Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section I. Volition in General
2. Causes of Volition

616. Dissuasion.

   NOUN:DISSUASION, dehortation [rare], expostulation, remonstrance; deprecation [See Deprecation].
  DISCOURAGEMENT, dehortative [rare], monitory, damper, wet blanket; contraindicant.
  CURB (means of restraint) [See Prison]; constraint (restraint) [See Restraint]; check (hindrance) [See Hindrance].
  RELUCTANCE (unwillingness) [See Unwillingness]; contraindication.
   VERB:DISSUADE, dehort [rare], cry out against, remonstrate, expostulate, warn, contraindicate.
  DISINCLINE, indispose, shake, stagger; dispirit; discourage, dishearten, disenchant; deter; hold back, keep back (restrain) [See Restraint]; render averse [See Unwillingness]; repel; turn aside (deviation) [See Deviation]; wean from; act as a drag (hinder) [See Hindrance]; throw cold water on, damp, cool, chill, blunt, calm, quiet, quench; deprecate [See Deprecation].
   ADJECTIVE:DISSUADING &c. v.; dissuasive; dehortatory [rare], dehortative [rare], expostulatory; monitive [obs.], monitory, monitorial.
  DISSUADED &c. v.; admonitory; uninduced &c. (induce [See Motive]); unpersuadable (obstinate) [See Obstinacy]; averse (unwilling) [See Unwillingness]; repugnant (dislike) [See Dislike].