Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section II. Prospective Volition
1. Conceptional Volition

620. Intention.

   NOUN:INTENTION, intent, intentionality; purpose; quo animo [L.]; project [See Plan]; undertaking [See Undertaking]; predetermination [See Predetermination]; design, ambition.
  contemplation, mind, animus, view, purview [law], proposal; study; lookout.
  OBJECT, aim, end; final cause; raison d’être [F.]; cui bono [L.]; “the be-all and the end-all” [Macbeth]; drift (meaning) [See Meaning]; tendency [See Tendency]; destination, mark, point, butt, goal, target, bull’s-eye, quintain; prey, quarry, game.
  DECISION, determination, resolve; fixed -, set -, settled- purpose; ultimatum; resolution [See Resolution]; wish [See Desire]; arrière pensée [F.]; motive [See Motive].
  [STUDY OF FINAL CAUSES] teleology.
   VERB:INTEND, purpose, design, mean; have to; propose to oneself; harbor a design; have in -view, – contemplation, – one’s eye; have in petto [It.]; have an eye to.
  bid for, labor for; be after, aspire to or after, endeavor after; be at, aim at, drive at, point at, level at; take aim; set before oneself; study to.
  contemplate, meditate; take upon oneself (undertake) [See Undertaking]; take into one’s head; think of, dream of, talk of; premeditate [See Predetermination]; compass [legal], calculate; destine, destinate; propose.
  PROJECT (plan) [See Plan]; have a mind to (be willing) [See Willingness]; desire [See Desire]; pursue [See Pursuit].
   ADJECTIVE:INTENDED &c. v.; intentional, advised, express, determinate; prepense [See Predetermination]; bound for; intending &c. v.; disposed, inclined, minded; bent upon (earnest) [See Resolution]; at stake; on the -anvil, – tapis; in view, in prospect, in the breast of; in petto [It.]; teleological.
   ADVERB:INTENTIONALLY &c. adj.; advisedly, wittingly, knowingly, designedly, purposely, on purpose, by design, studiously, pointedly; with intent &c. n.; deliberately (with premeditation) [See Predetermination]; with one’s eyes open, in cold blood.
  FOR; with a view to, with an eye to; in order -to, – that; to the end that, with the intent that; for the purpose of, with the view of, in contemplation of, on account of.
  in pursuance of, pursuant to; quo animo [L.]; to all intents and purposes.
  1. Hell is paved with good intentions.—Johnson
  2. Sublimi feriam sidera vertice.—Horace