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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section II. Prospective Volition
1. Conceptional Volition

621. [Absence of Purpose.] Chance.

   NOUN:CHANCE 1 [See Chance]; lot, fate (necessity) [See Necessity]; luck; good luck (good) [See Good]; hoodoo, jinx [slang], jadoo or jadu [Hind.]; voodoo, voodooism; swastika or swastica, fylfot, gammadion; wheel of chance, Fortune’s wheel; mascot.
  SPECULATION, venture, mere -, random- shot; blind bargain, leap in the dark; pig in a poke (uncertainty) [See Uncertainty]; fluke [sporting cant], potluck, flyer [slang], flutter [slang]; futures.
  GAMBLING, game of chance; drawing lots; sortilegy, sortition [obs.]; sortes, – Vergilianœ [L.]; rouge et noir [F.], hazard, ante, chuck-a-luck or chuck-luck, crack-loo [U. S.], craps; faro, faro bank; roulette, pitch and toss, chuck-farthing, cup tossing, heads or tails, cross and pile [archaic], dice, dice box, poker-dice; fan-tan [Chinese].
  WAGER; gamble, risk, stake, pyramid, plunge; bet, betting; gambling; the turf.
  GAMBLING HOUSE, gaming house, gambling den, pool room, betting-house; bucket shop; joint [slang]; totalizator, totalizer; hell; betting ring; Wall Street, Stock Exchange, curb, curb market.
  GAMBLER, gamester, dicer, sport [cant], punter, plunger, speculator, hazarder, bookmaker, bookie [colloq.], man of the turf; pool shark [colloq.], adventurer.
   VERB:CHANCE (hap) [See Chance]; stand a chance (be possible) [See Possibility].
  toss up; cast -, draw- lots; leave -, trust- -to chance, – to the chapter of accidents; tempt fortune; chance it, take one’s chance; run -, incur -, encounter- the -risk, – chance; stand the hazard of the die.
  SPECULATE, try one’s luck, set on a cast, raffle, put into a lottery, buy a pig in a poke, shuffle the cards.
  RISK, venture, hazard, stake; ante; lay, – a wager; make a bet, wager, bet, gamble, game, play for; play at chuck-farthing; play the ponies [slang]; play craps &c.
   ADJECTIVE:FORTUITOUS [See Chance]; unintentional, unintended; accidental; not meant; undesigned, unpurposed; unpremeditated [See Impulse]; never thought of.
  INDISCRIMINATE, promiscuous; undirected, random; aimless, driftless, designless, purposeless, causeless; without purpose.
  POSSIBLE [See Possibility].
   ADVERB:CASUALLY [See Chance]; unintentionally &c. adj.; unwittingly.
  INCIDENTALLY, en passant [F.], by the way.
  at random, at a venture, at haphazard; as luck would have it; in luck; out of luck; by chance, by good fortune; as it may happen.
   INTERJECTION:what luck! better luck next time!    QUOTATIONS:
  1. Acierta errando.
  2. Dextro tempore.
  3. Fearful concatenation of circumstances.—D. Webster
  4. Fortuitous combination of circumstances.—Dickens
  5. Le jeu est le fils d’avarice et le père du désespoir.
  6. The happy combination of fortuitous circumstances.—Scott
  7. The fortuitous or casual concourse of atoms.—Bentley
  8. A fool must now and then be right by chance.—Cowper
  9. Fortune is unstable, while our will is free.—Laertius