Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section IV. Antagonism
2. Active Antagonism

712. Party.

   NOUN:PARTY, faction, denomination, class, communion, side, crew, team; band, horde, posse, phalanx; caste, family, gens [Rom. hist.], clan [See Paternity].
  Confederates, Conservatives, Democrats, Federalists, Federals, Liberals, Radicals, Republicans, Socialists, Tories, Whigs &c.
  COMMUNITY, body, fellowship, solidarity; freemasonry; party spirit &c. (coöperation) [See Coöperation]; fraternity, sodality, confraternity, sorority; familistère [F.], familistery; brotherhood, sisterhood.
  FRATERNAL ORDER, Freemasons, Knights Templars, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias; Royal Arcanum &c.
  GANG, tong [Chin.]; Camorra, Kuklux, Kuklux Klan, Molly Maguires, Fenians, Sinn Feiners, Bolsheviki, Bolshevists, Industrial Workers of the World, I. W. W., Luddites; ring, machine; Tammany, – Hall [U. S.]; junto, cabal, camarilla, brigue [obs.].
  CLIQUE, knot, circle, set, coterie; club, casino.
  CORPORATION, corporate body, guild; establishment, company, copartnership, partnership, cahoot [slang]; firm, house; joint concern, joint-stock company; combine [colloq., U. S.], trust; holding company, merger.
  SOCIETY, association; institute, institution; union; trades union; league, syndicate, alliance; Verein, Bund, Zollverein, [all Ger.]; combination; Turnverein [Ger.]; Liedertafel (singing societies) [See Musician]; league -, alliance- offensive and defensive; coalition; federation; confederation, confederacy.
  STAFF; cast, dramatis personœ [L.].
   VERB:UNITE, join; band together; club together &c. (coöperate) [See Coöperation]; found a -firm, – house; cement -, form- a party &c. n.; associate (assemble) [See Assemblage]; federate, federalize, go cahoots [slang], go fifty-fifty [slang].
   ADJECTIVE:IN LEAGUE, in partnership, in alliance &c. n.
  bonded -, banded -, linked (joined) [See Junction]- together; embattled; confederated, federative, joint, corporate, organized, enleagued, leagued, syndicated; clubbable or clubable, fraternal, Masonic, institutional, denominational; cliquish, cliquy or cliquey; union-made.
   ADVERB:SIDE BY SIDE, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, en masse [F.], in the same boat.
  1. To party gave up what was meant for mankind.—Goldsmith—of Burke
  2. He left not faction, but of it was left.—Dryden—of Buckingham