Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (II) Communication of Ideas
Section II. Modes of Communication

542. School.

   NOUN:SCHOOL, academy, lyceum, Gymnasium [Ger.], lycée [F.], palæstra or palestra, seminary, college, educational institution, institute; university, ’varsity [colloq.], Alma Mater [L.].
  [GENERAL] day -, boarding -, preparatory or prep [colloq., U. S.] -, elementary -, common -, denominational -, secondary -, endowed -, free -, continuation -, convent -, art -, music -, military -, naval -, technical -, library -, secretarial -, business -, correspondence- school; kindergarten, nursery, day nursery, nursery school, crèche [F.]; Sunday -, Sabbath -, Bible- school; reform school, reformatory; teachers’ training college; university extension -lectures, – course.
  [BRITISH] primary -, infant -, dame [hist.] -, voluntary -, government -, Board -, higher grade -, National -, mission -, missionary -, British and Foreign -, state-aided -, grant-in-aid -, middle- class -, County Council -, training -, normal -, grammar -, collegiate -, high -, upper -, modern -, lower -, County -, County high -, Cathedral -, municipal secondary-, municipal technical -, Friends’ -, coeducational or dual -, Polytechnic -, King Henry VIII’s -, King Edward’s -, Queen Elizabeth’s -, Queen Mary’s -, merchant guild -, Blue-Coat- school; Christ’s Hospital; public school (as Eton, Harrow, Rugby &c.); school of art, school of arts and crafts, trade school; Royal Naval College, Royal Military Academy (Woolwich), Royal Military College (Sandhurst); training ship for -royal navy, – mercantile marine; College of Preceptors; Royal Academy -, London College -, Trinity College- of Music; Royal College of Organists.
  [UNITED STATES] district -, grade -, parochial -, public -, primary -, grammar -, junior high -, high -, Latin- school; private -, technological -, normal -, kindergarten training- school; summer school; military academy (West Point); naval academy (Annapolis); college, fresh-water college [colloq. or slang, U. S.], State university; graduate school, post-graduate school.
  CLASS, division, form [See Learner]; seminar or seminary.
  CLASS ROOM, room, school room, recitation room, lecture room, lecture hall, theater or theatre, amphitheater or amphitheatre.
  DESK, reading desk, ambo, pulpit, forum, stage, rostrum, platform, hustings, tribune.
  SCHOOLBOOK, textbook, hornbook; grammar, primer, abecedary [rare], abecedarium, New England Primer, rudiments, manual, vade mecum [L.]; encyclopedia or encyclopædia; cyclopedia or cyclopædia; Lindley Murray, Cocker; dictionary, lexicon, thesaurus.
  PROFESSORSHIP, associate professorship, lectureship, readership, fellowship, tutorship, instructorship; chair.
  DIRECTORATE, board, syndicate; College Board, Board of Regents (N. Y.), School Board, Council of Education; Board of Education; Board -, Prefect- of Studies; Textbook Committee; propaganda.
   ADJECTIVE:SCHOLASTIC, academic, collegiate; educational, palæstral or palestral, cultural; gymnastic, athletic, physical, eurythmic.