graduated scale; nonius; vernier (minuteness) [See Littleness]; quadrant, theodolite, transit or transit theodolite, viagraph; scale, beam, steelyard, weighing machine, balance (weight) [See Gravity]; anemometer (wind) [See Wind]; barometer (air) [See Air]; bathometer (depth) [See Depth]; dynamometer (force) [See Impulse]; galvanometer (power) [See Power]; goniometer (angle) [See Angularity]; hyetometer (fluids in motion) [See River]; landmark (limit) [See Limit]; pedometer (length) [See Length]; photometer (optical instruments) [See Optical Instruments]; radiometer (light) [See Light]; stethoscope (medical) [See Remedy]; thermometer [See Thermometer].
  coördinates, ordinate and abscissa, polar coördinates, latitude and longitude, declination and right ascension, altitude and azimuth.
  GEOMETRY, stereometry, planimetry, hypsometry, altimetry, hypsography, chorometry, chorography, topography, cartography; surveying, land surveying, geodesy, geodetics, geodæsia or geodesia, orthometry; cadastre or cadaster; cadastral survey, cadastration.
  astrolabe, armillary sphere.
  SURVEYOR, land surveyor; geometer, chorographer, topographer, cartographer.
   VERB:MEASURE, meter, mete; value, assess, rate, appraise, estimate, form an estimate, set a value on; appreciate; standardize.
  span, pace, step, inch, dial; caliper, divide, apply the compass &c. n.; gauge or gage; balance, poise, hold the scales, place in the beam, kick the beam; plumb, probe, sound, fathom; heave the -log, – lead; survey, plot, block in, block out, rule, draw to scale.
  take an average [See Mean]; graduate, calibrate.
   ADJECTIVE:MEASURING &c. v.; metric, metrical; measurable; geodetical, cadastral, hypsographic or hypsographical, hypsometric or hypsometrical, chorographic or chorographical, topographic or topographical, cartographic or car ographical.
   QUOTATION:For ‘Is’ and ‘Is-not’ though with Rule and Line, And ‘Up-and-Down’ by Logic I define.—Omar Khayyám—Fitzgerald