Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (I) Formation of Ideas
Section II. Precursory Conditions and Operations

459. Care. [Vigilance.]

   NOUN:CARE, solicitude, heed, concern, reck [poetic], heedfulness &c. adj.; scruple (conscientiousness) [See Probity].
  VIGILANCE; watchfulness &c. adj.; surveillance, eyes of a lynx, eyes of Argus, watch, vigil, lookout, watch and ward, l’œil du maître [F.].
  espionage (reconnoitering) [See Inquiry]; invigilation, watching.
  ALERTNESS (activity) [See Activity]; attention [See Attention]; prudence &c., circumspection (caution) [See Caution]; anxiety; forethought [See Foresight]; precaution (preparation) [See Preparation]; tidiness (order) [See Order], (cleanliness) [See Cleanness]; accuracy (exactness) [See Truth]; minuteness, meticulousness, meticulosity, circumstantiality, attention to detail.
  WATCHER, watchdog [See Safety].
   VERB:BE CAREFUL &c. adj.; reck [archaic]; take care (be cautious) [See Caution]; pay attention to [See Attention]; take care of; look -, see- -to, -after; keep an eye upon, keep a sharp eye upon; chaperon, matronize, play gooseberry; keep watch, keep watch and ward; mount guard, set watch, watch; keep in -sight, – view; mind, mind one’s business.
  look sharp, look about one; look with one’s own eyes; keep a -good, – sharp- lookout; have all one’s -wits, – eyes- about one; watch for (expect) [See Expectation]; keep one’s eyes open, have the eyes open, sleep with one eye open; catch a weasel asleep.
  do one’s best [See Activity]; mind one’s Ps and Qs [colloq.], speak by the card, pick one’s steps.
  TAKE PRECAUTIONS [See Preparation]; protect (render safe) [See Safety].
   ADJECTIVE:CAREFUL, regardful, heedful; taking care &c. v.; particular; prudent (cautious) [See Caution]; considerate; thoughtful (deliberative) [See Thought]; provident (prepared) [See Preparation]; alert (active) [See Activity]; sure-footed.
  GUARDED, on one’s guard; on the –qui vive [F.], alert, – watch, – lookout; awake, broad awake, vigilant; watchful, wakeful, Argus-eyed, lynx-eyed; wide awake (intelligent) [See Intelligence. Wisdom]; on the watch for (expectant) [See Expectation].
  SCRUPULOUS (conscientious) [See Probity]; tidy (orderly) [See Order], (clean) [See Cleanness]; accurate (exact) [See Truth]; cavendo tutus [L.] (safe) [See Safety].
   ADVERB:CAREFULLY &c. adj.; with care, gingerly.
  1. Quis custodiet istos custodes?
  2. Care will kill a cat.—Wither
  3. Ni bebas agua que no veas.
  4. O polished perturbation! golden care!—Henry IV
  5. The incessant care and labor of his mind.—Henry IV
  6. Heaven helps those who help themselves.